Monday, November 29, 2010

The joy of giving!

Merry Christmas! Let me quickly tell you about a site that has already started to share in the Christmas giving...

When Christmas time rolls around, we really enjoy getting Christmas cards with pictures, letters, and updates on people's lives. I feel so special every year when I see how many we got in the mail! We love to send our friends and family cards too.

AND, has some really cute cards. Such as their Photo Christmas cards. I think its a great idea to have the card and photo be one. Then you can artistically arrange your pictures and choose a color and message that suits you. I think my favorite Christmas card right now is this one. I love the idea of the black and white pictures with the bright red ribbon in the back! I've always loved the magic of Christmas too!

I am constantly using Shutterfly for my pictures. I always make the boys a birthday book ('cause who has time to scrapbook anymore), the grandparents love getting their Christmas calendars, I post most of our pictures for all to see here, and whenever shutterfly has a special offer, which is often, I make sure to order! Not only is the quality top of the line but I always get a great deal; and free shipping too. Their layouts and backgrounds make it very simple to use. Hip, hip, HURRAY!

Did you know that Shutterfly is having an amazing promotion right now on their cards? Check it out here. Now, all the money that I was going to spend on buying Christmas cards can be spent on postage!!!

Here's Parker thinking you're crazy if you pass up this deal!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Family Camping

At the end of last week/beginning of this week, we had a "family first" trip! We went camping!!! Well, I guess we've been before but not just the four of us. We have wonderfully generous friends that let us use their trailer... Because running water and electricity is what I call camping! Other than it being freezing (ignore the fact that Shaun wore shorts the whole time) and Parker face planting it on the playground (see below pictures), we had so much fun! One day we took a two hour nature walk in the morning and then did it all over again in the afternoon. Everything around us was so beautiful and there was so much to explore! Our bonfires at night didn't go so well though. The fire was a little intense for Isaac and I was scared that Parker was going to trip and fall in (the kid can't sit still). We look forward to having a trailer someday and being able to do this more often. BUT, in the meantime, we'll keep mooching off our friends! Thanks Vazquez family! You are amazing!
Self timers on cameras are GREAT!

Parker and his boo-boo! The first picture was taken once he calmed down and the other picture was what he looked like the next day! Poor guy hit so hard. No parent wants to see their child's mouth full of blood!

Isaac took this picture. It's a little far away but look how centered it is! Not bad kid!

This was Isaac's first smore! He knows that daddy puts out fires so he was a little confused when daddy started the fire. These pictures of Parker crack me up. I saw him discover the marshmallow bag, stick his hand in, and then devour one like it was nothing. What's even funnier is that even though the marshmellow is in his right check, his left check is just as big! It's the same marshmallow by the way. I just clicked as fast as I could!

The boys loved climbing all over these huge rocks!

Parker with mommy and daddy. I was so focused on getting a good picture with my second born that I didn't even get one with my first born... Oops!

Isaac time!

Parker time!

I love seeing my boys enjoy each other!
I love this one of Parker. I wish I had a picture of what was making him smile... Big brother jumping around like crazy!

Feeling so blessed during this Thanksgiving and Christmas season!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Even though I love Parker more than I could ever imagine... I'm still thankful that there is only one of him!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!
High five partner!
(I'll explain the "boo boo" on his face in the next post!)

Sunday, November 21, 2010


I'm loving the action that two boys bring to our home! Parker is getting better at "holding his own" against Isaac and Isaac loves when Parker crawls all over him! However, the good doesn't come without the bad and there are some new challenges we're having to face... Little brother wants to play with (aka: destroy) everything that big brother is playing with AND big brother thinks that he can take something from little brother and then tell us that he's sharing! Even when the days are loooong, we always seem to fall asleep with a smile on our face!

This was a taken a few days before Parker turned one... Never imagined that it would only take a year til they would be tackling each other!
This is the new bathtub game... They each put an end of the wash cloth in their mouth and then laugh hysterically!

Parker is our climber... Not even big brother can get in his way!

Parker wants to try out all Isaac's bikes... Even his new scooter from Ammah and Papa!

Here is a video from July (I know, old... but I love it) of the duo during "band practice." Isaac is the lead singer and Parker is the lead guitarist!;) Just in case it's hard to understand, this is what Isaac says:
"My name is Isaac.
My birthday is November 12.
I like to siiiiiiing!
I sing the Jesus song. YAY!!
Yes I doooo. Yes sir, yes siiiir! YAY!!!
(Jesus Loves Me song)
Now I want to see it (his video)!
Thank you!!!"

Friday, November 19, 2010

Annual Birthday Picture

We took the boys to the tennis courts tonight for their annual birthday picture. This is a tradition we had in my family growing up so I wanted to continue it with my kiddos! We got there a little late so we may have to go back when the sun is still up. This 4:45 sunset is killer!!!

Below is a video of Parker walking. I was so hoping he would be officially walking by his first birthday... All I can say is that he's close! Because he has to be outside doing what big brother is doing, his poor shoes, pants, and hands are getting so dirty and scratched up from crawling. It's causing trauma to his over-protective, neat freak mommy!:) I'm sure within the next week or two he'll be a pro!

Look out world... I learned how to upload videos!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Big ONE!

Happy Birthday, Parker!

What a week. In March of '09 when I found out I was pregnant and was due a few days after Isaac's birthday, I was a little nervous about the craziness that November would bring to our lives. Would it be too much? Would each child feel special on their big day? I'm quickly learning that it is crazy... BUT we wouldn't have it any other way! I love having back to back celebrations!

Our little rockstar is one today! ONE! Our baby is ONE! ONE year old! We love you so much little man and are so thankful to God for choosing us to be your parents!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jungle Fever!

Hey Party Animals! Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My! It's a double party. No Lion- It's Isaac’s 3rd birthday and Parker’s 1st Birthday. Come on over and monkey around with us. Get ready for some roaring fun.

It's hard to believe our babies are three and one (well, one on Thursday)! We had a wonderful birthday party for them on Saturday. It was a blur for me but others said it was spectacular! Awww, thanks!!! It was a go wild, jungle theme and I loved seeing all the kids (and parents) come dressed in their animal prints! There were lions, tigers, and bears, oh my, around every corner! From the paw prints up the driveway to the picture back drop to the table clothes and food platters, everything was spotted or striped. Isaac enjoyed every second of the party while Parker slept through half of it! We did have technical difficulties. The CD player wasn't working so we couldn't play the animal background music and we realized we didn't have the right cable for the slide show! :( BUT the party still went on and no one knew!

Because there were soooo many pictures, I decided to blog what I could and then have you click HERE to see the rest of them. Hopefully I got a picture of all the little "tigers" that came roaring to the party!

I think Isaac's favorite part was when everyone sang him happy birthday! Oh, and when he got to eat cake!
This was a typical 1st birthday... overwhelming! However, Parker was content and partied right along with everyone else! 
The cakes (that I made)!

Some of the decorations!

Some of the helpers... Thanks Iso and Mummu! This party wouldn't have happened without your help!

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Big THREE!

Happy Birthday, Isaac!
Isaac woke up early this morning and took off to get coffee (aka: hot chocolate) with daddy. He was all smiles and super excited about the day, even though I'm not quite sure he fully understands what's going on. He does know presents are somehow involved! This morning we are working on projects gallor. Tomorrow is the boys party so we figured it would be a good day to install baseboards. ;) Word of advice: Don't do major project the day before a big event! Because everyone is preoccupied with painting, cutting, and nailing, cleaning, baking, and decorating, we told Isaac he could open a present (to help entertain himself). He saw the size of the Fullerton's gift and his eyes lit up. "I want to open the one from Kyle and Ryan!" He was beyond thrilled when he ripped off the paper and saw... BATMAN and the BAT MOBILE! I think he's going on hour three of playing with it!

The boys opening their presents! They sent one for Parker too!

It's love at first sight. Isaac and one of his favorite super heroes and Parker and his Little People Farm. It even makes noises so he can learn the animal sounds and dance to the music!

Enjoying their new presents! Thank you Fullertons! You definitely know what my boys like!
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Monday, November 8, 2010


Even though life has been crazy and the boys don't have time between events to ever fully recover from their colds, we still felt like we needed to add a Disneyland trip to the chaos! My sister and her husband were in town this past weekend, which meant one of two things. 1. It was time to meet a new nephew or 2. It was time to visit Mickey Mouse. Obviously I haven't given birth lately so off to "The happiest place on earth" we went! This adventure felt a lot like the one in January... It was mostly about Mickey and Buzz Lightyear! Isaac sticks to what he knows so we're hoping Parker is our adventurous child! ;)

M-I-C-K-E-Y- M-O-U-S-E!
Mickey's house...

Guess who?

Parker wasn't about to look at the camera!

I think we fast passed this ride twice and jumped in whenever the line was short! Mike always won of course (not fair that he was a sniper in the army!)

Enjoying an "old school" ride!

I borrowed the ergo from my friend Nicole so Parker could take a nap. Not many carriers allow you to hold a 25 lbs. baby! Such a life saver! Thanks lady!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

10/29 and 10/31

 This year we had two Halloweens... Our first one was on the 29th. That evening Ammah and Papa came over to bring the boys their costumes and gawk over how cute they looked all dressed up! Shaun was working but we headed out anyway. We went to trunk or treat at the Grove (the church right around the corner from our house). Isaac was amazed at all the kids in costumes! Dress up (if you can call it that for boys) is his new thing so I think he thought everyone was in costume just so they could play with him. It was beyond crowded so I'm glad we got there early and left early!

Batman in action and Robin taking a break!
Batman (because I'm NOT allowed to call him Isaac) wore these gloves for two days straight. Only taking them off twice... Once to eat and another time because I made him take a bath)!

Batman checking out Gotham City from Papa's shoulders and Robin, once agian, chillin' with Ammah!

Robin will be the first to tell you that Batman is SOOOOO funny!

Enjoying a ride with my heroes!
On Sunday after church we drove to visit friends that used to live next to us in the condo but moved to Palmdale 2 1/2 years ago. We met in July '06 and have been friends ever since. Riley was the only child born at the time so it's neat to see how the numbers have grown from one to FIVE!!! Our two and their three... Riley is 5, Kallie is 3 (three months older than Isaac), and Colton is 7 months. We enjoyed going to their non-crowded harvest festival at their church, spending the night at their house, and hanging out and eating the kids candy the next day!
The Fab Five!
Batman and the princesses!
Batman and Riley on a barrel ride. It's hard to believe Riley was only 13 months when we met her for the first time!
Jessica and me with our baby boys!
I love this one. Not sure why... I just do!
As I was looking through pictures for the boy's birthday slide show I realized that I only have a hand full of photos with Parker. That needs to change!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween '08, '09, & '10

 Every Halloween Ammah Higgins makes Isaac's costume. Of course Parker was added to the tradition this year too! They always looks so cute, are made with lots of hard work and love, and are definitely one of a kind! No other kid will have this exact costume and I like that! While I do have tons of pictures from this weekend that I need to sort through and eventually post, I figured that, in the meantime, I would leave you with this...

Nemo 2008
(Isaac wasn't even one yet but he was walking ALL over the place!)
Firefighter Isaac with Papa and Ammah 2009
(This is the only picture I have because I forgot to charge my camera and it died right when I started taking pictures... Who does that!?!)

Batman and Robin 2010
(The cutest super hero duo if I might say so myself!)