Wednesday, December 31, 2014


I love to blog.
I really do.
But when you post about finally being content about where God has you and being able to take a deep breathe and let it out, and then you're thrown one of life's greatest tragedies...
Life stops.
Things that you thought mattered, don't.
And instead of posting to the world about your family, you close off the outside and hold your babies a little closer in your arms... So close you think they're going to melt right into you.
  And you question God.
And you cry.
And the pain reminds you that this is not our home.
But through the tears, deep down inside, you feel an unexplainable hope that His plan is good.
And you smile because you know heaven is that much richer.
In memory of my Belize '02 paint partner and manicure client, my best friend's husband, and my son's best friend's dad.
Thanks for the reminder Dustin...
For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain. Philippians 1:21
And the rest of the year went a little something like this...
Parker had his first day of Pre-K. He's a pretty cool kid! His teacher told me he's quite popular.

Went to the LA County Fair with the Bairds for school credit.

Took our first trip to Pismo with Shaun's older brother and his family!

Finally, the dunes meet the beach! This I can do!
Blake was born without enamel on his teeth. They came in yellow and his molars were decaying from the get go. He had to go under anesthesia and have several cavities filled along with having silver caps put on his back right molars. He did really well, but our battle isn't over yet. Until all those baby teeth fall out we'll be dealing with extremely weak teeth. Praying his adult teeth are healthy. He can now chew and drink cold water pain-free! 
The cousins came to visit, which means... Picture Time!
October 19th
Parker has a brain that never stops thinking and asking questions. He will exhaust us in conversation until he fully grasps what he doesn't understand. Today he wanted to know, "How can you be born into sin if you haven't sinned when you're born?" Long story short... He is now a future member of heaven.

Shaun and I went on a Mexican cruise with nine other couples in our Bible Study class. Amazing!
Halloween: How to Train Your Dragon's Snotlout, Toothless, and Hiccup
Blake moved to a big boy bed
Isaac had his first season in kid pitch baseball
Isaac turned 7 and had the Baird boys over
Parker turned 5 and had his buddy Nate over
Parker started karate in September and already tested to a black striped belt

Glamis with the Villarreals and Lopezes

Celebrated Thanksgiving and birthdays in Arizona
Our annual trip to Bass Pro Shop to see Santa and play

Free tickets to LEGOLAND? Yes, please!
Parker and Nate at their school's Christmas performance. They are quite a show themselves!
The boys first (real) time in snow! other than needing a few more layers and better gloves, it was a blast!
We welcomed two more boys to our family this Christmas, Mikey and Leo. Redfooted tortoises.