Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 26th - 6 years

Oahu, Hawaii 2004 Honeymoon
This was Shaun's first mistake in our marriage...taking me to Hawaii. I now crave and dream about it everyday!

 Las Vegas, Nevada 2005 1st anniversary
Not the typical Vegas picture. Our hotel was beautiful though. You'd never guess it was right in the middle of the strip!

Maui, Hawaii 2006 2nd anniversary
This was Shaun's second mistake in our marriage... Now it MUST become a tradition to go every other year!

Oceanside, California 2007 3rd anniversary
Pregnant with Isaac
(Can't for the life of me find our pictures from this trip... Just the postcard from where we stayed)

The Big Island, Hawaii 2008 4th anniversary
Keeping the tradition alive...
We waited til Sept to take this trip... It was one month after Shaun had surgery from rupturing his achilles tendon. Poor guy had to hop all over the island.

Big Bear, California 2009 5th anniversary
Pregnant with Parker

Kauai, Hawaii  :( Lake Havasu, Arizona 2010
Pregnant with... Just kidding!
This is Shaun's third mistake in our marriage... Killing the tradition!!!

Mr. Shaun Tyler Higgins, I love you to the moon and back!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bringing Hawaii to California

Sadly, I still can't convince Shaun to take me back to Hawaii this year (yeah, yeah... He bought me another house). However, it's not going to stop me from dreaming I was there. Seeing my boys dressed in aloha/surfer clothes helps to ease my disappointment a little... A very small little!  

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Today's Stats

Today Parker had his 6 month check up... Yes, even though he's 7 months and 4 days old! I'm always a month late on shots. I'll push them back as far as I can! No surprises today... Parker is a healthy, growing boy that is still at the top of the charts.

Height: 29 1/2 inches
Weight: 22lbs 15.2 oz. (smaller than I was expecting)
Head: 18 1/2 inches (it didn't get any bigger from his last appt. Yay!!!)

Here are a few pictures of him in the crawling position. He still prefers to scoot and roll everywhere so I don't think crawling will happen til the end of the month or even into July. I'm not as anxious this time around though. I'm enjoying the "let's just sit and play" stage!   

"This is easy mom, I just don't want to do it!"

"Can I just get down and roll to you?"

"Hey, this isn't so bad when big brother joins in!"

Isaac wanting to be in every picture possible!
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Friday, June 18, 2010

Pretend City

A few weeks ago we took a trip out to Irvine's imaginarium museum, Pretend City. Isaac absolutely loved it and could have stayed til it closed. It was the perfect place for any little kid with a huge imagination! The place was smaller than I had envisioned but definitely met my expectations. It truly was a kid sized city. From ATMs to mail boxes to road signs to cars that the kids could drive (peddle with their feet) on the roads... This place had it all! Isaac enjoyed all the "boy" activities the city had to offer but didn't care for the "girl" areas. Like the craft studio, the grocery store, and the little cafe. He was all about the police and fire station, the construction site, and the farm. Parker was alert and completely simulated the whole time too. There was no way he was going to take a nap! It was hard enough to get him to nurse with all that was going on. After about two hours Shaun and I were done, not to mention hungry. But, no way was Isaac going to let us leave... Next time, we better bring more food! 
Parker sitting in the middle of town (don't you love all the drool on his shirt?)

Parker joining in on the work

Ladies and Gentlemen... I now present... Isaac Higgins!

Daddy time

Mommy time

Can we fix it? Yes we can!

Always good for a laugh

They had a really cool beach area

Riding the John Deer tractor

Even if being a firefighter, fisherman, construction worker, dancer, police officer, beach patrol, farmer, valet driver, and chicken watcher doesn't work out for Isaac, he can still always count on mommy and daddy being 100% proud of him! 
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Big boy underwear

Even though I didn't get to be a part of picking out the big boy underwear, I'm at least thankful that I've trained Shaun enough to know that he needed to take the camera (aka: his phone so the pictures aren't that great). Isaac had been talking about this grand event for some time now BUT I still think daddy was the one most excited! these pictures crack me up... Isaac is such a comedian!

Arriving at their destination

Studying which undies to get

And we have a winner... the Super Hero undies it is!

Potty training update:
Isaac is a pro. Other than the first day, he hasn't even come close to having one accident. Even when we went to church! We hardly ever remind him too... It has to be his idea anyway. We'll ask him if he has to go potty and every time he'll say no. Then, when we've completely forgotten about it and moved on to something else, we'll find him on the potty going all on his own! He has been the perfect potty training student! He's had an outing everyday but they have been short. I am a little nervous to start adventuring out for longer periods of time. He doesn't like normal toilets, just his little one. Not sure what I'm going to do about that yet. I just hope it's this easy to train Parker!

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

The good, the bad, the ugly... Potty Training!

For about a year now I have been taking notes every time one of my friends blogs, talks, or facebooks about potty training. I knew I needed to have a game plan so that I would know how to make this transition as easy as possible for Isaac, not to mention Shaun and me. Because Parker came right when Isaac turned two and we always have so many activities during the school year, I set the potty training goal for June. I told myself that I wasn’t going to feel rushed about this process or anxious that some of Isaac’s little friends were already out of diapers… I wanted the time to be right and I figured the older Isaac was, the smoother it would go.

My plan was to start tomorrow afternoon. Shaun would be working but would be home Monday morning and could take over. I wanted to have a good 3 or 4 days of NOTHING going on so that we could just stay home. You’re never really ready for something like this, but I felt like I had a good handle on what was about to happen.

That’s when Shaun stepped in…

Now, I’m not husband bashing, I’m just giving the facts of what happened…

Yesterday morning I had an end of the year Mops brunch, which means Shaun had the boys. Shaun told me that he was going to take Isaac to the store to get underwear. I didn’t think that it was a good idea because if we weren’t starting the big boy potty ‘til Sunday I didn’t want Isaac to get excited about the underwear and then not be able to wear them right away. I told Shaun to just go to the library instead because his books were due. Well, on my way to my brunch Shaun texted me and told me that they were on their way to Wal-Mart to get super hero undies. Then, a little later when I was on my way home, he informed me that Isaac had already peed in his Spiderman undies. Great! I’m really thrilled at this point. I’ve done all the research and have a plan of attack and now it’s all gone down the drain... Shaun started potty training without my expertise. ;) I finally get home to find Isaac running around the house naked because Shaun decided to wash all the underwear. Apparently Isaac told him they were a little itchy. While Isaac is loving his new found freedom, I am questioning his daddy on, “What in the world were you thinking?” No turning back at this point… It was going to be a looooong day. Isaac had some frustrating moments and would ask us to put his diaper back on him but overall he did amazing. He willingly sat on the potty when we asked and at times would run and sit on it without being asked. When he woke up from his nap (in a pull up) he was wet. We weren’t surprised though. He had another accident in his bed but that one was our (daddy’s) fault. He hit Parker with a ball so we put him in time out, where he ended up peeing all over his sheets. We were loading him with liquids but he was doing a really good job of holding it in. We tried moving his little potty all over the house just hoping we could find a spot that would make him comfortable. I remembered that every time he goes #2, he runs to his clubhouse and closes the door. It must be his safe place. So, we put the potty in there. Sure enough, he went #1 and #2 and was so proud of himself. SUCCESS! He was finally getting it!

This morning rolled around and I had to be gone all day in Palm Springs (which is another BIG reason I didn’t want to start until tomorrow). Shaun was not only on potty training duty, but also on “My name is Parker and I don’t take bottles” duty. I have never left Parker for more than four hours due to this reason. I wanted the day to go well so that I could enjoy myself and not have to worry about what was going on at home but, secretly, I was hoping it would be chaotic so Shaun would regret his decision. Because Shaun is so wonderful and a human super hero himself, the day was perfect. Parker ate all his baby food and drank all his milk from a sippy cup and Isaac peed in the potty. Not even one accident. Out of the five times he went today, three of them were on his own too. But wait, it gets better… Shaun told me that when he came back down stairs from putting Parker down for a nap, Isaac had peed in his potty, taken the little cup to the bathroom, poured it into the big potty, and then flushed it! WOW! By the end of the day Isaac was going on his own… No problem!

Here I was with this great detailed plan, trying to figure out each and every step, when all of a sudden, Shaun swoops in without a care in the world… AND it worked. Shaun did admit that he let his excitement take over and that he should have approached this with a little more thought. Thankfully, for the sake of our marriage, we have a very smart, fast learning boy! Well, we’ll see how church goes in the morning…
Toy Story underwear (from the Disney pack)

Mr. Monkey trying to convince Isaac to go pee. Just so you know... Isaac is wearing a Buzz Lightyear helmet. NOT the bag that the blocks go in.

This time in daddy's dirt bike goggles...

Clubhouse success!

(do you think he's going to kill me later on for putting these pictures on the blog?)

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Huntington Beach

When my parents were here last week we took a trip to the beach. We met my brother halfway at Huntington. It was a perfect overcast day.
Isaac and daddy

Mummu and Iso with their favorite (only) grandkids

Parker's collage. With a runny nose and a fever, he slept most of the time we were there. I think the fresh air was good for him.

Isaac's collage. Isaac was a ball of energy the entire time. He met a little boy from Vegas that was one month older than him. They played with the beach ball, sand toys, and Buzz Lightyear!

How high can Isaac go? Sometimes, too high for mommy!

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I got a flip video for my birthday/left over Christmas money from my parents. Still learning how to use it... This is the only video that I could get to download to my blog. The one I really wanted to put on was taking FOREVER!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

De Ja Vue

People are always amazed by Parker's size when they meet him or haven't seen him for a while. The usual questions and comments are, "How do you carry him? What do you feed him? He's so fat! How much does he weigh? Look at those chubby feet! Was Isaac ever this big?" Here are some answers and feed back to those questions and comments...
He is heavy but I have no problem carrying him because I'm used to it and it's good for my arms (not my back though). Parker is a breast fed baby. I probably have some of the richest milk in the world! I don't think of him as being fat... That sounds like a bad thing! He's a healthy, strong, solid, thick to the bone, chunky, perfect little baby! Yup, he does have chubby feet, which is why he doesn't wear shoes. Bummer! I love little shoes on babies! Not sure how much he weighs... I don't allow scales in my house! :) And yup, Isaac was this big!!! Or at least VERY close to it. He must have carried his weight differently because no one believes me when I tell them. At 7 months Isaac was 24lbs. Parker is 6 1/2 months and I'm guessing he's 23-25lbs. Parker has bigger legs than Isaac did but Isaac's feet were much chubbier. I think the fact that Isaac started two pounds smaller than Parker has something to do with it. Isaac was small at one time whereas Parker has always been big.

June 2008 and June 2010
Shirt size- 9 mo and shorts size- 18mo
Sorry the picture of Isaac is so bad. I couldn't find the disc I saved the picture on so I had to copy and paste it from shutterfly.

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