Saturday, October 30, 2010

Apple picking & Animal petting

Shaun will be off from a three day rotation in the morning and boy have we missed him! Before he left Thursday morning though, we knew we had to have a family fun day. So on Wednesday we headed to Riley's Farm to pick some apples. We had never gone before so I was a little nervous going... I didn't want our family fun day to be boring! I was pleasently surprised that it was 100% a success! Apple picking is more fun than it sounds! We had quite the adventure trying to choose the perfect apples to fill our bag! 

We also got to spend some time with some goats, pigs, chickens, and sheep! Always a crowd pleaser with little kids!!!
The Higgins studs!
Couldn't resist this one!

Daddy and his boys AND mommy and her boys!
Parker picking his apple...

Isaac picking his apple...

We tried to get a picture of the boys holding hands and walking but Isaac is way too fast and Parker still needs his hands so he can balance!

Isaac has become our animal lover. He's always a little hesitant with any new animal at first (which I'm glad and consider it a healthy fear) but as soon as he realizes they're not going to eat him, they become best buds!

Making the fruit unhealthy... We're all about the caramel in our house!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pumpkin Patch 2010

Last Friday, Papa and Ammah took Isaac on their annual trip to the pumpkin patch. It was the perfect day to go... Two reasons. 1. It was cold out and actually felt like fall and 2. Parker was sick so I was able to stay home and tend to his every need!

From the stories I heard, I would say the day was a success! Isaac picked two pumpkins for himself and a perfect little one for Parker. He rode every ride a gazillion times, made sure to pet every animal, jumped in the bounce houses, and slid down the biggest slides! It was a good thing he had an unlimited pass wrist band because Ammah said that with all he did, he would have easily owed them $150!  

Isaac with Papa and Ammah Higgins

Our silly little man!

Even Auntie Courtney got to join in on the fun!!!
(When Auntie picked her pumpkin Isaac looked at her and said, "Why would anyone choose that one!?!" Oh the things an almost three year old will say!)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Getting there!

Look what our little Parker is now doing..... No not directing traffic or leading an orchestra! He's standing on his own!!! I just love his chubby monkey legs!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

26 days...

 I can't believe Parker will be one in less than a month. I feel like he never had a chance to be a baby... He's had to keep up with his big brother from day one! Parker was never interested in the baby toys. He skipped straight to the hot wheels and remote control trains. You know, the toys that say, "Choking hazard. Not for children that put things in their mouth." The fact that he is such a cuddler and will let me love on him whenever I want keeps me feeling like he's still my baby.

Riding big brother's bike. His feet can't even reach the peddles but boy can this kid make a bike go! For his birthday we got him a Scoot n Zoom Radio Flyer. It's the coolest thing ever!

Even though Parker isn't to the appropriate age of turning his seat around... We still did it anyways. We figured due to the fact that he's 24 (or 25) lbs, we were safe! This is Shaun testing to make sure he won't fall out in case of a roll over accident!

Parker loves to brush his teeth. Or maybe he's just massaging his sore gums. Two more teeth popped up this week!

If Parker even hears us open up the dishwasher, he comes as fast as he can to "help." He climbs up and starts throwing things on the ground.

"Mom, I'm a big boy and determined to keep up with the world. BUT as you can see, I'm at the bottom of this stinkin' rope climb and big brother is at the top. So, can you please stop taking pictures and help me catch up!?"

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Arizona: Part 2

After I booked our tickets to Arizona I realized that my timing couldn't have been more perfect... There was baby news to share! Bringing a new life into the world is one of life's greatest joys! EVEN if it's not me bringing that new life into the world... ;)

The last day in July I woke up to Isaac saying, "Mommy, there's a baby in Tati's belly!" Tati happens to be my sister. I couldn't believe it... My little sister was pregnant!?! Once I finally got on the phone with her she confirmed Isaac's news and that I would be a "Tati" in April. We talked for a while and then towards the end of the conversation I felt that it was my duty to prepare her for this adventure. Because I am such a good big sister and already so experienced as a mother, I figured I would give her the best advice I knew possible. I calmly said, "Your life is over!!! O.V.E.R!!!" I figured that summed it up! :)

Lisa works for a baby doctor so she gets ultrasounds weekly. She doesn't have to go to the mall and pay big bucks for the 3D and 4D videos... She gets them for free whenever she wants! Her job also got her the chance to find out what she was having at 13 weeks (Sorry, 13 weeks and 4 days). We had a small get together at my parent's house with family and friends for a "Baby Revealing" party (some of my California friends have had them but NO ONE in Arizona had ever heard of it before). Few people were invited because Mike's parents were out of the country and they didn't want too many people finding out before they had a chance to tell them. My mom and I decorated everything in pink and blue! After dinner the moment finally came... It was time to cut the cake and see what color was waiting in the middle...

Boy or girl? What's it going to be!?!?! My mom was hoping for girl, I was hoping for boy (because I'm older so I naturally need to have the first girl :), Shaun thinks it's stupid to guess when it's a 50/50 percent chance, Mike was hoping for boy (because he's one of three boys and said he wouldn't know what to do with a girl), Lisa was guessing it was a boy, Isaac said it was a boy, Parker just grunted when we asked him, and my dad never gave his opinion... But I don't think we ever asked him!

Practicing their surprised looks!

One last posed picture just so I can keep you anxiously waiting...
Making sure to cut the cake just right...


The middle layer was....... BLUE!!!

It's a boy! Now we just need a name!

I think Parker is excited that he'll have someone to pick on just like big brother does to him!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Arizona: Part 1

Last month the airlines was having a special so I decided that it was time to head to Arizona again. We were there May ('cause I won't go in the summer) and so I figured October would be a safe month to go, seeing as how it is considered autumn in most places. I guess 100 degrees is fall for Phoenix! Anyway, it wasn't that bad (but I did enjoy the 30+ degree drop when we got home) and the boys and I had lots of fun! We left Shaun home to work... AND I don't mean at the station. He ended up tiling part of the downstairs! ALL BY HIMSELF! The entry way, dining room, long "L" shaped hallway, and laundry room. About 400 square feet! Way to go baby! Have I ever mentioned how amazing you are!?! Poor guy was feeling the pain of his hard work though. He said his knees, hands, and back were killing him! We got back last night but Shaun went to work yesterday morning. I know! Not the best timing... After church today we went to see him at the station for a few hours. We (I) couldn't wait til tomorrow morning to see him!

Are you ready for picture overload? Good! Here is the past week... Remember you can click on the collages to make them bigger!

The plane ride there.
Both boys did a great job. Isaac had his new Toy Story book and characters from Mummu and I pulled out some old toys that Parker thought were new! :)

Isaac knows that my parent's shed in the backyard is FULL of toys so he had Mummu pull out all the bins as soon as we got there!!!

We spent one morning visiting some old neighbors. They used to live next door and now live about 30 minutes away. Jan and Gene have watched me grow from baby to mommy of two!

One of my best friends, Julie, had a baby in July. I'm sad that it took me this long to meet Richard Sydney IV(AKA: Ryker)! I'm also sad that we didn't make it to Dairy Queen this time (we always go when I'm in town). I guess we'll just have to double up next time!

Partners in crime!

Isaac got to spend a lot of time with G.G. Mom. I wonder if it had something to do with her buying him stickers, cars, books, etc!? ;) Thanks G.G. Mom!!!

Parker time! I am loving his curls! Oh, and when you ask him to smile he squints his eyes and gives you the biggest, cheesiest smile (bottom left picture)!

Best friends, Isaac and Ailee, were up early most mornings. Can you see my dad still trying to sleep?

Isaac time! When I asked him what he liked most about Az he said, "Ailee! I just love her!"

The plane ride home was late afternoon so it wasn't as easy keeping the boys entertained. Parker wouldn't sleep (and he REALLY needed to) and Isaac had just gotten up from his nap so he was wired and would have loved to run up and down the aisle! They were cracking each other up at one point but their laughs got to be way too loud so I had to stop them. Here they are fighting for the window seat...

Arizona: Part 2 will be coming soon. Maybe I should title it, "The Big Announcement" though!?!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Forever my baby...

In 29 short days this little guy is going to be three years old! I feel like it was just yesterday that he was born! He fit so perfectly in my arms the day he was born and even though (today) he told me, "I am so big and so strong!" he still fits perfectly in my arms!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Yup... Again...

So I wasn't even going to post about this Sea World trip... BUT... We did so many things that we had never done before. I figured I would say little and just add pictures. The pictures are what matter anyway... Who cares where they're taken, just as long as they're taken! :)

I have no idea what the boys are looking at!? They loved watching the polar bears!

The boys got to meet Elmo and Cookie Monster. Parker wanted to eat them and Isaac held on to Shaun for dear life!

The baby area was closed so Parker enjoyed climbing back and forth in this huge tube. Of course big brother thought he needed to add to the challenge and have little brother crawl over him!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A date to remember...

Saturday night was a night that will go down in the history books (aka: scrapbook)... It was mine and Shaun's first night out since Parker was born! I know that sounds super pathetic but we aren't exactly night owls anyways. I would much rather go out for breakfast and then be home to cuddle in bed at night. Especailly knowing that the boys will be up bright and early the next morning!
Anyway, the chief at Shaun's fire department retired and it was his retirement party. My parents happened to be in town so finding a baby-sitter was no problem. It's not like my parents come to see me anyway! My dad went to LA to see my brother so my mom was on her own with both boys. I was a little nervous for her but she said that it was the easiest night and everything went according to plan! I love hearing that because it means I've done my job! The boys (mostly Isaac) know what's expected of them (him) even when mommy and daddy aren't around. Shaun and I had a great time. We enjoyed adult conversations, ate lots of food, and even held hands!

The dress was western, but this was the best we could do! I'm not married to a cowboy!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Michaelangelos

After looking at these pictures again and remembering back to the craziness of this event, I realize that the true name for this post should be, "What in the world was I thinking?" Finger painting with a 10 month old quickly turns into body and mouth painting. Parker was fine playing in the paint but totally didn't get the part where I wanted him to put it on the canvas. I also didn't think about the crawling part. When he was done (and his hands were good and blue), he crawled right off the towels. Good thing I picked the best painting spot in the house... Our still carpeted bathroom floor!!!
Do Shaun and I, being lefties, have two sons that are righties!?!

I love that it actually looks like this was a good idea!

I love crafts and Isaac doesn't really care for them (he would rather be tackling something) so I was in heaven when he didn't want to stop!

Parker spent most of his time in the bath... But that was perfectly fine with him!