Thursday, July 30, 2009

July 30th

This post comes late into the evening/night because I made a goof... I went the whole day thinking that it was July 29th. I was prepping myself for the big celebration of the 30th but because everyday is the same to me, I seemed to have "skipped" the one day I was looking forward to.

July 30th is a big date in our house. Two years ago TODAY Shaun became a firefighter. He will hate that I'm posting about it (because he thinks it's no big deal) but I'm proud of him gosh golly and I want the world to know. For those of you that have pursued the fire career (in California) know that it is very competitive. I will throw in that it is also a day to remember because one year ago TODAY, the day Shaun got off probation/was no longer a rookie/was finally secure in his job, he ruptured his achilles tendon while playing volleyball! Oh that was a hard few months that I don't want to re-live right now!

Shaun loves his job and even though I tease him about being over-payed because he's able to detail his truck and look at boats on the internet while on the clock, I know he works hard. There are days that I don't even get to talk to him because they are running calls or watching movies... I mean training! Isaac also loves that his daddy is a firefighter. He craves going to the station, wearing daddy's helmet, and "driving" the engine! I must say that I love Shaun's job too (even though I do have my complaints). Being a firefighter has made Shaun the perfect "wife." He knows how to cook, clean, and fix anything that I break! You see, there aren't any women at the stations so the guys have to learn how to do "the women's work." It is wonderful being married to someone that can do it ALL!

Let me take you down memory lane... About two years and a couple months ago. Shaun was in the fire academy, I was teaching, and our house didn't look like Toys R Us. We had been married about 2 1/2 years and were feeling a peace about starting a family. When we got pregnant with Isaac (Feb '07), Shaun was done with the fire academy but didn't have a job and I had just declined my teaching contract for the following year. Needless to say, Shaun was freaked out while I had the pregnant glow! We knew that God had provided in the past so He would do the same in the future. We continued to step out in faith and enjoy the ride. Just when we were getting a little nervous, Shaun was offered three (or was it four?) firefighting jobs. No longer was he thinking, "will I ever get hired?" but now he was blown away from having to choose from three (or four?) great departments. WOW! My last pay check was at the beginning of July and Shaun's first pay check was at the end of July! WOW AGAIN! I am still amazed that God was so detailed in blessing us! He knew our needs and met every single one of them. All we had to do was trust Him... Which is a whole lot easier said than done! Shaun and I wouldn't change anything about that "test of faith" journey. My job ended when it was supposed to, Shaun's job started when it was supposed to, and Isaac entered our lives at the perfect time!

Happy two years Shaun! You are quite the HOT-TEE in uniform! Owww!

Like father, like son

Shaun's badge pinning ceremony

Hey look, I'm still pregnant! ;)
(Sept '07)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Eat the Baby!!!

This is Isaac's newest sentence, "Eat the baby!" He has to pull up my shirt, pull up his shirt, and then attack! I don't know if he thinks I ate the baby or he's telling me that he is going to eat the baby. I wish I could get inside his head! The other day he kept saying "baby" and holding out his hands to my belly! He wanted to hold Parker! It was so cute. I had to keep telling him that the baby wasn't ready to come out yet. He was a little sad but quickly moved on to something else. I didn't think he would be this responsive to my pregnancy. I thought he was way too young. His understanding and thought process amazes me!

Several months ago I posted about my son's dirty language problem. Remember? He pronounced "Shoes" like "Sh**." Well, thankfully that word was corrected but now we have a new issue. Isaac loves making "forts." The problem is that he clearly calls them "fu**s" (sorry, I feel bad even typing that). Oh man... Moving on: Tonight he actually let mommy come in too. Daddy and I met in the middle with our legs hanging out both ends. Isaac would pop in and out with random things like stuffed animals and golf clubs. On one of his trips in, he brought us a blanket and made us lay our heads down on it. The best part was when he told us, "Shhhh!"

Ummmm..... I think I'm 24 weeks!?
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

I need to brag...

Today, I had the perfect child! It doesn't happen very often... actually, I think this was a first.

Maybe it all started last night when Shaun had a craving for The Old Spaghetti Factory (sometimes you'd think he's the pregnant one). I really wanted to go too but our only hesitation was our one year old... he doesn't have the best track record in restaurants. We decided that the desire for Mizithra was greater than the fear of not being able to get our son to hold still during a delicious dinner. To our absolute surprise, Isaac was on his best behavior. We enjoyed a relaxing, quiet dinner. He colored, ate a banana, and looked through the dessert menu. AMAZING I tell you! Well, until the end. He heard something coming from the other side of the wall and was convinced that it was a basketball (he is obsessed with sports). We tried to explain that it was the kitchen and that they were cooking, but I guess he didn't believe us. He had to get out and go play. Shaun walked him around a minute until our vanilla and spumoni ice cream arrived.
My wonderful Isaac was just as much an angel today as he was last night. I took him to the mall playland (because it is way too hot for outdoor playgrounds) and when it was time to leave, he put on his shoes and said good bye to the mall. We then headed to the grocery store, the worst place to have to take kids, and he sat in the cart the whole time. He only wanted out at the end but it was to hug and kiss me! We came home, had lunch, and he easily went down for a two hour nap! He had a snack when he woke up and then we went to the pool. He splashed and played for nearly an hour and then waved to the water when I told him it was time to go. He chased his shadow all the way to the parking lot yelling, "Isaac! Isaac!" I'm telling you, today was a dream come true! He didn't fight me on anything! AND he was so loving and funny. He has this new thing where he gets in your face and stairs you down. It's a competition to see who can hold it together the longest. I always loose it and break down laughing first!
What a day... Isaac, you completely melt my heart! Parker, you have a lot to live up to! ;)

On Monday we went to Sea World. Isaac can't stop talking about the whales now! He loves the Shamu show... We have to watch it on YouTube.
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Sunday, July 19, 2009

And they lived happily ever after...

What a week! We took a road trip to central California to celebrate the marriage of Brent and Christina (Shaun's older brother). It was the hottest week of the summer so far but we made it back without melting! It was a beautiful wedding (thanks to the design team: My mother/sister-in-laws) and everything turned out as planned! Isaac LOVED being with his cousins again and followed them everywhere. It's hard to imagine that he's going to be the big brother soon. I think I had about 80 pictures so I tried to cram as many as I could into several collages. You can view the rest at

Wedding prep & cousin love!

Will Isaac ever look at the camera and/or not scream!?!

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Sunday, July 12, 2009


Ladies and Gentlemen, that is his name... Parker James Higgins! I wanted to have the video of Isaac saying it but... well... it hasn't happened yet! We had Isaac tell our families his little brother's name and they all freaked out because they thought he said Packer. I'm convinced that's why they like Parker so much... It's better than Packer!

How we chose the name you ask? Well, after we found out Parker was a boy I started the name search right away. I ran across Parker and texted it to Shaun. I wasn't sure if I really liked it, but just thought I would throw it out there. A minute later I got this response from Shaun, "Love it! That's it!" WOW, wasn't expecting that!

I'm big on the meaning of names. Isaac's name means laughter and it couldn't be more fitting. My name means all powerful ruler... enough said! :) I was beginning to like the name Parker more and more but was still stuck on the meaning, keeper of the park! Blah! I searched out other variations of the meaning and found protector of the park. So, to make the name work for me I decided that Parker means, protector! Now for a middle name: We were looking at Tyler (Shaun's middle name), Trevor (Shaun's dad's middle name), and Eric (my dad's middle name). None of these worked with Parker. Wanting to keep it a family name, Shaun suggested James, my dad's name! Parker James, absolutely perfect! It flows so nicely!

I guess you could say we've had the name for a while, I was just having a hard time saying, "This is it!" I had so many "concerns" - Did it go with Isaac? Would other people like it? Could I picture writing the name on Christmas cards? Would kids tease him by calling him "Park"? BUT, now that it's out and everyone knows, I love it more and more every day!

I painted Parker's name today and it took a lot longer than it did when I made Isaac's. You see, this time around there was a toddler that wanted to help. I can't believe I actually finished it!

Here is a little shot of the room decor too! Surfs Up!!!

Shaun wore this lei for his college graduation. My dad made the surf boards and Shaun and I painted them.

Thought you might enjoy seeing some belly shots. Please, focus on the belly. Not the make-up-less face.

21 weeks pregnant with Isaac

22 weeks pregnant with Parker
While my belly is bigger this time, I'm only 5 lbs more right now than I was when I got pregnant with Isaac.
(I gained 50lbs with Isaac but then lost 70-75lbs. Having a baby was a great diet for me... I just hope it works again! It was so nice!)

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

One Post Away...

Isaac has another announcement to make... His little brother's name. BUT he wanted to keep you in suspense a little longer and wait 'til the next post to reveal it! Hahaha! I told him that we had to tell family first. I don't think they would ever talk to us again if they found out through our blog. I would love to be able to post a video of him saying the name but I don't know how to do that. Any tips? Do I just hook up my video camera to the computer? How can I get it to YouTube? I'm clueless!
Before Isaac has to share the spot light with his sibling, here are a few random photos that are all about him! Enjoy!
Enjoying one last thrill in the Bumbo before we let baby Cassidy Cope use it. I don't think he's going to like when it is given to little brother!

His new place to play... On the coffee table!

Have I ever told you how wonderful the $ section at Target is? Wonderful! I bought Isaac those capsule things that grow into animals when put in warm water. He had so much fun with them!

Checking out the growth of his animals.

Safety first: Enjoying a little ride before bedtime! He is SO close to being able to ride his tricycle. He could totally do it if the bike was a little smaller.

Preparing to go and save Gotham City...
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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Isaac vs. Wild

Today we went to Oak Village. They have a small "zoo" and it was totally worth the $3 per adult! Isaac loved every animal, especially the bear made out of wood! He enjoyed yelling at the goats, throwing rocks at the trout, calling the ducks, petting the sheep, and taunting the donkeys. He wasn't so sure about the big, fat, dirty, hairy pigs though!

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