Monday, August 31, 2015

July and August

July and August were jam packed... But I guess that's normal for us! When are we not on the go? One week in July was dedicated to Vacation Bible School. However, I think the other three weeks were spent on the road! And feeling sick and nauseous and looking for scentless soaps!

We headed to Arizona to meet baby Grace and let the family know that we were going to be a family of six! Everyone was shocked, but thrilled! 4th of July was hot, hot, hot too! Nothing like our usual overcast California Independence Days! I think the entire visit was spent in the pool or the sprinklers!
The boys loved holding Grace and Playing with Ryker and William!
The evening we got back from Arizona, I had a girl's night. This was also when I shared the big news with them! Thanks for your excitement Jodi, Michelle, Jamie, and Tori!

Our first annual camping trip with the gang (minus N/J Firetag). Eight adults and 14 1/2 kids! Can't wait for next years adventure!
The end of the month was spent camping at Silver Strand with the fire department. The boys had a blast with the other kids but, sadly, I didn't get very many pictures!

 Blake spent some sweet moments sleeping in my arms while I watched the big boys body surf!
Uncle Manny got married in August and Blake was the ring bearer. He took his job very seriously, as you can tell.
Congrats you two!
Blakesters turned four and we had a grand Super Hero celebration for him! We had 26 little friends and their parents join us (with ten not able to come)!  
Blake's favorite hero this year was Captain America...
... But he also plays all the other characters!
School started at the end of August and while Isaac was excited to see friends, he could live in summer mood. However, Parker had been counting the says since he got out in June. They have both done so well so far and enjoy their home two days a week and in class three days a week! And Blake is full time pre-pre-k at home!
 School may have started but that doesn't mean we are home bound. One Saturday Shaun and I packed up five boys and headed to the zoo. It was super hot, but they had so much fun with friends! Made it easier on us too! Funny how that works!