Thursday, January 27, 2011

Saturday night's call to 911

Saturday night was coming to close like anyone other Saturday night in our house. It was about 6:30, we had finished dinner and cleaning up the living room, and were getting ready to head up stairs to play before bath and bed. It’s pretty easy to get Isaac up stairs but Parker is a different story. He likes to run off and hide. We typically find him playing with Shaun's tools in the downstairs bathroom. Well, when I heard the door to the bathroom close I laughed and knew exactly where to find him. I walked down the hall and as I went to open the door, it stopped after about an inch and wouldn’t go any farther. I did a quick little panic and then realized what had happened.

The bathroom vanity sits just inside the door. It has a bottom drawer that Parker loves to open and play in. The problem is that if the drawer is open you can’t close the door. The bigger problem is that if the door is closed and the drawer is open, then you can’t open the door.

This meant that Parker was sitting inside the bathroom, with the lights out, trapped. He knew how to open the drawer but he didn’t know how to close it. My first thought was, “there is no way I am going to be able to get him out so I just need to call 911.” BUT, because Shaun is a fireman (who happened to be at work) he’s always telling me that, "people call us for the stupidest things so if you ever have to call make sure it's a real emergency!"… So I waited. I tried everything to get that door open. Sticking my hand underneath, golf clubs, spatulas, everything. By this time Parker is beginning to realize that he’s done being in the dark all by himself and he’s ready to be out. Thankfully my mom was visiting so she ran to get the neighbor. He rushed over every tool he had, including his son’s skinny little arms and hands. By now Parker’s whimpers have turned into cries and they are only getting louder. The whole time I kept thinking, “I just need to call 911 and this can all be over with.” After about 30 minutes of listening to my baby cry from the other side of the door, I dialed 911 and handed the phone to my mom. While we waited for the firefighters to arrive we kept trying to find a way to close the drawer… But still no luck. The little neighbor boy was able to reach his skinny little hand in the door just enough to turn the light on.

The firefighters arrived and they grabbed all their tools and began to try. Because Parker was practically screaming by now they went ahead and called the rescue squad because they had all the power tools. Four more firefighters show up and as they were trying to figure out what would cause the least amount of damage, I inform them that they just need to destroy my wall, break through, and get my baby out.

They asked me how tall he was and then decided that they would cut the door in half. They had to be careful because the whole time Parker was just behind the door trying to squeeze his little fingers through the crack every few minutes. I was doing my best to keep it together. I knew Parker was scared, but safe and that he just wanted out. I finally lost it though when the power saw came out. THAT THING WAS LOUD!!! I just kept picturing my little man on the other side of the door. All alone, not recognizing anyone’s voice, and now this noise that could drowned out the loudest person in the world.

45 minutes later, as the saw turned off and the firefighters busted through the sides of the door that were hidden from behind the door frame, they saw a scared little boy that just wanted his mommy! He only had one Spiderman slipper on, red eyes and a wet face from the tears that had been falling for so long, and of course a nose that had an endless flow of snot. When one of the firefighters picked him up and placed him in my arms it was as if I was holding him again for the first time. I couldn’t stop hugging and kissing him and telling him that everything was going to be ok! Parker wanted nothing to do with the firemen other than to wave good bye to them.

Of course I learned a valuable lesson through all this. Instead of calling the one source that I knew could rescue my baby immediately (911), I depended on myself and others. It seems that anytime I'm in trouble (or just looking for answer) I do the exact same thing... I turn to myself or others to fix the problem and to make everything ok again. However, it never seems to completely solve the issue or give me that true sense of peace that I'm looking for. Saturday night I was reminded that in times of trouble I need to call upon God to rescue me. Only He can truly satisfy. Two verses that popped in my head while I waiting anxiously to love on my little guy were: Psalms 91:2- The Lord is my refuge and my strength, my God, in whom I trust and Matthew 6:33- But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be given unto you. One that I looked up later was Psalms 91:14- because he loves me, “says the LORD,” I will rescue him, I will protect him. For he acknowledges my name. I will be with him in trouble. I will deliver him and honor him.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Family Update

Wow! I don't remember the last time I went a whole week without blogging! I really hope my motivation to get things done comes back before baby number three joins us. I have some interesting stories to post about over the next week but I thought I'd catch you up on how everyone was doing.

This guy is such an amazing example of putting others first. If he's not working hard at work, then the poor guy is working hard at home. From the moment he steps in the door he is either touching up baseboards, wrestling, hanging curtains, wrestling, cutting the grass, wrestling, cooking, wrestling, cleaning the cars, or wrestling! He gets up with the boys in the morning and even lets me take naps in the afternoon. And some how he still has energy to to stay fit by biking and working out. He still loves his job as a firefighter and has taken on more responsibilities. He is even working towards a promotion if he can get the training done in time and pass all the tests.

Erica (me)
I'm one week away from second trimester and I'm hoping that as I leave first trimester, all the nausea will pass with it! Yeah right! I am thankful that each pregnancy has gotten easier but I still struggle with being super sensitive to smells. When I was pregnant with Isaac and Parker I couldn't breathe the last three months. My sinuses shut down and the only thing that would clear me up was nose spray. I was expecting this to happen again, but I wasn't planning on it happening already. My nose has already plugged up! You'd think I'd be thrilled because now it's hard to smell anything (like Parker's stinky diapers) but if I can't breathe, then I can't sleep. I'm not thrilled about using nose spray so soon but I need some relief. Any miracle meds out there that you know of? I already have a belly but can still fit in all my pre-preggo clothes. While my energy is low I'm still trying my best to give my hubby and boys the attention they deserve.

(no picture... I'm the photographer)

I have saved writing about Isaac for last (even though there is more in this post)... Sometimes I'm just at a loss with him. This little three year old stops once a day, of course under protest, for a one hour nap. He's usually in bed by 8 (asleep is another story) and up by 7, ready to defeat all the bad guys that dare cross his path. He can go from saying the pledge of allegiance, in perfectly clear english, to his own, from another planet, gibberish. He keeps us on our toes and we never know what he's going to do or say. His imagination is huge and the sky is the limit for him. He requires a lot of discipline and tries to reason with us on a daily basis. He is truly showing us what parenting is all about. Isaac loves his little brother and even enjoys kissing my belly. It's getting harder and harder to remember him ever being a baby! He knows how to make us laugh and what he has to do to get our attention... Good or bad! He's our precious first born son that we thank God for daily!  

This little 14 month old is sure to give his big brother a run for his money. For a long time we thought Parker was going to be our easy child that listened to everything we said. Well, my friends... The spell has been broken and mommy and daddy have woken up! Parker loves to test us at an up close and personal level. If we tell him not to put something in his mouth, he'll grab that same object, walk right up to us, look us in the eye, and then shove it in his mouth as far as he can get it... And then run away! It's actually kinda funny right now but we can see where he needs some training. Overall, he is such a happy guy and takes every bump and bruise like a man. The other day we noticed the whole top half of his right ear was black and blue and swollen. But because he's so tough we're not exactly sure how it happened. He loves to climb, cuddle, join in on all the wrestling, run around naked, play ball, chase the cats, and dancing. He's ALWAYS asking for crackers!!! This kid could live off crackers and be fine! He's still not talking but thankfully he knows just enough words in sign language so we can communicate. he knows exactly what he wants (which is usually crackers) and throws quite the tantrum if he doesn't get it!  He makes us laugh and we love his open mouth kisses! He also the first child that we've had to call 911 for, which brought eight firefighters to our house Saturday night. I'll blog about it soon... ;) He's our precious second born son that we thank God for daily!  
Baby #3
Baby Higgins is just under two inches and has a strong heart beat of 150 to 155. She/he is fully formed and soon the little hands will be big enough to open and close. Tiny tooth buds are beginning to appear under the gums and the bones are starting to harden. He/she is working hard at kicking and loves to stretch (which was seen in today's ultrasound). When I saw my little baby today, I cried. Even though we've already done this two times, it never gets old. It's still a miracle that blows my mind. Something that is so small is still as human as you and me. I typically don't get this many ultrasounds but my doctor had a concern that she wanted to double check. It ended up being nothing but it did allow for me to see how our baby has changed over a short four weeks time! She He This baby is our precious third child that we thank God for daily!
7 weeks 5 days

9 weeks 5 days

Today at 11 weeks 5 days
How fearfully and wonderfully made is this baby!?!
Psalms 139:13-14

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Busy, busy, busy...

We have been pretty busy this month. With Christmas over and all our activities back on the calendar it doesn't leave much time to blog or even sit and relax. AND my mom is visiting so I don't get calls from her telling me that she needs a blog update! I also feel like I want to throw up every second of the day so I'm just doing everything I can to make it to the next day... This is all I've got for now!
I haven't had time, or the energy, to do laundry so we wrapped the boys in towels and sent them to bed!
Not really!

Isaac has had to figure out how to multi task... Here he is combining play time with nap time!

And poor Parker is still waiting for someone to come and read him a book!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Hope your "one-eleven-eleven" was as enjoyable as ours!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Batman and Spiderman: The True Story

You may think that Batman and Spider man are fictional characters that you can only find in movies and comic books but, oh no, it's not true. Batman and Spider man are alive and real and fighting crime daily. You have also been told that their real names are Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker but, oh no, that's also not true. The facts are that I happen to be the mommy of these amazing heroes and when they're not in uniform, their real names are Isaac Timothy and Parker James! I am confident that I am the safest person on the planet! :)

Posing for the Daily Bugle before heading out to save the world!

Batman is usually first on scene... Always ready to fight Joker or Doc Ock.

But don't be fooled... He enjoys a break every now and then too!

Baby Spider man is still in training. His web spinning doesn't happen as much as his lounging by couch...
... Or as much as his uniform malfunctions...

... Or as much as he needs his blanket and encouraging hugs from mommy...

... But he's usually faced with a costume malfunctions!

Typically, Spider man wishes he was Batman so he puts on his large shoes and heads to the bat mobile!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 Excitement

Things I am looking forward to in 2011... In no particular order!

Starting back to BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) and MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)

Being done with first trimester

Spending a day at Sea World with one of my favorite college friends and his family (can't wait Reigelmanns)

Going to Central Cali to visit my college roommate (I'm comin' Nichole)

Going to Arizona to see family and meet my new nephew, Maddox Craig (April)

Finding out if Shaun needs to paint the nursery pink or blue

Hopefully going to Michigan in June (depends on if my sister wants to travel with a two month old AND if I want to travel at 7 1/2 months pregnant... It'll probably be next summer though)

Celebrating my birthday and the fact that I'll still have one more year in my 20s. I'm not over the hill yet ;)

Celebrating 7 years of marriage to my bestest friend

Enjoying our California beaches

Feeling my baby move inside me

Getting to meet another new nephew that Shaun's brother and sister in law, Brent and Christina, are adopting

Going to Hawaii :(

Holding my precious baby girl for the first time and being amazed that I could love another just as much as I already love Isaac and Parker!

Celebrating Isaac's 4th birthday and Parker's 2nd birthday!

Spending our first Christmas together as a completed family of five! No one will be missing next year (Well, unless we have another boy and I have to talk Shaun into going for a fourth round... Which probably won't happen)

I'm sure there are many more advetures not listed here that 2011 will bring to our family, but this is a start!

 Spiderman enjoying his Super Hero Bible from his Aunties!

Parker feeding himself yogurt!

Yes, this was the best I could get...

Such a cute age... 12 to 18 months is my favorite!