Friday, July 17, 2015

June '15

Obviously there was a major announcement that took place in June that will have to be given another post all by itself... I'm still working on that one! So many thoughts and questions to answer. But, many other things in June happened that need to be "announced", too!
My parents left the day before my birthday so they watched the boys and let Shaun and me go on a date. On that date Shaun gave me my birthday present, a trip to Hawaii (in October). I cried. When we got home the boys had an Hawaiian cake for me! Now to get everyone snorkeling!
Happy 33rd Birthday to me! 33 has always been my number so I guess that's why I had to start it off with a bang!

California is a very thoughtful state and they give you a special gift every five years for your birthday... An expired license. So, I spent time at the DMV and the boys enjoyed Ross and visiting with Nana.

End of the school year celebrations kept us VERY busy for a solid week!
We now have a 2nd grader, a kinder, and a pre-kinder (or pre-pre... not sure)!

Parker graduated from pre-k! The Owl's class trio was Parker, Nate, and Dash! He also took his "entrance exam" for kinder and did great! The two kinder teachers were fighting over him. He's so excited to be at Isaac's school next year!
Little funny:
I went in his room the other morning to see if he was going to wake up. He looked so out of it, like there couldn't have been a thought in his head. Turns out it was the opposite. He was deep in thought. He asked me, "what comes after 299?" The kid, just for fun, counts to high numbers and writes his letters on the white board in the loft. Learning is easy for him because he doesn't realize that's what he's doing!  
Summer vacation was made official with a family trip to the San Diego Zoo! And it was so cold. I wish I had worn jeans! Shaun even wore a sweatshirt part of the time. That never happens! The guy just doesn't get cold!

First Monday with no school... Yup, moms and kids trip to the beach! Copes, Elliotts, and Higgins!
Isaac didn't get to go though. He stayed back to start.....

Basketball Camp!
Isaac's first week of summer vacation was spent on the basketball court. Besides school recess, this was his first really experience with this sport! His team even got Division three Team Champions!
June 13th
My niece, Grace Christine, was born.
(this pictures was taken from when we visited at the beginning of July)
Shaun and I got to go out on a date night with our Bible Study group so the boys helped me shop ahead of time for snacks to eat with Ammah and Papa.

We spent four days at Silver Strand on Coronado Island with the Copes. Fun in the sun all. day. long. We went to pizza one night in town and walked around Hotel Del Coronado.

The kids were like seals. They'd play in the water and then cover their bodies in sand and bask in the sun. then repeat over and over and over again.

The soccer game was quiet entertaining. Our six kids are a little (lot) competitive, especially our oldest!
Proof that Jodi and I were there AND that we need to watch the budding romance going on between our second borns. Parker and Cassidy were playing "boyfriend/girlfriend." Hehe!
You never know just how much fun you'll have while beach camping!
And we ended the month with...
Happy 11th Anniversary!
Never thought we'd be celebrating in the doctor's office by getting to see the first glimpse of our FOURTH child! I'm due the first week of February!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

May '15

Warning: May is a little long! I think it was our fullest month this year so far! I'm sure I'm missing so much more, too! Oh how rich life is here in the Higgins' Home!
Oh how I love Bible Study Fellowship! We ended another great year the first week of May. So long till September! I've been in BSF since Isaac was 10 months and this was my first time repeating a study. I think it's safe to say I learned more this year in "The Life of Moses" than I did the first time around! The top pictures is of all the leadership and the bottom picture is about half the ladies in my small group!
Parker finished out a great season with this cool trophy at a minor league game!
San Diego with the Elliotts!
Best educational Sea World trip EVER!
We pet sharks and met penguins...

... Beluga whales were the highlight though! 

We rubbed their gummy-bear like bodies...

... and even got to feed and do tricks with them!

We continued the excitement with Emma turning eight, swimming at the pool, and Joe's Crab Shack! James and Shaun each ate 4,100 calorie meals!!!

Then we ventured to LEGOLAND! And for the record, this fire family beat the Elliott's cop family when put to a challenge!

Mother and Me Tea at Parker's school!
Parker wears glasses for style... I'd say it's working for him! He's one cool dude!
Isaac and Blake doing what they do best... Being crazy! They are two peas in a pod.
Shaun worked Mother's Day so that left me with boys and selfies!

We spent the afternoon with Nana and Ammah celebrating Mama's Day!
I made the boys go with me to see Cinderella. Of course they would only go if we invited our neighbor, Tiffany. Guess it justified seeing a girl movie!
My four girlfriends and I had been planning a guys night out for our men! We sent them on a scavenger hunt to find each other (in the pouring rain) and then gave them clues to get to dinner. Once at dinner they had three more clues to get them to their main event. Which was Extreme Midget Wrestling. To answer your questions: Yes, there is a such thing and no we didn't pay for it. We were given free tickets! Let's just say it was the experience of a life time that only needs to be experienced one time!!! LOL

Once we kicked out our men we met up at Tori's house... With all 16 (and counting) of our kids!
Isaac and I went on a school field trip and got to pan for gold. It was hard work!

For Memorial weekend we headed to Vegas to see the Huffmans and celebrate Charlie's 5th birthday! I have tons more pictures, but Nichole let me help decorate and I think I'm going to reuse it all for Blake's 4th birthday! Guess you have to check back in August!

These six kiddos are the best of buds! And I love that their mama and I are too!

With only weeks of school left, I got an email from Isaac's teacher that told me I needed to be at the next school's assembly! My mom happened to be in town so she tagged along. To Isaac's complete surprise he got a math award! Woohoo, smart little man! So proud of you!
(bottom left picture: really we all know it's the moms that deserve the awards)! 
This helped to boost this little guys confidence!

While my parents were here we visited UCR's Botanical Garden's!
Now for June!
Hold on to your hats! It gets pretty crazy....