Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Halloween from two knights in shining armor and a cute little tiger!

Monday, October 24, 2011


Today I had a doctor's appointment. I had to get three shots and even though they hurt and I cried pretty hard, the pain and the tears didn't last long. Mommy was very surprised and happy with how well I did! Here are the facts:

I'm just over 15 pounds

I'm 25 inches long

And my brothers are never invited back to one of my appointments! I think they gave mommy her first gray hairs!

check out my big blue eyes and super long eye lashes!

A picture phenomenon... the trio!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Summer or Fall?

Our weather has had a hard time choosing whether it wants to cool down or stay warm. Two weeks ago I had the heater on and the boys in fleece, footed pjs. Last week I had the a/c on and the boys in summer pjs. This week I have the house opened up and the boys in pants and short sleeve pjs. Oh the joys of Southern California weather! Jackets and swim suits stay out year round. The hooks on the back of our garage door look pretty silly... Isaac's life jacket and beach towel hangs right next to his sweatshirt! No matter the weather, we're always outside. On this particular day we enjoyed some bubble blowing and chasing! 

Picked up this super huge container of bubbles for $1.59. Wahoo!

If he had hair you would see it fly up. As of right now the air from his blowing goes up instead of out!

Quite the slippery mess!

Happy summer, winter, spring, and fall... Whatever it may be in your neck of the woods!

Saying Good-Bye

Parker has been a binkie kid from day one... Literally. They say not to give a baby a pacifier 'itl they're at least four weeks so that you can make sure they are good at nursing and there is no nipple confusion. But, Parker is smart and he knew the difference right away. Zero confusion and zero problems latching to anything. 

His attachment to the pacifier has been quite scary. Isaac was always calmed when nursing but, Parker was all business... Get the food and be done. His dessert was his binkie and he always wanted dessert. his first year with the binkie was cute. I didn't get to match hair bows with outfits so I matched binkies with outfits! However, as he grew and worked his way to his second year of life, we knew it needed to go. Well, there was never a good time to take it away. Trips would happen and it was just easier to drive with a kid that wasn't crying. Months went by and we still hadn't started the battle of being "plug" free. 

For the past few weeks we have slowly been taking it away. We worked it down to just when he was sleeping and then he actually gave it up at nap time 'cause he thought it would get him out of a nap. I was beyond shocked when he did this! Have I mentioned how stubborn and strong willed he is!? On October 9th Shaun put him to bed without his soother! I was terrified! There was a little bit of crying but, he did it! He went to sleep and stayed asleep all night! For the next few days he asked for them and would go to his secret hiding spot to look for one. We would just tell them that they were all gone and that he was a big boy now. Shaun even cut the nipple off of one just in case we needed another reason why he couldn't have them anymore, they're broken.  

  Parker is now talking and singing himself to sleep. I'm amazed at how easy it actually was. I think these kinds of things are always harder on mommies than the kid anyway. I must say it was super sad for me when I scooped them up in my hands and dropped them into the trash can. I was saying good bye to my little Parker and hello to my big boy Parker. Memories of sitting and rocking him flashed in my mind. Holding him so close to me and wanting that time to never end... For him to stay little and innocent forever. Just knowing that a plastic thing in his mouth, a blanket, and a warm hug was all he needed. I wonder if I can give it back to him when he's 16 and life is unfair and miserable! Think it will work then!? ;)

The goods!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

2 Months (and 1 day)

One reason I wasn't so thrilled about having another boy was because I thought it would be the same old thing again... Been there, done that. WELL, this little Mr. Blake Tyler is proving me wrong. He is better than any little girl could ever be for me! It's amazing how each child, no matter how many there are, can be so unique and absolutely wonderful! I'm making sure to hold Blake as much as possible, run to him when he cries, pull him into bed with me to cuddle, and anything else those "experts" tell you not to do. This is my last baby and I'm going to keep it that way as long as possible! 

Look at me... I'm getting so big!

Isaac's shirt should say "proud" big brother. Seriously, he is so good with the little ones! 

A good morning hold!

Sweet dreams!

Sometimes babies look so awkward when they're propped up!

One of his many expressions!

this is how all my boys sleep... Hands above their heads!
Oh how in love I truly am with this little guy!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


I have been wanting to blog for the past few days so that I could reassure you that we are having better days (other than me getting sick and sounding like a man) but, my lap top decided it didn't want to work. The only internet accesses I've had is Shaun's phone (yes, I still have an old lame-o one). Shaun leaves for work tomorrow but, he is graciously letting me use his work lap top before he goes. Sadly, this means I'll be computerless for a few days... Which also means I won't get to blog on the 18th... Blake's two months! :( So here's one picture of my sweet little Blake that will have to hold you over until my lap top is either fixed or shaun returns home with his!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


My greatest loves are my greatest struggles!

Today was one of those days were I needed to be constantly reminded of the good times and reassured that today would eventually end and tomorrow I could start fresh. The boys were constant and I'm still trying to master being in three places at one time... Why do they always need me at the same time!? My throat is sore from all day verbal disciplining and my head aches because there were times I just wanted to give up. 

Yet, in the weirdest, mind boggling, you have got to be kidding me, kind of way... I wouldn't have it any other way. I am determined to turn my suffering into hope! Check out Romans 5:3-4. It is helping me to rejoice in all circumstances!!!  

Good night!

Sunday, October 9, 2011


I've had these great, but random, pictures that I've wanted to share so I figured I would just throw them into one post and call it good. The first three are from when my mom, sister, and nephew came to visit last month!

Nursing. Lisa told me not to post this one! Haha!

The four boys in the bath! We had to quickly bathe the little ones so Isaac and Parker could stretch out. 

My mom, Mummu, with her super hero grandsons (Isaac- Darth Vader, Parker- Batman, Maddox- R2D2, and Blake- Superman).Will she ever have a granddaughter!?

Reading the mail and checking on weekly specials with daddy.  

Isaac and Parker took Ammah out for her birthday. They went to Joanns to pick out their Halloween costumes (so Ammah can make them) and get this cool scarecrow. They also went to lunch and then a movie. The Lion King 3D. Happy birthday!!!

Someone copied The Lion King for us but it only works on the little DVD player. It's probably better that way, less scary on a small screen!

One day we got out all our books that have matching stuffed animals! Wow!

 And my personal favorite!
It was a cold and rainy day last Wednesday so the boys and I met a friend at the mall play land. When we got home I heard a meowing sound in the garage. Isaac and I looked all over but couldn't find it. Finally, when I realized it was somewhere in the engine of my car I freaked! I popped the hood and laying right on top was this... A cat! In a huge parking lot with lots of cars, it chooses mine to crawl up into! It made the journey home without getting hurt and with the help of another friend, it now has a home!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Yup, Sea World

Our minivan stroller! :)

Last week we made our first trip to Sea World as a family of five! Of course Shaun and I woke up super tired but we figured those kinds of days will be around for a while so we just needed to suck it up and go! Other than the fact that Shaun and I have had to change our  parenting defense from "man to man" to "zone," I think the day went pretty well. A few extra feedings and diaper changes slowed us down but, didn't ruin the day! Parker was moody but 2 out of 3 kids happy, we'll take it! The park was empty so I wasn't having to say, "watch out," "pay attention to where you're walking," and "move over" every five seconds. Every exhibit we entered Isaac said, "This looks like a good place to run!"

This picture may not look like much but, boy oh boy it sure means a lot... I'M CLIMBING!!! I'm not big and pregnant so I can actually play again! It felt soooo good! This time Shaun got to sit and watch the little ones! 

Isaac was eating and bit his tongue... Right in the middle. How in the world do you do that!?

Some family moments!

Two years ago Isaac got his picture drawn. So cute huh? Well, this time it was Parker's turn...

Poor Parker... Not so cute! This artist was a little more extreme than the last. Like Parker's head needed to be any bigger!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Heads up


My name is Blake and I'm six weeks and three days old. I may be young but, I am quite strong. Look how high I can hold my head. Oh and can you guess what size my onesie is? Six months! My muscles don't fit in anything smaller than that!

I'm growing like a weed... But not like the weeds in our yard. My daddy kills those things before they ever have a chance. In fact, when my big brothers want to go outside and play ball, my daddy makes them play I spy with crab grass and weeds first. Poor Isaac and Parker spend more time picking problem areas than they do working on their swing.

Anyway, mommy wants me to slow down. It's her fault though... She's the one feeding me. I love when she holds me tight and kisses my head. For being the third kid, she still makes time to do this a lot. She about cries every time too... Something about me being her last baby and that she'll never have this again is really hard for her.

My first month of life was hard for everyone but now that I'm sleeping from 10pm to 7am with one feeding around 4am, it's do-able. Both mommy and daddy wish that I wouldn't fuss for hours before bed time though. That's the only part that's making them kinda crazy. 

I love my big brothers. They make me smile all the time! Especially Isaac. He knows just where to stand so that I can see him. Parker on the other hand gets in my face and it makes me go cross eyed. He also likes to kiss me on the lips and that's not cool! That could be why I'm sick again. I'm coughing and then gagging on my own mucous... That's just not cool either! 

I'm sure I'll have more cool, new tricks to show you in the days to come but, for now, I'll just keep working on lifting my head higher, laughing, and being cuter than I already am (which is pretty much impossible)!