Thursday, December 31, 2015

November and December

The pictures to chose from for these two months were endless. But there is no time to sit and upload photos. Three of my four men had birthdays during these months. While there was lots going, this is what will forever be printed.  
November '15

The first week of November is always Homecoming at CBU. So glad Nichole and her kids could come! It's not the same without her there!

The boys and I went on a school fieldtrip to Riley's Farm. They learned how life was lived long ago.
Finished the first season with all three boys in sports. It was CRAZY! Especially with Shaun gone on two strike teams and me being preggo.

Isaac had a great 8th birthday and had several celebrations. On the 12th we went to the fire station so he could have his annual hot chocolate with dad.
Parker got to celebrate his 6th birthday at school with all his buddies. He was the Kinder Star of the week and passed out lots of sweets.

 Our annual trip to Glamis was awesome. I may have been 30 weeks pregnant, but I wasn't going to miss out on all the fun. However, by day three, I was ok sitting in the trailer and reading and napping! The boys continued to party on though.

We went straight from Glamis to Arizona for Thanksgiving! The weather was finally cool and the cousins played till they dropped each night!
December '15

We had our second annual progressive dinner with the Copes, Elliotts, and Firetags x 2. Such a fun celebration with all our 16 1/2 kids!

No this is not a baby reveal party with pink and blue cupcakes. It's Shaun's birthday. Seems that those are the colors of choice though as we sit and wonder what baby #4 is. We celebrated Shaun's birthday early because the boys had a day off school and he was oblivious to the schedule. He was shocked when he got home from work and the boys were sitting on the couch with a birthday sign. Good job boys!
 Free LEGOLAND tickets? Yes please!

Thankful to have a picture with something bigger than my belly, the Death Star.
 We enjoyed a much needed family get away in Lake Arrowhead at Shaun's captains "cabin." I use that word loosely seeing as how it's over 3,000 square feet. We had a wonderful time playing in the snow and breathing in fresh air! 
 More than likely this will be our last Christmas in this house. I want to remember this set up forever. This was the first year I put the tree in the family room and it make the season that much more wonderful!
 Daddy got held over for a little on Christmas morning so the boys were trying to be so patient. It was very hard to do... Ten o'clock couldn't come soon enough!

A few days after Christmas we went camping with Shaun's family. We rang in the New York new year sitting around the camp fire relaxing!
Good bye 2015 and hello 2016
This will be the year of our sweet baby boy/girl!