Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Isaac and Carson

As I was looking through pictures I noticed I had quite a few of Isaac and Carson (or as Isaac used to say, Car Car). So I put them in a folder of their own and this is what I came up with. I'm sure there's more but, these were the best!

Carson and Isaac are 19 months apart. They share a love for Star Wars and baseball. It's also pretty special that Carson has never missed one of Isaac's birthday parties... But that may be because we always work around his schedule! It wouldn't be a party without Car Car! They're great buds! However, seeing as how Carson has a cute little sister, the years will eventually tell whether Isaac is begging to go to the Copes house to play video games or because he has a crush! Or Isaac will just have to fight his little brother because Parker has already claimed Cassidy! ;) Let's hope Blake stays out of the whole mess and just becomes buds with Connor!    

 Camping trip (March '08)!

Game night (July '08)

Isaac's 1st birthday (Nov '08)
Isaac didn't want his picture taken with anyone that day...

Sea World (Jan '09)!

Park day (March '09)

Isaac's 2nd birthday (Nov '09)!

Isaac's 3rd birthday (Nov '10)!

Water park day (July '11)!
Isaac's 4th birthday (Nov '11)
Halloween (Oct '12)
Isaac's 5th birthday (Nov '12)
Corona Del Mar (July '13)
Bowling (last week)
The entire group bowling

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Our final summer camping trip

We are convinced that Dos Picos is where to go for a great family get away. It's close enough to home that we don't have to hear, "are we there yet?" 50,000 times but, far enough to make all the packing up feel worth it. Isaac could hardly wait for this trip because the Villarreals would be joining us. Danny and Leticia have three boys and their youngest, Gabriel, is one of Isaac's best friends. They have been in the same class at church since the nursery. I was able to sit more than usual because Christian (15yrs old) and Daniel (9yrs old) did a great job of helping entertain Parker and Blake.  
Riding bikes by day and wrestling by the fire by night... It was a boys dream vacation!
The top three activities:
Playing army guys, riding bikes, and exploring.
The boys were trying to lay eggs... The pushing was a little too real!

Six handsome young men!

Two peas in a pod... These boys are crazy together!
Gabriel turned six when we were there so the boys helped me make a sign for him...
And then we had a party... With lots of cake and ice cream!
All the boys hanging out by the fire!

See, wrestling. They even grabbed a rope and played tug of war. Blake was right in the middle of it, which was good because it forced the boys to not be so rough.
Last time we were at this bridge was November 2010.

It's hard to make it a point to get individual pictures with my boys!
This never happens... However, now that we have little photographers it's getting better!
And a highlight of the trip:
Parker learned to ride a bike! I'm a firm believer in the balance bike!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Blakesters is TWO!!!

Please, no!!! Don't let him grow up!
There are many things that Blake's loves. However, when choosing a theme for his 2nd birthday, Mickey seemed the easiest to decorate and is loved by all little ones. Disney has patented most of the Mickey things I liked, which means I would have to buy them at full price. So, thanks to Pinterest, I was able to copy and recreate for a fraction of the price!
Blake doesn't have his two year check up till early September so I can't give any stats. But, I can tell you what some of his favorite words/sentences are:
When I tell him to call for daddy he says, "No, Shaun. SSHHHAAUUUUNNNN"
Telling you, "I'll be right back. I go that way."
"No, Blake do it!" Comes out of his mouth ever two seconds.
"You are my bubby (buddy)!"
"I wuv wo, mommy"
"No, I want that!"
"Mommy, watch... Watch. Watch. Watch, mommy. Mommy, watch"
"I watch dirt bikes. Beke (Blake) watch motorcycles! Mommy, I watch bikes" All in one breathe, over and over and over again until I turn motor cross on! He is his father's son!
The morning after his party I asked him what he wanted for breakfast and he told me, "chocolate!"
He can repeat, or at least tries to repeat, everything you say. I can understand him but, I usually have to interpret for others.
Blake loves animals (zebra, giraffe, camel, puppy dog, kitty cat, hippo, rhino, and jaguar are some of his favorites to say).
He would be content reading, wrestling, playing catch, watching dirt bikes and tractors, and rolling in the dirt all day long!   

The Higgins brothers!

Blake may or may not have me wrapped around his finger...
I don't even think I could begin to guess how many times a day I kiss his yummy little body!

Daddy and his boy!

My family with Blakesters
Thanks Mummu and Iso for, once again, being my party planning team! 
Uncle Aaron and the big boys did the decorating outside! Naturally there has to be a shark at a Mickey party! I would say maybe it had something to do with it being shark week. However, that was just a coincidence and we all know it had everything to do with Uncle Aaron.

Tati got Blake hats, which made for a cute brother picture!

Shaun's family with Blakesters
(you can tell this was at the end of the night because Parker couldn't wait to go without a shirt)

Sitting so nicely waiting for their Mickey Mouse cookie!

Friends that came to the party!

Happy birthday little dude!

Going, going, gone!

Two men that were forced, by their wives, to wear Mickey shirts to the party! HA!
For those that know Blake well, know that all he wants to do is throw. He loves balls and has a very developed arm! He can even throw a spiral! I'd say he's going to be pro someday! Anyway... Uncle Aaron got him a rebounder net. AND as soon as he learns to throw the ball AT the net (and not as high as he can OVER the net), he's going to love the fact that the it comes right back to him!

some of the d├ęcor and yummy treats!
Oh how we love you to pieces Blake!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Day Before I Became Complete

Two years ago, tonight, I put my two boys to bed and then wobbled to the car. I knew that the morning would bring a whole new love for me! My heart would again be given to someone else and I would fall madly, deeply in love with another precious boy! The little life inside me, that had me going crazy just trying to imagine what he would look like, would soon make his grand entrance... 
Blake was born perfect in everyway! He was gorgeous and I fell harder than I thought. He was only seconds old and already had the title of a thief! This little 8 lbs 10 oz creature, along with his daddy and two big brothers, held the key to my heart! The trap was set and I was caught in an unexplainable love. 

Even big brothers were taken by him!
Our Rockstar

No one else will ever know the strength of my love for you. After all, you're the only one that knows what my heart sounds like from the inside!
Thank you God for blessing me with three little boys and a daddy that loves them just as much as I do!