Sunday, August 25, 2013

Our final summer camping trip

We are convinced that Dos Picos is where to go for a great family get away. It's close enough to home that we don't have to hear, "are we there yet?" 50,000 times but, far enough to make all the packing up feel worth it. Isaac could hardly wait for this trip because the Villarreals would be joining us. Danny and Leticia have three boys and their youngest, Gabriel, is one of Isaac's best friends. They have been in the same class at church since the nursery. I was able to sit more than usual because Christian (15yrs old) and Daniel (9yrs old) did a great job of helping entertain Parker and Blake.  
Riding bikes by day and wrestling by the fire by night... It was a boys dream vacation!
The top three activities:
Playing army guys, riding bikes, and exploring.
The boys were trying to lay eggs... The pushing was a little too real!

Six handsome young men!

Two peas in a pod... These boys are crazy together!
Gabriel turned six when we were there so the boys helped me make a sign for him...
And then we had a party... With lots of cake and ice cream!
All the boys hanging out by the fire!

See, wrestling. They even grabbed a rope and played tug of war. Blake was right in the middle of it, which was good because it forced the boys to not be so rough.
Last time we were at this bridge was November 2010.

It's hard to make it a point to get individual pictures with my boys!
This never happens... However, now that we have little photographers it's getting better!
And a highlight of the trip:
Parker learned to ride a bike! I'm a firm believer in the balance bike!

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