Sunday, August 28, 2011

My 3 Sons!

Isaac Timothy

Parker James

Blake Tyler

Compare away y'all! Personally, I think they all look very different... Maybe it's because I know how different their personalities are. Regardless, they are equally the cutest boys in the whole wide world!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Baby Blake Story

Big boys are out with daddy and Blake is sleeping so it's now or never... The Blake Story!

Wednesday, the 17th was a mentally exhausting day. I was not looking forward to having to go in and be induced. I mean, it is my third baby, shouldn't my body have already known what to do? I like being in control, knowing what's going on, and knowing what to expect, but not in this case. I wanted to go into labor naturally and quickly so I didn't have time to think about what was coming. 

That night Shaun and I put the boys to bed, hugged my parents good bye, and headed to the hospital. We arrived around 8:45 (15 minutes late... Oops) and they took me right in. You're supposed to call ahead and make sure there is room but I didn't 'cause at this point it didn't matter what they said... I was going in and wasn't leaving! :) I was thankfully 4cm and feeling contractions. They started with the wires, needles, monitors, wrist bands, etc. and I was finally all hooked up and ready to go at ten. They started the devil drug pitocin to speed up labor. Shaun and I talked, laughed, ate ice chips, and watched tv 'til 12:30. I was getting super tired so I figured I should go ahead and get the epidural so I could try and sleep. I wasn't in pain yet, but I've had pitocin before and knew I eventually would be. Again, I was all hooked up by 1am and resting comfortably. Shaun and I slept 'til two. Then, the nurse came in and checked me, flipped me, and we went back to sleep 'til three. At three I was 5cm so they broke my water. I knew Blake was only an hour from birth now (that's how it was with Isaac and Parker... One hour after breaking my water). I rested for the next hour but could feel the little guy making his way down. At four I was 8cm so they changed my position and nine minutes later I was beyond ready to push. 

Pause. Rewind:
Before we left for the hospital I told my nieghbors that Blake would be born at 4:15. Isaac was born at 7:15, Parker was born at 8:15, and both were 6 hour labors. This meant Blake needed to be born on a "15" too. Actually, to make everything perfect he needed to come at 9:15 but, I wasn't waiting that long! Because I was hooked up at ten this would also give me my third 6 hour labor. Crazy huh!? 

Ok. Fastforward to 4:09am again: 
My nurse told me not to push and ran to get my midwife. The reason I was induced at this time is because my midwife, that I loved and that I had seen throughout my entire pregnancy, was on call that night. She wanted to be the one to deliver Blake. Turns out she was delivering someone else's baby so a doctor rushed in for me. Blah! All the staff knew I was shooting for a 4:15 birth so they were working as fast as they could. It was all so exciting for everyone. Well, turns out my "15" passed by the time she told me I could push. The time is now 4:18 and I'm all geared up to push, but right when I take my deep breath and push, my nurse tells me to stop! WHAT? Then she tells me to do whatever I feel I need to do. What in the world does that mean? Finally she tells me to look down and I see Blake. My three second push produced my 8 lbs. 10 oz. baby! Turns out the cord was wrapped around his neck and that's why she told me to stop pushing. Usually pushing is the most painful part for me. I guess it was again this time but, the fact that it only lasted three seconds made it easy! The entire labor and delivery went so smooth, never a hickup.

Two seconds old!

First pictures with Blake!

Yes, full hands... BUT also a FULL heart!

Meanwhile back home... The boys were watching tennis with Iso...

... And playing Monkey see, monkey do!

Isn't he beautiful!?!?!

Eek! I think Superman had a little too much kryptonite!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


It is completely safe to say that this little guy has captured the hearts of his mommy, daddy, and his two big brothers, not to mention his grandparents and aunts and uncles! Blake has been an easy baby so far... Sometimes we forget he's here. He even let us get some sleep last night (he had a five hour stretch). I'm working on returning to the blogging world soon... May take a day or two more though... I know you mamas are waiting for me to post the "birth story." Soon!


It's hard to pick just one... :)

Mommy and the 4th love of her life!

All four loves cuddling up together!

Blake is the first thing Isaac asks for in the morning. He wants to hold him all the time... His arm even fell asleep because he holds him for so long. Isaac has been an amazing big brother x 2!

Parker thinks Blake is a pretty cool toy. At first he was bothered by his cry but now he thinks it's funny and tries to imitate him. Parker has adjusted to his big brother role seamlessly!

Good night little Blake. We love you so much!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Better Late Than Never!

Blake Tyler Higgins finally decided to make his appearance at 4:19 am today. He weighed in at 8 lb 10 oz and measured 20" long. Both Blake and Mom are doing great! Erica handled it in true champion form and is ready to come home (We're hoping to be home in the morning). Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers throughout her pregnancy. He is truly yet another blessing to our family.
Little, little brother!

Here is our family of FIVE! Boy is mommy outnumbered!

Both big brothers were very excited to meet our new addition, but watch out for when they figure out he's here to stay ;)

More up dates to come...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Last prego up date!

40 weeks 5 days
(I know it looks like Blake hasn't dropped but even after 9 months I still have a tendency to suck in my gut:] I may have done this here, which brings the belly up a little)!

Since Blake has decided to take up permanent residency in my womb, the doctor is calling it quits and taking him out tonight. It's not the way I would have hoped, but my body is done. Yesterday was a very emotional day for me when I realized this would be the outcome. However, I have had contractions all day and I'm already at 3.5 cm. I'm hoping that when I go in tonight I'll at least be a four, which is considered pre labor and also meaning that Blake was already planning on making his appearance. This is Isaac's delivery all over again. He was a week late so I went in to be induced. Thankfully I was already 4 cm and didn't even know it!

I'm anxious, excited nervous, joyful, overwhelmed, hopeful, but most of all I've had way too much time to think...

This will be my last up date. My next post will be a picture of Blake and all his info. My goal right now is to take a nap and then enjoy our last evening as a family of four! The boys are excited to meet their new little brother in the morning.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Adventures in waiting...

 Passing a due date is no fun... I would know! Besides the killer pain in my lower abdomen, that is constant and hurts just as much when I'm sleeping as when I'm awake, I'm doing pretty good. Because there's no point in sitting and waiting, we're continuing on with our daily adventures. My goal is to keep this waiting time as normal for the boys as possible. Parker still has a runny nose but seems to be all better and Isaac is 100% and always needs an activity.

Oak Glen has been one of our favorite spots. The boys love all the animals, the seasonal fruit picking, and the fresh, cooler air. Shaun and I love that it's close, which makes it nice for quick day trips. Here are some pictures from our last visit.

We took a family picture on this same bench six days before Parker was born. I will NOT repost the frightening picture so click here to see it (it's in a collage so you'll have to click on it to blow it up).

Really, what was God thinking!?!

Much better! :)

Isaac and the animals...

Isaac took the bottom pictures of Parker...

Friday, August 12, 2011

What the heck?

I woke up this morning feeling my FULL 40 weeks pregnant and thinking today would be a great day to have a baby! However, Blake told me "you wish!" So, feeling a little depressed, my mom and I went shopping. Seeing as how buying clothes and shoes are out, I got rugs for the kitchen and some caramels, cream soda, Caramel chocolate apple dip, and ice cream instead! :) I have walked so much this past week trying to get this kid out that I figured I deserved many things sweet! I didn't gain any weight this week and I'm usually up a few pounds at the end!!!

I guess Blake is keeping his brothers' tradition alive... Meaning I will have passed my due date with all three boys! Why!?! Guess I'll have to waddle my way to girl's night out tonight! I love my girl time but was hoping that I wouldn't make it to this one (no, offense friends;] ). 

Until you hear from me again, know that I'm still just anxiously waiting.......................

Monday, August 8, 2011

Not quite time...

I know there really isn't a convenient time to have a baby, but I'm glad Blake didn't come today... Even though I'm dying to meet him!

Parker woke up Friday morning at 5 o'clock with a temperature of 105.3. It's been on and off since then and the highest it got today was 101. Because he has developed a cough and Niagara Falls for a nose, I went a head and took him to the doctors this morning... It ended up being a viral thing (plus a sore throat) that eventually goes away on it's own. Exactly what we figured but with a new baby coming soon, I needed to know for sure... Peace of mind.

Besides the cold, the other grand events today included: Shaun leaving for work :(, Parker falling down the stairs, Isaac having an hour and a half melt down, and Isaac tripping on a toy and landing on his face, causing his bottom teeth to go through his lip. Poor guy had the fattest lip. Through all his crying he told me he was scared but that Jesus would heal his body. However, two minutes later when he still felt pain, could still see blood, and was confused as to why he hadn't been healed, he yelled, "Where is Jesus?" It was so precious.

Even though today was definitely not a picture taking day, I was able to get this cute one of Parker loving on the elephants that are painted on the walls at the doctor's office. It was a long wait and he wasn't about to be confined in the small room, so we toured the "jungle" while we waited!  

Friday, August 5, 2011

39 weeks

So I'm really hoping this is my last picture being pregnant! :) Blake is definitely in place and so are the signs that my body is ready. If you concider the fact that I'm in my last days of my third pregnancy, I must say I'm doing pretty well. However, I'm still ready! Shaun and I went out tonight but instead of doing dinner and a movie we did dinner and a never ending walk around the mall. I've put in my order for Blake to come tomorrow morning at 6:15. I did that with Parker the night before he was born (with no signs of labor) and he was born the next morning, five minutes after I said he would be! IF my prediction doesn't come true this time, at least I know this pressure and these contractions can't last forever!

Big brother kissing little brother... And so proud of it!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Anyone but Mommy!

Parker may look like the perfect little angel but getting to this sweet and peaceful state of sleep has been quite challenging lately. From Parker's first day of life he was easy. He slept a lot and just chilled. He went with the flow and was so content. By two months he worked himself into a schedule. He was going to bed at 7:30 and only up for one nightly feeding. I was thanking God for a calm child 'cause Isaac has been loud and crazy from day one. He was colicky and we had to teach him to self sooth at night, which included some crying (from him and me)! 

In the past couple of months Parker has "woken up." He has discovered his inner strength and it scares me to say but he is far more stubborn and strong willed than Isaac. Examples: 1. He will sit in front of his favorite food and not eat it just to prove a point. 2. If he is in time out and calling for me, as soon as I return to him he will stop and either hide his face or completely turn his back on me. 3. (my favorite) Within the past two weeks he has put up a terrible fight at bed time... BUT just for me. One night I called Shaun at work and put him on speaker phone. He was easily able to get Parker to stop crying, lay down, and go to sleep. Pathetic! The next night I coached Isaac on what to tell him and Parker went to sleep for him. Last night, my mom (who came yesterday) had to go in and tell him to lay down. See, everyone but me!!! Nights that I'm alone I end up carrying him to my bed and he falls asleep in two minutes. Then I take him back to his bed. I'm not apposed to him crying, I just feel bad for his roommate, Isaac.

I know it's the age (approaching two), he's a mama's boy, a new baby is coming into his world, and he daily has to learn to share with big brother (Isaac never had to). BUT I find myself now praying that Blake will be the easy child that I thought Parker was going to be! Wait, is there even a such thing as an "easy child"? :-/