Sunday, January 20, 2013


I love to blog. I'd blog all the time if I could. I love writing. I love talking about my boys. I love keeping records, showing pictures, preserving memories, and sharing stories. Well, maybe those are all the same thing just said in different ways!

Sadly, we are over halfway through January and I have only produced one post. I think about it all the time. All the daily lessons, adventures, and funny things the boys say swarm my head and I try to trap them in so that I don't ever forget! This season of my life is flying by and I want to lock it in! I want to put it all in writing but, by the time the kiddos go to bed and I check off my "have to" list, it's so late! Motherhood made me the type of person that when my head hits the pillow, I'm out. However, lately, I have been up late and done my best journaling... But, only in my head! So many thoughts, feelings, emotions just keep me awake. I'll even confess that worry and fear has a small part in my sleeplessness. If I knew the boys weren't going to be up early and if I knew that I didn't have a long day a head of me playing super heroes, I'd stay up all night and "spill my guts!"

There are so many little things I want to remember. Like when I get ready in the morning Blake will bring me a mask to put on him and then he'll walk away growling. Then two minutes later he'll bring me another one... And another one... And another one! Or how Parker will say, "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit." And then two seconds later will throw a fit if I give him an elephant vitamin instead of a lion. Or how Isaac asked me, "What is that fake laughing?" when he watched a sitcom for the first time.

I hate the fact that I can only keep cramming so much in my head before the new stuff starts cancelling out the old. I guess that's life though. We're human... Not machines!

However, my laptop is my machine and it remembers everything I tell it to! So here's to being able to tell it more! ;)

January so far:

We celebrated Christmas with Shaun's family! We love having two Christmases... I think the boys are ok with it too!

We took down Christmas decorations which took a good week. Takes a while when you have little hands that want to "help!"

The big boys, daddy, Papa, and Uncle Manny went to a hockey game!

We ventured to Knot's Berry Farm!

Blake got sick and then passed it to Parker. Then Parker passed it to me. Then I passed it to Shaun. Aaaaaaand... now Blake is getting over it for the second time. Isaac is the strong one in our family. Or God just knows that I need his energy to be able to go to school so there can be and few hours of peace and quiet for the littler ones.

We got passes to the San Diego Zoo! Sooo fun! The boys are thrilled!

AND one thing I'm proud to announce that I have NOT done... I have NOT called 911 (do I dare say yet?) January '11 Parker got trapped in the bathroom and the fire department had to come and cut the door down. January '12 I accidentally locked Blake in the car and the fire department had to come and rescue him! I've been a little nervous this year but, I'm on the road to breaking tradition!

By the way: I would love to post pictures of all of these exciting events but, I can't seem to down load new pictures to the blog (and Shaun can't even figure it out this time)!

January still to come:
A day with the Riegelmanns and the Bumpuses! Woohoo!
A day with charlie Huffman... And time with his sisters and mama (aka: Roommate)!
My Grandmother turns 94! We won't get to be with her but, 94 is totally worth mentioning!
Yupp, I think that's it...
Oh wait, we have to go to Glamis! Dirt, gas, and noise... Here we come!
Had to add at least one picture from the past!

Monday, January 7, 2013

This guy...

Sooo, there's this guy... He's really cute!
Actually, he's dreamy!
A perfect match for me!
 I've noticed that he's been hanging around lately... I think it's safe to say I'm crushing on him!
And the great part is that I think he's interested in me too...
I've caught him watching me on more than one occasion!
I really want to talk to him but...
I just haven't had a chance.
Don't get me wrong, it's not that I'm shy or worried that he'll turn me down... I'm feeling pretty confident about this one!
It's just that...
These little people keep getting in my way!
Every time I try to spark up a conversation with this hottie, there's a small person at my side that needs something ASAP!
You wouldn't believe the volume these tiny humans posses...
Even if we were able to share a few words together, we would need microphones to do so.
By the time the mini trio is in bed, I'm just too tired!
I'm not going to give up though... He's totally worth it!
I'm a fighter!
SOON I'm going to overcome my odds and ask him out!
Sadly I couldn't find a picture of just him without the little people. However, it was fun stumbling across this one again!