Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Pink and Blue Baby Shower

On January 9th, my sister and four, super-special friends had a baby shower for me! It was absolutely perfect and I felt so loved. Like to the point of being overwhelmed! You know those lovely "out of whack" preggo hormones make you cry and laugh at the same time! It took a few days, but all the gifts are now organized and ready for this baby to make its grand entrance. And I'm left with wonderful memories from the day!

My girls!
Tori, Jodi, Michelle, and Jamie

Unwrapped and ready to be organized! So much good stuff!

Some of the d├ęcor that was sprinkled around Jamie's already pretty house!

Family that was able to come! So glad my mom and sister could come from Arizona!

Fellow boy moms! Between us seven moms we have 17 boys!

Old friends. New friends. Gym friends. Church friends. Neighbor friends.

Taking a break in the new glider (from Ammah and Papa) and showing off the 36 week baby bump!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Pregnancy #4

So we're about three weeks away from meeting our little girl/boy. The anticipation is finally building. I have been so at ease just waiting and not having to collect anything. Seriously, eight months of no prep is relaxing (well, other than the normal chaos of having three boys already)! Choosing names has been a different story but, watching others go insane because they don't know the gender has been worth it! However, the anxiety has heightened and over analyzing the moment Shaun announces boy or girl is getting me all emotional! But, pink and blue is packed and ready for whatever gift God has chosen to give us!

This pregnancy has been so different, yet I have to really dig to figure out how. My tummy grew the same and smells still really got to me but, my nose didn't plug up and I don't have dark spots on my face. This baby is just as crazy as her/his three older brothers were in the womb but, he/she also sleeps at night. Which is a first! The biggest blessing is that all my appointments have been boring... Meaning, the baby and I are healthy! Other than me needing a little extra iron boost!

The boys are thrilled and can't wait to hold their new little sibling. I haven't sensed any jealousy from any of them... Pure joy! Maybe it's because no one's having to give up their room though... Well, except Shaun. With only a three bedroom house, this little one will be with us till who knows when. Parker and Blake share and Isaac got his own room last year, which has been SO good for him. Half the loft was transformed into a nursery, so we'll reevaluate as the baby grows!

Thankful for the modern neutral: grey and white chevron stripes

End of first trimester

20 weeks.
The tech who did the ultrasound didn't even look to see if it was a boy or girl. So, the only one that knows "Quanto's" true identity is the One that created her/him.

24 weeks in Hawaii
Beginning of third trimester

Happy Thanksgiving! 30 weeks!
36 weeks! Baby's head is down and turned the right way!