Friday, November 16, 2012

The BIG 3

Nine months... One of my favorites!
Oh Parker! You have been looking forward to this day for many weeks now! You have no problem informing people that you are 2 1/2 but, soon you will be three! We leave in the morning and will be spending your big day (the 18th) in Glamis so your birthday pictures will have to be posted later! More to come...

Announcement picture
1st birthday

2nd birthday

First kiss!

Second kiss!
Yes, I have no problem informing your future girlfriend that your first kisses were with your mom and your brother! ;)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Spiritual Birth

I'm not usually this quick with blogging but, when it involves the eternity of one of my kids, everything else can take a back seat.
Isaac has been struggling lately with good and bad choices. Because he knows the difference it has caused a strong battle inside of him. He so badly wants to do the right thing but, his human nature tells him to do the wrong thing! The struggle has been fierce and full of consequences. Last week he got really quiet and asked me if he would only make good choices once he turned five? Sadly I had to inform him that no matter how much he only wanted to do good, bad was going to happen too. This conversation led into forgiveness of sin and how God, Daddy, and I would always love him no matter what he did! He listened, understood, but I think he was still holding out for that perfect five!
Well, his birthday came and went and he realized he still wasn't always being nice. I think he was disappointed that the struggle was still there. We have many daily talks about heaven and what it takes to be able to go there when we die. However, tonight he seemed to really get it. Especially because he's becoming more concerned with his actions and how they make him and others around him feel.
Shaun and I weren't sure if this was really going to be it but, we didn't want to pass up this opportunity. Shaun took him in his room and I took Parker and Blake into Blake's room so they wouldn't be a distraction (it's nuts at bed time around here). About five minutes later I heard the door open and Isaac came running in. With a ton of excitement he proudly announced, "Mommy, I have Jesus in my heart!" My eyes filled with tears of joy and I grabbed him and hugged him These are words that he has said to me before but this time they felt real... He gets it! The smile on his face was just as big (if not bigger) than when he got his pirate ship on his birthday! He had been given an eternal gift and he knew Jesus was in his heart and that he would go to heaven someday. Amazing! So simple, yet so rewarding, that even a new five year old could do it! It was more than believing in God... It was accepting the fact that He sent His perfect son to die for us so that we could be forgiven!
Isaac knows that he is still going to make bad choices. However, he knows that God will always love him and will help him through those struggles.
Daddy and I are so proud of you little man! We look forward to celebrating your first birthday next year! ;)
He couldn't stop smiling!

Praying with daddy!

Not the best picture... But, still worth remembering!

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Big 5

Seven months... One of my favorites!
Birthday season is in full swing! Isaac struggled going to sleep last night 'cause he just wanted to be awake already. He was thrilled when the morning came and he was finally five! While he waited for daddy to get home from work and take him to get hot chocolate (like they do every year), he enjoyed some special "5" pancakes! I wish the rest of the morning had been as smooth as it started but, we are talking about Isaac here. He had a 45 minute set back due to his pants not fitting right (the same ones he wore to church the day before and to school on Friday). If it's not the socks, or the shoes, or the shirt... Then it must be the pants! We had a mini anger management class and moved on.
Besides the hot chocolate and Toys R Us run with daddy, and the Wal Mart run with me to get the snacks for his little party at school on Wednesday, Isaac spent the day playing and playing and playing!
Happy birthday, Isaac! I'm still amazed at how big you are getting! We love you so much! 

Birth announcement

1st birthday

2nd birthday

3rd birthday

4th birthday

5th birthday

Then and now!

Monday, November 5, 2012

I already want to take a nap tomorrow...

Five years ago today (also on a Monday) was my due date with this handsome boy! Little did I know that the day, as well as the entire week, would come and go and it wouldn't be til the following Monday that Mr. Isaac would make his appearance into the world. I was tired and super uncomfortable. Not to mention desperate to meet my new little love! I was in shock of how much my body had stretched and didn't want it to go any further! Also, because of how he was pushing down on my nerves, there were days that it hurt to even stand up. AND it wasn't one of those pains that I could just try and walk off. No, the only cure was to have this baby! I was done! I wanted him out! Nothing could be worse than your last days of pregnancy! But, he didn't seem to care...

Fast forward five years to today... Man, I thought I was in pain then!?! Being pregnant with your first child is nothing compared to dealing with three crazy boys (two of which are sick) while daddy is at work for 48 hours AND the time changes. If I knew then, what I know now... I would have kept him inside another three weeks! Ok, maybe not! ;)

Today was one of those days that I just wanted to throw in the towel... Tap out... run away. Or maybe I would have just settle for going to the bathroom in peace! I know moms jokingly say that all the time but, it's totally true. As soon as I sit down I hear a massive sneeze followed by a child yelling, "BOOGERS!" Or, a scream followed by a slap. Or, "Blake is eating my paper!" Or, "I'm hungry!" Or, "can you put this costume on?" Or, "Mommy, can you come here?" Or, "It's a commercial can you fast forward?" The possibilities are ENDLESS!!!

I would gladly take being hunched over in bed instead of having to discipline my Isaac that just seems so angry inside. To have to see the way he looks at me because he's mad that he's being punished for something HE did. My body might not be aching but, holy moly it sure does hurt my heart!

And Parker... The endless whining and freak outs over the smallest things! He is obviously almost three! This past year was so good that I even forgot we were in the "terrible twos!" I really should have just put myself out of my misery today and shoved in some earplugs! It's not like he was using his words anyways... Everything was a dramatic game of charades. Like, the blood curdling scream. That meant he was thirsty. And the grunts of pain that sounded like he was in labor. That meant he needed his nose wiped!

Then there was Blake... Oh Blake! I understand he's sick and he's growing teeth... But, does he have to remind me about it every two seconds. He's been up the past two mornings before five due to congestion and the time change. He was down to nursing twice a day (if that) however, today I latched him on three or four times. Instead of duct taping his mouth shut I just gave him milk. Seemed like the loving-mother thing to do!

I don't know why the big boys think it's time to fight when I'm trying to put Blake to sleep. Yeah Isaac, Parker might have been banging on the shelf because he knew he was supposed to be quiet AND he knew it was driving you nuts but, did you really have to take matters into your own hands? His screams from being attacked were way more distracting to Blake than his tapping. And, can you cut the Parker, Larker, Harker, Warker, Sparker... He really doesn't like when you do that! And Parker, just because Isaac finally finds a toy that he can quietly play with, doesn't mean that that has to be the one and only toy, out of the millions we have, that you need to also play with at that very moment!

I was so done today! Completely. Over. It. BUT, as I'm typing this out I'm finding it funny. Funny because I know these are the exact same things my siblings and I did. Parenting is such pay back! All these things are normal and temporary. Part of growing up! I know Parker won't be three forever and I know soon Blake will have all his teeth. However, I still struggle with trying to guide Isaac. He's a challenge. It's not easy being the oldest brother or having a similar personality, which in return, clashes with your mommy. :/ I try to be patient with him because he's a perfectionist and wants to please. But, his 0 to 60 in 3.4 seconds temper makes me crazy! Prayer and consistent-constant instruction is all I've got these days! We both know forgiveness and have done our fair share of apologizing to each other. This little guy was the first to steal my heart so he's worth fighting for. We have many good times too. Oh how he makes me laugh and I can't believe how big and smart he's getting. He's my helper... I can always count on him!          

My theme verse rang extra loud in my head today... Do not grow tired and weary from doing what is right. For in due season we will reap, if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9

Not giving up!!!

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Blogging has become a little overwhelming. Seeing as how my blog is my journal, record keeper, scrapbook, the place I go to reflect, etc. AND the fact that I print it at the end of every year, I want to be able to post about everything we do! However, I just can't keep up with our busy schedule and, in the meantime, it doesn't allow me to write about the little special moments. I'm trying too hard to record all the big stuff. When the boys grow up I want them to see all that we were able to do while they were young but, it's just not working. Therefore, I'm going to lift the weight off my shoulders and let it be ok if I don't get to every event in our lives. I want to take this blog to the next level... Go a little deeper... More reflection and thoughts. Disneyland and Sea World just aren't cutting it anymore! I'm sure there will still be some "fluff" but, I want to record more of my heart... Or something like that!
Soooo, here's going out with a bang... A few places we've been in the past week or two...
Shaun works Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve so I figured October was our last chance to get to Arizona in 2012. We left Shaun home to work and the boys and I boarded a plane and took off. It was my first time flying with all three by myself. It was a lot of work keeping them all busy and happy but, I survived.
Mummu and Iso with their four grandsons. Their fifth, Landon James, will be here in February!
The cousins and Ryker. He blends right in!
(Ryker will be a big brother, to a little brother, any day now)

Matching shirts from Kauai, Hawaii!

The boys had their first birthday celebration!

Tati and Uncle Mike  putting together their presents for the boys. Mikey the Ninja Turtle's skate board and a transformer!

This little man did a lot of solo standing... But that's it... Still not walking!

 Mummu gave him his second big hair cut! He grew a few months over night! Thankfully it is still curly! 
Pretend City
This is the BEST place for little people! The last time we went was over two years ago. We were due for another trip. Adriana and her kids (Kylie and Jeremiah) and Emily and Andy and their kids (Aubrey and Anya) came with us. So much better with friends! The kids had a blast creating, running, dancing, building, driving, and laughing!
This picture IS our family exactly! Isaac looking at the camera, Blake distracted, and Parker rolling away not even caring!

I had way too many photos to choose from!

What our family would look like if we had four kids... Cause it would be another boy! Duh!

"Will always smile for the camera" Isaac

"Three pictures is all your getting of me" Parker

"I'm gorgeous and I know it" Blake
Trunk or Treat
Every Friday before Halloween, the boys get their hand made costumes! And every year Ammah out does herself and makes these boys light up! This years theme was Peter Pan. I couldn't get Isaac to wear the wig (because it was too girlie for him) but, he played a vicious Captain Hook. Parker, as Peter Pan, was full of happy thoughts and crude remarks to the mean old "codfish." And Blake, one of the lost boys, was the sweetest smelling skunk alive!
The church around the corner from us always has a grand celebration so Ammah and I headed over there with the boys! This is our third year going so we've kinda figured out a system on how to beat the crowd... Cause it is CRAZY!!! They play games, jump in bounces houses, and admire all the costumes.  

Thanks Ammah!!!
Victoria Gardens
All our husbands were at work so Emily, Adriana, Me, and our seven kids got together. Emily (a friend since college) just moved to Chicago this week to help plant a new church. Yes, she and her husband AND their two kids picked up their comfortable life in Southern California and moved across the county to the freezing cold because God told them to and they were faithful! Wow!
I love this picture cause it shows just how crazy we are. Taking this many kids out is no easy task.  
Can you spot all seven kids?
This year our church didn't have an event on campus but decided to send it's members out to the neighborhoods. We called it "10/31 @ home." They asked the members to set up a trunk at some one's house, decorate it, and pass out good news tracks with the candy. Our Bible Study group got together and had a pumpkin themed car. We wrote on a pumpkin shaped poster this little message.
We are Like Pumpkins:
God picks you from the patch,
brings you in, and washes all the dirt off you.
Then he cuts off the top and
scoops out all the yucky stuff.
He removes the seeds of doubt, hate, greed, etc.
and then He carves you a new smiling face
and puts His light inside of you
to shine for all the world to see.
Halloween is not a holiday that I care for. There are so many gross things about it. I feel like I spend half of October trying to shield my boys from all the blood and guts and scary skeletons people have hanging in front of their houses and store windows. However, after this Halloween, it's going to be one of Isaac's favorite memories. Excitement was charging through his blood as he ran from house to house with some of his best buddies, collecting candy! Seriously, does it get any better than that!? It was dark so I don't have many pictures... And we were trying to keep an eye on all these sugar high kids. Oh the joys of being little! 
Isaac, Cassidy, Carson, and Parker
I mean... Captain Hook, Captain America, Super Woman, and Peter Pan

The "Captains"
The only smile Hook gave for the camera! Every other picture was in character!

Love Little Red Riding Hood's skirt. She wouldn't look at me but, Addison looked so cute!
A year at Disneyland has come and gone. While we will not be renewing our passes (due to a 30% price increase), we did end the year on a GOOD note!
Shaun took Blake to a play area so I could take the big boys on Peter Pan AGAIN! When we were done we passed through a store just so the boys could look. here's the conversation I had with one of the workers.
Worker: Are you finding everything ok?
Me: Oh yes, my boys want everything!
Worker: Is this there first time here?
Me: No. We got season passes for the boys' birthday last year and this is our final trip.
Worker: Is it their birthday today?
Me: No. Well, they're in like two weeks!
Worker: Well lets get them a pin anyways.
(He gives them their birthday pins as well as a tissue for Parker's runny nose. As he is finishing up Parker's pin, Isaac comes over to me with a Mickey lightsaber and lets me know that he REALLY wants it. I ask him to put it back and let him know that we'll have to go ask daddy. Isaac does as I asked)
We thanked him and start to walk out. The worker calls me back and hands me a bag from the store. He tells me, "Happy birthday from Mickey Mouse!" As the boys open the bag and reach inside I almost start to cry. It was two Mickey Mouse lightsabers!!! I couldn't believe it! Isaac and Parker were thrilled and a lady handed me a tissue cause she saw my watery eyes!
We thanked them like crazy now!
We rushed off to show daddy and of course he was shaking his head as we approached because he thought I gave in and bought them for the boys. After I told him the whole story, I turned around and there was the worker handing me a third lightsaber. "I saw you have three," he said and then hurried off! AMAZING!
I'm sad I don't even know his name but, he made a believer out of me! It was so cool!
Taken with my iphone cause the zoom lens was way too close!

Of course the highlight was the Peter Pan ride!

The birthday boys!

Isaac knows nothing about the Sword in the Stone so when I told him to go pull the sword out, he really thought it was going to work. He was thrilled thinking he was going to have a new weapon! See, even the last trip brings a first discovery!
Thank you Mickey for all the smiles you brought to my boy's faces. Lower your prices and we'd love to come back again! ;)
Ahhhhh! I'm tired! that was a lot. There won't be much to post for a while. Parker and Blake are sick (which meant no homecoming at CBU today and no church tomorrow) and tonight we set our clocks back an hour. It's going to be a loooooooong day tomorrow. Shaun goes to work and the sickies will be up early! Ugh! I'll definitely need to put on my Super Mom cape... Not to mention the mask, gloves, belt, boots, tights, and everything else!