Monday, May 31, 2010


Two weeks ago the boys and I headed to Arizona. Shaun stayed home and worked pretty much everyday we were gone. The plane ride there and back went well. Good things it's only one hour though... I don't think I could handle much more all by myself.
While in AZ we did what we always do... Relax... Or at least I relax while my parents play with the boys. The main reason for the trip was to go to one of my best friend's baby shower and I don't have any pictures to show for it. Julie, I may need you to email me a picture! :) The other reason is because I won't go in the summer so we figured we needed one more visit before it got too hot! Mom and Dad, You're free to come here anytime this summer!

My dad cleaned out the attic and found all my dolls and stuffed animals! The boys loved playing in the hug pile of stuff. Can't believe I still have this much! OR that my parents have saved it for all these years! Can you tell I really need to have a girl?

Ailee and Isaac were at it again. Up early every morning...

Parker enjoyed my parent's "hammock-like" swing!

G.G. Mom also got to visit. She loves watching my crazy boys. The first picture is of her and Isaac in May 2008. She bought him these pjs and now Parker is wearing them in May 2010. Both boys fill up her WHOLE lap!
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Friday, May 28, 2010


A few weeks ago my three boys and I spent the day on the sand. It was still a little chilly, but we were determined to have a beach day! The water was freezing (like always) but it didn't bother us once our legs turned numb ('cause that's as far as we would go). It was Parker's first time and he didn't seem to care. He just finds joy in watching big brother have fun! They were both out the whole way home so Shaun and I could actually have a peaceful conversation. Too bad we were so tired ourselves and just ended up listening to music... Go figure! Hopefully there will be many more beach days to report about this summer!
Some of my favorite shots from the day!

I love that there is a playground right on the sand!

Even in sandals, "Spiderman" was able to climb to the top all by himself!

This picture is a perfect display of my boy's personalities!

Isaac got a "reward" for posing for all the pictures and he wasn't too happy when little brother wanted some too!

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Better late than never...

Mother's Day is a very important day. I may even go as far as to say that it is more important than my birthday. It is a holiday that has to be earned by a whole lot of sweat and pain and then followed by a whole lot of sleepless nights and non-showered days! It's one of those things that should come with a warning sign. "Have kids at your own risk!" On the other hand, it is a day to remember all the good and to celebrate the joys of having kids! For my Mother's Day, my three boys let me go shopping, they got me flowers and a very sweet card, AND turned my blog into a book. I love it! We spent the morning at church and then headed over to Shaun's parent's house in the afternoon!

My precious, precious boys

Papa's birthday was also on Mother's Day so we had a lot to celebrate.

Isaac giving Ammah her presents. He was very proud of his painted hand prints on the pillow!

One of my favorites that didn't deserve to be minimized to collage size:)

Parker and his aunties
(sorry to Courtney for getting the smaller picture. That's just how the collage formatted it... Kimberly got the big picture).

Isaac beating up Uncle Manny... Until he realized he had dessert!

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Confessions of a Clueless Blogger

So I'm finally going to give up, admit that I have no idea, and ask for help from my fellow (much smarter than me) blogging friends...

I have no clue how to get my friends and family blog links to update themselves. Instead of just having the names, I want it to show me when someone has posted on their blog. I have gone to settings and then tried to "sort" the list, but it only gives me options to do it alphabetically or reverse alphabetically. Not by recent updates.

For those of you that can see who checks your blog, I just want you to know that if you see my name appear often, I'm not stalking you, I'm stalking your friends list. It's easy to see from your page who has written a new post as apposed to clicking on my entire list one at a time.

I'm not one to admit defeat (especially for something that seems so simple), but checking blogs would be a lot quicker if I knew which ones I actually needed to go to.


Mother's Day
Beach trip
Arizona trip
Parker has teeth

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Today my Chunky Monkey, Parker James, turned six months (half birthdays are very important in my book). He was the perfect baby all day. He played outside on the grass, took a morning nap, chilled on the swing, had an afternoon nap, played some more, ate all his dinner, and went to bed with no problem! Ahhh, a calm baby... Such a blessing!

I love the way you love all the silly noises that come out of my mouth and that you laugh at me as if I'm the funniest person in the world. I love the way you love when your big brother enters the room. I love the way you love to grab your daddy's nose and then slobber all over it. I love how determined you are to get your hands on something. I love that once you get something in your hands you attack it! I love that everyone that meets you can immediately tell how wonderful you are. I love how you whimper like a dog when you want to nurse. I love how your eyes get red when you're tired but you never scream or yell at me. I love that it takes two minutes to get you down for a nap. I love that you have rolls on your body that I didn't even know were possible. I love that I can ALWAYS count on a smile from you. Parker, you are my pride and joy and one of the best gifts God has ever given me!
Love, Mommy

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Today my baby turned 2 1/2 years old. Actually, if I call him a baby, then he is quick to remind me that Parker is a baby and he is a big boy! My Isaac is the funniest, craziest, not to mention loudest, kid I know! I can't believe that he'll be three this year... Where does the time go?

I love the way you love my made up songs that don't even make sense. I love the way you love to cuddle with me in the morning when you first wake up. I love the way you love to jump up and down just so you can see Parker laugh at you. I love the way you love to greet daddy at the door when he gets home from work. I love the way you love to pretend that you're a dinosaur, a super hero, and a bear. I love how excited you get when you finally master a skill. I love that your hands are ALWAYS in your hair when you are chewing something in your mouth. I love that you know Jesus loves you SOOO much! I love when you want me to read you a book but then take over because you have them all memorized. I love that you've finally figured out how to whisper... kinda! Isaac, I even love that you want everything perfect and you will throw a fit until something is just the way you think it should be! You are my pride and joy and one of the best gifts God has ever given me!
Love, Mommy

Isaac on day one

Isaac at 6 months

Isaac at one year

Isaac at 1 1/2 years

Isaac at two years
Isaac, today, at 2 1/2 years!

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Four tips to a happy home

1. Suckers, popsicles, and anything else that drips, melts, or sticks, is best if eaten in the bathtub!

2. Mamma's milk is always better than anything off a spoon!

3. Daddy time is VERY important! When else is mommy supposed to shave her legs?

After she takes the picture of course!

4. When little boys are sick and loving on them just isn't working... let the swing rock them to sleep!
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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Baby #3

Actually, if you count the two other four legged creatures we have in the house, plus the fish and the boys, this is really baby #6... But I figured this title would make you move to the end of your seat!
The boys and I went for a walk this beautiful morning. On our journey home we heard a baby kitten crying. I started laughing because I just figured it was our neighbor's bird pretending to be a cat again, but as I got closer, I saw a tiny kitten climbing the side of a house. The poor thing must have fallen from the balcony and was trying to get back up to it's mommy. I was able to reach up and pull it down. I can't believe how far it had climbed. It was below a ledge so there was no way it was going any higher. We named it Spider Kitty because it climbs buildings just like Spiderman!
It is now in our down stair's bathroom with food, water, a bed, a toy, and a potty. It's super scared and just sits behind the toilet. Isaac likes to go in and check on it, which probably doesn't help the situation. I left a note on the neighbor's door but haven't heard anything yet. Shaun's at work today and couldn't talk when we found it so I just had to text him. I decided I would make him freak out a bit so I told him that we found it and that we were going to keep it. He actually got mad at me. He told me that I should have left it where it was... "On the wall, Shaun? Are you kidding me!?!" He then said that he would have just taken it down and then walked away... "So it could crawl right back up and get stuck again, Shaun? Again, are you kidding me!?!" I did the right thing and I'm just glad I was the one that found it!

Spider Kitty is soooo cute and soooo tiny!

Do you like the little litter "basket?" It's all I had! Poor kitty...

Isaac is actually very gentle with the kitten. I think he's more afraid of it, than it is of him because of the claws.

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Monday, May 3, 2010

The Base

We live super close to March Air Force Base and daily see and hear huge planes fly over our house. In the four years of living "just down the street" from the base, we had never once visited the museum or toured the 80+ planes up close. Last week we had a beach day all planned but when we walked outside and realized we needed sweatshirts and pants, we made it an airplane day instead. This was definitely an "everything boy" kind of day! Isaac loved the little jet and told us that he was going to fly to Mummu and Iso's house and that he was going all by himself! Shaun loved reading all the stories about the men of war and the variety of guns they got to use! I just found a seat wherever I could because Parker was taking his morning nap in the pouch and my back was killing me! It was either wear him or lift Isaac up and down every two seconds.

One plane (or maybe it was a jet) that impressed me the most once flew from LA to London in less than four hours! Insane! Every plane had an amazing story to tell but there just isn't enough time to stop and read when you have a two year old that would rather throw rocks and kill ants. Maybe when he's older we'll go back...

Isaac would have loved to bring this home!

Parker finally woke up and got to take a ride in the jet too!

Our souvenirs! Name signs for their bedroom door! Can you believe they had Parker's name? I wasn't about to buy a plastic plane for $10 when I could get the same one at Target for $2.

We went to the museum at the perfect time 'cause this weekend was the air show. On Saturday, the boys and I parked the truck near the base and sat in the back with snacks. We got to see all the planes twisting and doing crazy tricks! Parker didn't seem to care and after a while Isaac noticed the big field we were parked next to and just wanted to throw rocks! Boys will be boys!

Can you tell I'm obsessed with collages? They are perfect for people that take a lot of pictures and don't feel like downloading each one individually to the blog! Don't forget to click on it to make the pictures bigger! :)

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

I don't get it...

We have a tv that is ten times the size of this little dvd player... BUT where do they (Isaac) want to watch a movie??? I just shook my head and laughed! Oh how wonderful it would be if my boys were always this sweet and still! Sadly though, this post doesn't portray the crazy, off the wall reality of our days. Because life happens, it's taken me a while to put together a longer post with our latest adventures. Enjoy this in the meantime! Happy May!
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