Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sorry, TMI!

Shaun finally came home Friday morning and boy did he get a lot of hugs and kisses (see last post if confused)! He is now back to work today but we packed his four days with as much as possible...

Friday- Shaun had the boys most of the day while I went to back to back doctor's appt. First my ultrasound, which confirmed that we are still very much having a boy. This little guy is not shy!!! And then my regular check up, which confirmed that there is still no cure for my stuffy nose. My doctor feels horrible that she and the nose specialist can't fix me. She told me that I am her first patient with this problem... Not good. She also reviewed the ultrasound and everything looks great! We ended the day with great friends. Thanks for coming over Matt, Adriana, and baby Kylie!

Saturday- We attempted our first yard sale. They are a pain but we made enough money to make it worth the trouble! In the evening we rented a movie and ate pizza (because John's Incredible Pizza was incredibly packed). It was supposed to be a picnic in our living room but apparently pillows and blankets mean "it's time to tackle." The boys turned into WWF wrestlers. Shaun also had a late softball game and he hit two home runs! They of course won!

Sunday- We went to church in the morning and then headed to Sea World. We met my brother and some friends, Zac and Amanda, there. It was a relaxing day. Story time: They have a great toddler area which used to be Isaac's favorite and is now Parker's heaven. Well, Parker took all the moves that big brother used on him the night before and turned around and used them on all the little kids. He was tackling every kid (but mostly the 22 month old twins) that walked past him. I tried to get him to stop but everyone, even the parents of the kids that were getting taken down by Parker, thought it was funny. So, I let him continue. He worked up quite an audience and Amanda and I were laughing so hard! I was a little embarrassed so I didn't even think to take out the video camera! After dinner at Souplantation, we put the boys in their pjs and they fell asleep on the way home!

Monday- This was a day of lounging at home and completing chores and projects. Five loads of laundry (and I only made 48 cents), a clean car, flowers and greenery planted, clean sheets for all, and a mowed lawn. We also took Shaun to the circus park and fed the ducks!

Ahhh, what a week. I must say that the four days Shaun was home went by a lot faster than the four days he was gone!

Today was a  very typical day in our house. I thought it was worth posting so that when my boys are all grown and out of the house, I can look back and remember what life used to be like!

During my usual "night watch" (aka: my nose is stuffed and I can't sleep so I check the neighborhood and the boys), I found Isaac fast asleep UNDER his bed. Two o'clock in the morning and this is where he decides to sleep... Nice, new, big bed and this is where he decides to sleep. Usually he's just sideways or at the opposite end of the bed. I was able to slide him out and put him back in his bed. 

Parker woke up at 7:30 and then we woke Isaac up at 8:20. Of course they would sleep in on a day that we had to be out of the house by 8:50. We headed to BSF (Bible Study Fellowship/Tuesday School) and got home around 11:30. Now I decided not to take pictures of Isaac's every 10 minute melt downs, but I am going to document that they happened. I've said it before and I'll say it again... He is my girl! I just can't dress him in pink and make him play babies! 

After lunch and naps we enjoyed a few games of Where's Woody. Isaac loves all the I Spy books so we created the game using all one billion of his Toy Story characters...  

First, I set up most of his Buzz Lightyears and added a Woody. Can you find him?

Then I added the Woodys and hid a Rex. Can you find him?

Next, I added the Rexes and hid a Jesse. Can you find her?

Finally, I added the Jesses and hid a Hamm. Can you find him?

We never got to hide the Zurgs, Alians, and Bullseyes because little brother came and knocked them all off the shelf... Causing melt down number 76 for big brother. We'll try again tomorrow.

After returning books to the library, playing at the park (which involved a skinned knee), stopping by the grocery store, and dinner, the boys had a dance party. They love getting their groove on with Jana Alayra. 

Because Isaac wasn't too happy about his green elephant on the ground (which I don't blame him), I sent the boys outside while I cleaned the kitchen and took out the trash. We ended the night with baths and Isaac reading to Parker (sorry the video is not G rated... Isaac is also my nudest;} ). The boys were in bed and out by 7:30.

Wow! What a day! I'm exhausted! And people wonder what stay at home moms do all day!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Passing the time...

 I really like Shaun's work schedule, typically. He works for two days straight and then is home for four. I try and stay busy his two days gone otherwise I go crazy. Morning to night, to sometimes even midnight, it's all me! It can be crazy, but I've learned (am learning) how to make it work.

Well, this past week has been rough. His "typical" schedule has pretty much flipped. He worked three days, was off for only two, and was back for FOUR!!! I am craving tomorrow morning when he finally gets home. I vaguely remember him kissing me good-bye Monday morning. My nose has gotten worse this week so several of the days, I was running on two hours of sleep. AND because of all of the rain, I couldn't just let the boys out to ride their bikes while I relaxed on the swing. Oh no, I had to entertain. Parker enjoyed riding his bike in the house while Isaac and I learned about mixing primary colors to make new colors. He thought it was the coolest thing. Thankfully we also had several big outings to help pass the time.

Shaun, these pictures/videos are for you. We wish you could have been with us on all these adventures, but don't worry, Isaac can't wait to take you back to each and everyone of them! We love you!!!
A sunny day!!! Feeding the ducks at the park!

After feeding the ducks we enjoyed this circus looking park! It was so cool!  

Another day we enjoyed some gymnastics. Of course the highlight was the mosh pit!
(click on the collage to see "the belly." If you think the bump looks small... IT'S NOT!!! Why else do you think I put these pictures in?)

They also had swings, a jump house (Isaac's friend Austin joined us), climbers, trampolines, bars, etc. Everything a typical gym would have plus more!

Today we headed to PennyPickle with our Mops group. It is a children's museum in Temecula that has tons of hands on inventions/experiments. Of course most of our kids were too young to really understand or even care how all these things worked, but they still loved touching EVERYTHING that clicked, dinged, lit up, blew air, and moved! Most of my pictures were of the backs of their heads because there was so much for them to see and do... No time to smile for the camera!
Isaac has finally figured out what little brothers are for... ;)

Hurry home Shaun/Daddy! 'Cause these Batmans are still going strong!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sleeping Princes

As much as I love my boys when they're awake, I must be honest and say that I love them just as much when they're sleeping... Maybe a little more! ;) So peaceful and sweet! I love you my little princes! Sleep tight! And looooong!  

Thursday, March 17, 2011

B.T. Higgins

 So, the post you've been waiting for... THE NAME!!!

It is...

Wait... Have you been waiting for it???

Probably not...

I mean, I don't go to people's blogs ten times a day when I know they're about to make a big announcement...

Why would anyone do that to me???

I thought about telling you the whole story of how we chose it BEFORE I revealed the name...


That would be mean...

And I'm NOT mean...

I get the info out fast so you don't have to sit on the edge of your chair just waiting while I blab and blab...

I guess I'll just tell you what it is and then you can find out the story after...

Are you ready???

Are you sure???

He shall be called...

Wait... Family already knows so did they spill the beans and tell you?

Nah, they would never do that!?!?

Ok, let's try this again...

The name that Shaun and I chose for our 3rd most precious gift in the whole entire world...

Not to mention that it's our last most precious gift in the world...


Blake Tyler!!!

Ahhh! Blogging it to the entire world makes it feel so final... No going back now! Not that I want to but choosing a name is hard.

Well, actually, picking the name is easy (kinda). It's announcing it and seeing it in writing that is hard!

The story behind the name:
Rewind about two years ago to when Shaun and I were deciding on a name for Parker. We absolutely loved Blake but so many friends were using that name. We wanted something a little different so we tucked Blake away and went with Parker. Now fast forward to when I found out I was preggo with this baby. I wouldn't let myself look at girl names (and it's a good thing) so that left me to think about boy names. I still loved the name Blake and it went so well with Tyler. We always give our kids family names for middle names. In this case, Tyler is Shaun's middle name. So, Blake and daddy will share their middle names (hard for me 'cause that was my dream. Shaun wouldn't go for Blake Eileen though)! 

I'm also huge into meanings of names. Isaac means laughter... Perfect. Parker means protector... Perfect! Blake means "pale blonde one or dark"... Not perfect! Fit's Parker quite nicely (the first definition;}) but come on... Where's the excitement!? So, I continued to look around and stumbled upon this web site, momswhothink.com. It gave me about 30 different categories on how to chose a name with a good "personality." Many names were grouped into categories like- baby names for athletes, musicians, doctors, achievers, class clowns, convicts (stayed away from that one), popular kids, etc. The only one that caught my attention and I thought was worth clicking on was "Powerful baby names." Can you guess what I found? Blake AND Tyler were both on the list! THEN, that night as I was reading my Bible, my book mark that has my name and meaning on it fell out. Can you guess what my name means? Powerful! I want my kids to have meaningful names, something with value, and was feeling guilty that Blake wouldn't have that. I was even questioning our name choice. I truly believe that finding this web site and my name card were not accidents. God was meeting me at my need and showing me that this name was good! I may not share a middle name with my child but it's kinda neat to share the same meaning... Because to me, Blake means powerful... Perfect!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


So, I was just getting ready to reveal the babies name when I realized that I haven't posted about our Arizona trip we took a few weeks ago. It's been saved in my draft and I guess I just never got around to finishing it. I know you're probably not dying to know the name we have chosen for baby #3 so I figured I would go a head and tell you about Az first! ;)

On Valentines the boys and I flew to the Valley of the Sun for nine days. Shaun, like always, stayed home to work and complete house projects. It was amazing to come home and see that the last of the wall paper had come down and we were carpet free in ALL bathrooms! Of course the master bathroom was the last nightmare and it is now beautiful! Shaun de-wall papered, painted, ripped out carpet, tiled (a diagonal lay),  AND put in new lighting! AMAZING this guy is!!!

All while the boys and I relaxed, played, visiting with family and friends, and partied! Ahhh!

At my sister's baby shower!

My dad and the boys right before they had some juicy blood oranges.

Isaac and the closest thing he'll have to a dog for a while!

Parker enjoying life as usual!
While I enjoyed getting ready ALL BY MYSELF... My mom had to put her make up on with two little helpers!

I texted my dad 13 days before we came and said that the boys sure would love a swing set in your back yard.... And... Wallaa! My dad built the boys a swing set!

G.G. Mom with her 15th and 17th great grandchild! Can you tell Isaac was very happy about getting his picture taken!? Sorry G.G. Mom!

Ok, baby name in NEXT post!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Big, BIG boy bed!

Poor Isaac has still been sleeping in his toddler bed, even though he out grew it a while ago! I think it's partly because he is such a wild sleeper. Shaun is constantly turning him around and putting his head back on his pillow! We knew that we were eventually going to get bunk beds for the boys so we decided that we might as well do it now. By the end of the year there will be a lot of "bed" transitions. Isaac will be ready to move to the top bunk, Parker will be ready to move out of the crib and into the lower bunk, and baby number three (which has a name so stay tuned;] ) will be out of the bassinet and into the crib. Wow! We will need a lot of prayer that month!

Isaac was beyond excited to get to help daddy put his new bed together. Actually, if you ask Isaac, daddy helped HIM. He told us that he was the strong one, not daddy, and that he would carry it upstairs and do it! I'm not exactly sure how it happened though 'cause Parker and I went and took a nap.

The "men"

Power tool time!
(don't mind the unfinished white stripe on the wall... Baby steps around our house)

Couldn't wait for the sheets to go on...

Getting ready to put the top on...
Ahhhhhh! Success. Isaac even got to pick out his own sheets... Star Wars of course!

And if you're wondering what happened to the car bed Isaac used to sleep in!? Well, it's sitting in the loft being used for anything but a bed! If anyone wants it, let me know...

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hehehe ;)

The boys love to go and visit daddy at the fire station! BUT, sometimes daddy gets a call and has to take off, leavig us all by ourselves. So, if you were ever wondering what we do while we wait for his return!? Here is your answer... This was back in November when my sister and her husband came to visit. Keep in mind that Parker wasn't even walking yet. You should see him on his plasma car now!!!   

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Key Chains

Yesterday Shaun and I cleaned out the garage. It's amazing how fast stuff builds up. Even though I thought I got rid of a lot when we moved and only packed what we really needed, I was wrong! We have so much junk and it is definitely yard sale time! Most of the stuff that I have from when I was little is girlie and well, I didn't exactly want to go there yet. BUT I am getting more and more excited about my three boys so I figured it would be good for me to face the fact that there won't be a girl and see if there is anything that my boys could enjoy. Isaac and Parker were getting a little restless, which was making the process VERY hard, so it was a life saver when I found all my key chains. And they weren't pink!!! Perfect for boys! It was so fun for me to see them get excited about things that I used to play with! And boy were they entertained!

Exploring the box full of key chains!

One of Isaac's favorites was the pooping pig and one of Parker's was a basketball... Not even close to girlie! 

This is my small section of stuff treasures that I had ready for a pink nursery. I even found a piece of art work that I made in 4th grade that I said I would put in my little girl's room someday. No way can I get rid of this stuff... To me they are priceless and so full of sweet memories. I'll find a way to use them somehow! Even if I have to send daddy and the boys to the park just so I can play with Barbies! ;)

Ok, back to key chains... Isaac found some more favorites:)

This is what Parker does when you ask him to smile. He first squints (or even closes) his eyes and then grins as big as he can! He'll also do this when he gets crackers, yummy!

Weird picture, but funny story. Isaac hurt his finger, which happened to be his middle finger. So, to protect it he walks around with it up in the air. Shaun and I tried not to laugh too hard hoping that it wouldn't encourage him to want to start flipping everyone off!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sea World: For the 357 time!

The day before the boys and I left for AZ, we took a trip to Sea World with some friends that were visiting from Oregon. Shaun and I went to CBU with Mike (the dad of some of these cute kids, but sadly dads don't get pictures taken when you've got this many kids to keep track of). We also enjoyed getting to know Holly, his wife, every time she would come and visit him in college. They have three kids and one due at the end of August. We had a ton of fun and because they are so popular when they come and visit, we definitely felt special getting to spend a whole day with them! Thanks Riegelmanns!

Isaac, Levi (4), Parker James (16 mo), Makayla (3), and OUR Parker James

Isaac and Levi were best friends that day! Although, Isaac kept calling him Eli because that was the name of a boy he played with at a birthday party the day before!  
Watching the whales! Oh look, you can see Mike in the bottom, left corner! See, it's not all about the kids!

Parker enjoying the Shamu show!

Isaac touched a starfish!!!
While the Riegelmann kids were ready to dive in after each creature, this was Isaac being daring!

Watching the dolphins

Parker James of Oct '09 and Parker James of Nov '09. Pretty cool!

This one is just for fun! Isaac got a hold of the camera but look what he took a picture of... The baby bump! Hehehehe! :) :) :)