Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Go A's

This was our first go at winter ball and even though Isaac LOVED it, I think we've decided spring season is plenty.
Shaun was one of the coaches and I got to be Team Mom. Parker would sit and play on my iphone during games and if I took my eyes off Blake for two seconds I would find him in the dugout trying on the team's helmets and wishing he was up to bat next!
Isaac really loves baseball. He told me that he never wants to stop playing! He is quite the hitter and enjoys fielding the ball at short stop and throwing it to first for an out! It's so neat thinking back to his first year of playing (the boys would dog pile for the ball) and seeing them make plays now! Amazing!
Spring season is going to be crazy... Isaac and Parker will both be playing! Bring it on! 

How cute!

But that's more like it!

Daddy Coach giving the boys a pep talk!

Aaaaaand this is what Isaac does when he's done playing!

Monday, November 18, 2013


Happy Birthday, Parker!
This little guy has been craving to be four for sooooooo long... So long that I think he convinced himself that he's been four this whole year!
In fact, when he woke up this morning and learned that he was finally four he right away asked when he would be five!
Patience my dear Parker, patience!

Friday, November 15, 2013

A Special Celebration

Happy 1st Spiritual Birthday, Isaac!
One year ago today, Isaac made the decision to follow Jesus. This year we wanted to give him something small that would remind him of the life changing commitment he made. A candy cane seemed fitting for this time of year and it tells the story of Jesus. The red symbolizes the blood that was shed for our sins and the white symbolizes the pureness and forgiveness that we now have because our sins have been washed away.
And right after I shared all this with Isaac but, before he chowed down on his candy cane, he told me that he already knew all that stuff! So much for review... :)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I can't believe it...
My baby is SIX!
No longer can he use one hand to tell people how old he is! In fact, I have to help him hold his Ninja Turtle so he can hold up all six fingers!  
And that's a big deal!
What a cool day to celebrate, 11/12/13!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Birthday Celebration: #1

Friday night we had a bunch of boys over! This was the first year we did the "drop off" system... In other words, no parents! Although, those that came from far stayed. Anyway, it was cheaper because we didn't have as many big people to feed but, it was crazy (but not out of control) because there were less moms. I had forgotten about that minor detail. We had pepperoni pizza and green mutagen ooze juice! And because I didn't want to go straight from sugar to more sugar, I also provided fruits and veggies. You're welcome parents! The boys wore Ninja Turtle masks and made nunchucks! I'd say it was a success and they are slept hard that night!

I took down all my fall decoration JUST so I could put up TMNT!

Daddy and his boys!

Mommy and her boys!

Top left and going clockwise:
Carson, Gabriel and Austin, Brayden, and Nicholas!

Parker with Austin, Nicholas, and Gabriel. And AJ with a ninja mask on!

Koen and Daniel showing off one of my pinterest creations... Pepperoni pizza cookies!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

End of October: Pumpkins, Ninjas, and Candy

It's November birthday season in our house so I need to be done with October! Like always, there's no time to journal all the good times soooooo.... Here's pumpkins and ninjas in pictures!

Pumpkins were EVERYWHERE!!!!!

The pumpkin patch!

Mr. Isaac loves all animals...

And so does Blakester!

Parker finally pet a rabbit... He's not an animal lover!
Ninjas on the Friday before Halloween... Headed to trunk or treat!

Some of their best moves!

We met up with the triplets (Abbey, Taylor, and Gavin) and Big Blake!

Hidden in the darkness!

I am well protected!

Thanks Ammah for our amazing costumes!
Halloween at the Copes house with some of the families from our Bible study group!

Super heroes, ninjas, and gnomes!


Minion Jodi and Kitty-Cat Me!
The End!