Monday, August 31, 2009

Four days and counting

While Shaun's away trying to put out these flames...

... I'm at home putting out this fire!

Shaun has been gone since Friday at the Station Fire. His home base is La Canada but each night receives a new assignment. The update he's giving is, "I'm dirty... I'm tired... BUT I'm having a blast!" Actually, he did get his first shower today so I guess he's just tired and having a blast now. He's trained for structure fires so it makes me feel better to know that he won't be hiking up the steep, blazing hills... I hope! The fire doubled in size last night so we have no idea when he'll be home... That's the hard part for me... The not knowing and the "hurry up and wait."

Isaac was quite the energizer bunny today. I tried for three hours to get him to nap. Well, I ended up falling asleep so maybe I could have tried a little harder. He was a happy boy that just wouldn't slow down. I finally took him swimming and on the drive home, which is only one minute, he fell asleep. I let him sleep for 45 minutes and woke him for dinner at 6:30. The next 45 minutes were not so fun. Through lots of tired tears, I quickly fed, bathed, and put him to bed. The only thing that calmed him down was holding him tight and singing Jesus Loves Me!

I'm tired and ready for bed... Good night!

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Isaac & "Weebo"

Isaac has enjoyed spending the week with his good friend "Weebo." You may be more familiar with his Disney name, Nemo!? His "Amma" (grandma) loves to shop for him and seems to know just what he likes!
This was Southern California's first official week back to school, so we took off to the river knowing no one would be there. Our home base was in Laughlin, NV but we spent the days on the Arizona side at Lake Mojave. The water was great but I will admit that I imagined I was surrounded by palm trees and green mountains instead of cactus and brown dirt... Monkeys and dolphins instead of road runners and donkeys... Yes Rich, I am complaining again! ;)
We had a great time! Thanks Papa, Amma, An-tees, and Manny Higgins!

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Here? No, here!

I SHOULD be going here tomorrow...

... BUT I'm retired so I'm going here instead!!!
Happy back to school my dear friends! I'll be thinking of you when I'm at the river on the jet skis! :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bon appetit

I'm learning that when feeding a toddler, it's all about the presentation. Tonight, I left the forks and spoons in the drawer and pulled out the tooth picks. It worked like a charm! He ate everything I put in front of him! And yes, even whales need an apple a day! Or maybe they're just sleeping!? :)

Some funny, random pictures...

Shaun and I were up stairs talking when we heard something down stairs spill, followed by an "uh-oh!" Isaac had found Nerds (the candy) and popped open the lid. Shaun started to clean them up so I told him to let Isaac do it. He handed him the vacuum and he was busy for a solid 15 minutes!

And just a few more...

Isaac loves to look at pictures. He climbs up in the chair and points to the lap top. He knows which button to push to make the pictures change.

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Michigan in Collages

After an early wake up call (from a little man, not our alarm clock), an hour and a half car ride to the air port, dropping off the rental car, waiting in line to check baggage behind a group of 30+ tourist from Asia that all had over-weight luggage, a delayed flight, a four hour plane ride to Phoenix, a two second good bye with my parents (So sad for Isaac. He had their non-stop attention for two weeks and then all of a sudden they were gone), running to the gate to make our connecting flight, one more hour in the air, a major poopy diaper right before take off, and a car ride home on a California freeway during Friday traffic... Can you believe we finally made it back to home sweet home!?

It's 6:30am now but it feels like 9:30am. Isaac had been waking up between 7 and 8am Michigan time (4/5am our time) so I'm glad he is somewhat adjusted already! I was going to blog last night but I'm one of those people that has to be fully unpacked and have the suit cases put back in the closet the first day home. We also cleaned the house... The cats had the place to themselves the whole time so there were a LOT of fur balls to clean up! It was nice to wake up and not think about all I needed to do. Blogging was the only thing on my list today. Oh, and I guess grocery shopping... Ugh!

Back to our trip...

I've been going to Michigan at least every other summer since 1988. My dad is from there and his whole side of the family still lives there. My grandma passed away in February so this was my first summer back without her. It was obvious that something was missing.

We split the trip between the upper peninsula with my dad's brother's family and the lower part of Michigan with my dad's sister and family. Both are grandparents so Isaac had tons of toys to keep him entertained. I must say that Isaac always wanted to be outside. The boats, quads, and rock supplies were endless so it made for one happy boy.

Isaac has reached the "watch me" stage. The cutest was when he would call my dad (Iso) and then make a funny face at him. This went back and forth many times. Or he would call my mom (Mummu) and then do a big jump and expect a round of applause. This kid was working it!

The parks back east are absolutely amazing. They are castles that seem to go on forever. One park had THREE tire swings! I don't remember the last time I even saw one tire swing in California. These parks were definitely built with parents in mind. I think Shaun and I had just as much fun playing as Isaac did! I also love how they're tucked back in the woods and have nature trails to explore. Isaac loved calling for the frogs and little buggies!

Shaun and I were also able to go on two dates while we were there. The first was lunch over looking the river (it was on the 6th floor) and a movie. The second date was relaxing in the cool air by the boardwalk. We got iced coffee and then laid out beach towels under a tree and just talked as we watched boats go by. Simple, but priceless.

There is no way I can fully write about how wonderful our trip was. I want to say a special thanks to my Aunt Jean and Uncle Don AND my Aunt Cathy and Uncle Jim for letting us stay with them!

Click on picture to make it bigger

Favorite family pictures

Favorite Isaac and Daddy pictures

Favorite Isaac pictures

Favorite Isaac, Mummu, and Iso pictures

Favorite Isaac and cousin Luca (18 mo) pictures

Favorite scenic pictures

Favorite "there's a story behind these" pictures
(top left corner then clockwise: 1.) Isaac saw some girls laying on the boardwalk so he decided to join them. He crawled right up next to them and started giggling. 2.) Shaun took us for a little boat ride in the pram but I had a super hard time getting in. This belly just gets in the way. 3.) My poor mom picked Isaac up one day and threw her back out. She ended up having to find a chiropractor. Here Isaac is helping her stretch on a park bench. 4.) My Aunt Cathy was a 3rd grade teacher for 22 years. She knows every children's book by memory. She bought Isaac some books and read them to him. He is standing because he had to act out the dogs going fast in the cars. 5.) My cousin found a little deer and gave it to Isaac. While he was playing in the yard he saw my uncle's deer statues. He took the smaller deer up to them and said "baby" and "mama" and then had them kiss. So cute!
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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Up, up, and away!

Tomorrow marks the end of our two week, Michigan vacation. We will catch an afternoon plane and head back across the country. We had a wonderful time... There are tons of pictures to prove it too (coming soon)! There is so much to report. This next blog is going to be long! Stay tuned...

Monday, August 3, 2009

Radial Head Subluxation

We arrived safe and sound yesterday in beautiful Michigan. Isaac was a champ on the air plane and I must say that it is refreshing to be able to wear a jacket in the summer!

Our first day here was spent, waking up too early (three hour time change isn't easy with a toddler), watching the boats in the river, chasing sea gulls, eating at Coney Island, and taking Isaac to the emergency room. Yes, you read that right. Our 24th hour across country was spent in the ER. Shaun and Isaac had been playing at the park and let's just say it ended in crying. He was holding his wrist but when we took him in and the doctor examined his whole arm, he noticed the pain was in his elbow. The diagnosis: Radial Head Subluxation. Also known as Nursemaid elbow. In simple terms, one of Isaac's bones, next to his elbow, was out of place. The doctor had to pop it back in, which was thankfully a pain free, quick process. Within seconds Isaac was feeling better. Shaun felt so bad. He must have just picked him up the wrong way. Tip: Lift your child from under the arm, not the hands or forearms. Their joints are still so weak.

Tomorrow we are heading up north eight hours. I don't think anyone is looking forward to the drive. We'll be here for two weeks so I'm sure my blogging will be slim. Of course I'll have tons to report when I get home though! Happy summer!

Sorry, no pictures. Totally not like me but I'm not working from my lap top!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

3 ways to watch tv

Whistling with Elmo...

...Sing along with Old McDonald...
(He's not mad, just focused on learning the song)

... and N-A-K-E-D!

Disclaimer: Non of these photos were staged and we don't watch as much tv as this post may suggest.