Thursday, June 26, 2014


Happy 10th Anniversary to Shaun and me!
You'll never expect what kind of day we had...
I don't want to keep you in suspense for too long so I'll just unleash the juicy details...
Shaun worked! And I cleaned our toilets!
Well, I also dropped Isaac off at baseball, went to SAMS Club, wiped down the counters, vacuumed, and mopped.
Exciting, huh!?
Such a romantic anniversary!
Never thought I'd spend my ten year with three men... And none of them being my hubby! ;)
Thankfully, Shaun and I were able to get away a few weeks ago to celebrate AND will be going out tomorrow evening. Here's some pictures of our Laguna Beach trip, just the two of us! Yes, that's right... NO KIDS!
All the ways to say 10...

We did a little exploring but, most of the time we were doing.....

.... THIS!!!
Not having to watch little kids run in the water every two seconds was amazing!!!

The sand was so smooth it would squeak between our toes!

Shaun looked up the prices of the houses we were laying by. We thought about trying to buy one but, $15 million was just a tad bit high!

Ummmm... Pizzookie is a must when near the coast!
How sweet! Drawing me a heart in the sand!

We got each other rings... Mine is a tiara and his is actually made of some rubber material. His hands are so messed up from lifting that his wedding ring doesn't always fit around his calluses. This one stretches!
And yes, this is MY man. So don't look too hard or long!
Knowing that Shaun would be gone today and that we have a busy weekend, I told him that I really wanted to take pictures at the Citrus Park where we had our reception. So, two nights ago (before he left for work) we got all dressed up and took our photographer... The tripod! The boys were absolutely amazing! It's like they understood what these pictures really meant to me! I was in shock!
My favorite picture!

The boys were NOT acting for the kissing picture. They were completely disgusted!

Had to throw in some real life!
Blake is in a cheesy smile/I'm just going to act silly stage! Sometimes you just need to stick your finger up your nose and go with it!

I didn't even pose them like this. It was THEIR idea to wrap their arms around each other!

Again... These are their poses! Look out ladies... The Higgins boys are little heartbreakers!

And Isaac is quite the photographer... He took these! But, we weren't allowed to kiss!
The boys (and I'm very much including Shaun) made the night so wonderful with no complaining! I know I said it once already but, I'm still in shock!

Friday, June 6, 2014

My 32nd Birthday!

My boys made me feel so special this year!
Shaun was supposed to work but, took the day off! I'm so glad he did... We rarely get to celebrates holidays on their correct days. However, Shaun goes above and beyond in making sure that I am loved on June 1st every year!
Shaun got up with the boys so I could sleep in a little longer. When they heard me up and about I was quickly sent right back to bed. That's when the giggles and the kazoos started... Next thing I know, I've been served breakfast in bed and I'm wearing a tiara!
After church I was told to relax some more and then was sent off for a massage. Upon my arrival of coming home, my favorite dinner had be prepared for me!
My presents had already been given to me... Well, actually I went shopping for them a few weeks ago... So, all my boys could do was shower me with love! Oh, and pictures.......