Saturday, October 26, 2013

Backyard TLC

I did it! I finally completed the post about our backyard make-over!

Months later and I still can't believe we have a real yard with grass where the boys can run free and not skin up their knees or fall and hit their heads! It's amazing to see the transformation in pictures! However, I wish they were panoramic! Oh well! We didn't make it to Michigan (or Hawaii) this year but, we now have a space that will be used for many years to come... money well spent! A dream come true!

August 2010
March 2013
April 15th, 2013
May 2013
Concrete gone, looks pretty good...
May 2013
What happened? Roots, rocks, and palm trees to dig up plus more areas of concrete to remove!
June 2013
June 10th, 2013
Order of Events:
1. Have concrete professionally removed
I was afraid the cement was going to go through the glass door so I made the boys watch from the windows!

Lots of dirt and BIG machinery!

2. Have a new patio laid
New patio! See the AC unit hanging? We ended up having it relocated around the corner! Long story short: It ended up costing more than we wanted and the guy almost burned our house down! Typical for a small project to turn into a huge one.
3. Install patio cover and move AC unit
(not pictured)

4. Clear out the bad dirt and bring in the good dirt
Piles and piles of dirt!
More dirt and big machines!

5. Deal with the piles of mess that were EVERYWHERE!!!
It was quite overwhelming! Lost of trips to the dump!

6. Dig out the stump
This massive tree (that was located at the far, back left corner of the yard) has been a head ache since the day we moved in. It's roots were surface so it was not only ruining our yard but, all the neighbors around us. Our yard was full of it's roots and we were pulling them up for days! They even made their way up to the house and were running along the side! It was a neighborhood celebration when Shaun's hours of digging it out finally came to an end!!!
7. Relocate shed
Another project: Moving this shed!
1. Extra concrete had to be taken out. 
2. Ground had to be leveled.
3. A new brick foundation had to be laid.
4. Shed had to be emptied out.
5. Shed had to be taken apart.
6. Shed had to be manually moved by my dad and Shaun.
(that was a sight to see)
7. Shed had to be put back together and reloaded!
Simple, huh?!

8. Sprinklers
This was the main talk for weeks! I never knew there were so many options! They mapped it out on line and went shopping for parts!
9. Level the ground for...

10. SOD!!!
This job couldn't have been done without the help of Iso, Papa, and Uncle Manny! Thank you for giving the boys a backyard!!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Blake's Stats: 2 months late

This post is really just for me for future references. I realized I never blogged Blake's two year old stats. I'm doing it now though 'cause I know I'll want them later...
Height: 34 inches
(Just tall enough for most of the kiddie rides at LEGLAND but, 1/4 an inch shorter than his brothers at this age).
Weight: 28 pounds
(Isaac and Parker were 26 pounds at a year).
Boots, gloves, helmets, masks, sports, motors, and wheels... Just a few of his favorite things!

Put him on a dirt bike, motorcycle, or quad and he's the happiest kid in the world!

This kid drools like crazy! Hard to tell in the two smaller pictures but, it's there...

Right before his much needed hair cut last week!

And the handsome little Rock Star as we know him today! A very happy and healthy (except for most of September and well into October) two year old!

Monday, October 14, 2013


We may or may not be prepping for a Ninja Turtle birthday party! You can be the judge of that.... ;)

Leo (his favorite)

Mikey... Who changed to Donny (his favorite) and I forgot to get that picture!

And Mickey who calls himself Donny!

Friday, October 11, 2013

The Fab Five

The cousins were in town... Need I say more!?!
five boys, five and under, in the same house for five days...

Shaving cream CHAOS!!!

Uncle Mike turned them into Indians!

Baseball games, park fun, snuggles, motorcycle rides, and pretend play... It was a full week!