Saturday, August 25, 2012

Blake's Birthday Bash

I love celebrating my boys... Especially their 1st birthdays! There's something rewarding about making it through that first year! I've been planning Blake's first birthday for months but, I've never had to plan an indoor party due to the heat before. I was a little worried that not everyone would fit in our living room. Thankfully it ended up being a descent evening and many made their way outside. I guess I could have done more outside! Regardless, I think everyone had fun! From Rock Band, to colored hair, to presents, and cake... It was a blast! Thank you to everyone for coming and loving on my little rock star! 

Is this thing on!?

Baby blues

Oh I love him!

If you want to mess with Blake, you've gotta go through his bodyguards first!

Not gonna lie... I was likin' the tats!

Blake and his #1 fans!

(most of them. I did miss some faces... Sorry)

Three for three! Non of my boys dug into their cake!


All from pinterest
(watermelon stars, oreo Mickeys, and cupcake microphones)



More friends
And a HUGE thanks to Mummu and Iso for helping with the party prep! 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Blake Tyler is one

Blake turned one on Saturday and I'm still trying to process it. I'm not sure how I feel about him growing up so fast! Thankfully he is taking advantage of being the youngest and doesn't seem to be too motivated to do things himself. Isaac was running and talking by his first birthday and Parker was riding quads and plasma cars by his. Blake, however, has no interest in walking and prefers to sit on the ground and look at the bike's wheels. I am thrilled to announce that he is finally pulling himself up on his feet and crawls to the top of the stairs though. 

We had a party for him Saturday night and he was a little overwhelmed. I do 1st birthdays pretty big and considering Blake was recovering from bronchitis, fevers, and getting his eighth tooth... He didn't so much care for the crowd or his cake!  

We thank God everyday for our 23 pound and 30 inches long, Blake Tyler! We love you precious little man!

Party pictures to come!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Newest member of our family

Two weeks ago we brought home this beast. She's 30 feet of wonderful-future memories. Shaun grew up traveling the states in a trailer so he wanted to re-create some of those same memories with his own boys!

We couldn't wait to take it out but, because it's summer, most camping sites were booked. Thankfully we found a spot for two nights in San Clemente. The boys could hardly wait. They've been playing in the trailer everyday and have been begging to sleep in it!

Even though the first night was a little rough (my boys always prefer their own beds) it was a successful trip. The beach was a nice change in weather considering it was blazing hot back home. It's amazing what an hour and a half drive will do!

Some of our friends from college live in San Clemente so we got to catch up with them! Travis and Hayley have two boys. Hudson, 3, and Jude, 9 months. One of Isaac and Parker's favorite songs on the radio right now was written and sung by Travis. Rock star Travis Ryan... Remember the name... He's going to make it big someday! But, humbly, it will be all for the glory of God!    

fun in the trailer!

Dinner with The Collins. Five blue eyed boys! 

Water fun with the Collins! This was followed up by more water time before bed but, I didn't get a picture of that!

This pretty much sums up the picture taking on this trip... I didn't get very many smiles.

Fun in the sun!

five (or more) dolphins played for 30 minutes just past the first wave. It was great!

We forgot sand toys so we gave the boys water bottles and our empty coffee cups from that morning. Mix that in with some seaweed and they were thrilled! Great imaginations don't need much! 

Whether in the stroller on the beach or in the car, Blake found time to sleep.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Due Date

Just one short year ago, this was me...

... 40 weeks pregnant and so ready to meet my little Blake! Little did I know, he was still going to make me wait six more looooong days!


 This is my sweet little Blake Tyler today...

... Those extra six days seemed longer than this entire year!

My baby is almost one and...

... I just...

... can't get...

... enough of...

... HIM!!!

But, neither can Isaac...

... or his lady friends!
(Carter, Ivy, and Julia)

He's just so yummy! So squishy! So cute! So loveable!