Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Super Heroes!

We're trying to decorate for Christmas and these two are still acting like it's Halloween! ;)

Monday, November 28, 2011


 Last night each of our three boys grew up a little! They all passed down their "baby" beds and graduated to a "big boy" bed. Isaac moved from the bottom bunk to the top bunk. Parker moved from the crib to the bottom bunk. And Blake moved from the bassinet next to my bed to the crib in his very own room! While Isaac and Parker were thrilled and Blake had no idea what was going on, I was a mess. I knew I wouldn't get much sleep because I would be up checking to make sure no one rolled out of bed. What kind of mom would I be if I didn't stress and lose sleep over it!? Isaac and Parker had no problem and Blake was up for food at midnight and five. I'm glad the transition was smooth and that the big boys stayed in their beds. I know the day is coming when Parker will get up 20 times or I'll find them in bed together giggling. Until then, I'll pretend like it will be this easy every night!

Testing out their new spots!

He was so proud!

I snuck into the rooms and took pictures of them sleeping.

You can tell Parker hadn't been sleeping long 'cause he still had his blanket on.

Moving little Blake was the hardest. After leaving his room and walking back to mine, I looked at the empty bassinet next to my bed and about cried. As I took off the sheet it hit me that I'm not storing it away for another baby... It so sweetly cradled all my babies and now it's job is done in our home. My heart still aches for a girl but, I think this is my life lesson- learning to be content. God decided that three beautiful boys was exactly what I needed!   

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I wrote another MOPS article and thought it would be a perfect Thanksgiving blog. Happy Thanksgiving!

With my crying baby in hand, I marched back up stairs (hopefully for the last time) to tell my two oldest it’s time to stop messing around and GO TO SLEEP! I then think to myself, “Two down, one to go!” Not convinced my youngest is ready to let me have a night of peace, I come back down stairs to sit on the couch and nurse. It’s been a long day and I’m exhausted! I was hoping to sit and close my eyes but, the mess that was in front of me couldn’t be ignored or even wished away.
The pillows were not in their perfect place on the couch. Instead, they were thrown all over the floor. Sticky juice cups sat on the table while a pile of crumbs layered the ground below. The sink was full of dirty dishes from making a meal for a friend with a new baby. Several dirty diapers lined the outside of the trash can (because I shot and missed). However, those diapers weren’t alone. Next to them were the recycled items that never made it outside to the big trash can. There were also un-wiped counters, dusty furniture, a basket full of laundry that needed to be put away, MOPS registration papers (have you registered?), and toys galore that didn’t get picked up.

The hardest part with all this was that I couldn’t do anything about it! Not. One. Single. Thing. I was being held captive, forced to just sit and be still. My baby was in control of how long I would have to observe the mess. I was overwhelmed with how late it was getting and wondered if I even had the energy to keep going.

In that very moment something happened. Something I can’t even explain. Something so great that I knew it wasn’t me. God took the “mommy goggles” off my eyes and I began to see what was REALLY in front of me. My eyes immediately welled up with tears and complete joy overshadowed my craving for a clean house and sleep.

As I held my precious baby boy, that had now fallen asleep and was lying so peacefully in my arms, I thanked God for my mess. I thanked Him for my pillows that were all over the floor because they proved to be a soft landing and prevented cracked heads when my wild boys wrestled to the ground. I thanked Him for the sticky cups and layers of crumbs because it meant that God had provided what we needed to make it through another day. I thanked Him for the dirty dishes because they symbolized a true friendship. I even found the words to thank Him for the stairs in my house. They guarantee that I get my daily exercise. As I held my baby tighter, I most of all thanked Him for the dirty diapers! I have three healthy little boys that fill every day with laughter and entertainment. I even thanked God for my MOPS forms. I can’t imagine taking this journey through motherhood alone! I also thanked God for the un-wiped counters, dusty furniture, and laundry. It proved that I completed everything that was asked of me that day… Spending time with my boys! And, of course, showing them that Cat-woman is just as cool as Batman!

God has a way of getting our attention and reminding us of His love, goodness, and truth. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 says, “Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” Next time you have to change a dirty diaper, clean up a spill, or take out the trash, remember to smile, hold your breath, and thank God!

Out of all the pictures we took today, this was the best one! Figures!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


All of Gotham City has only ONE Batman to look after them! But I have THREE Batmans to keep me safe! Three! All to myself! I'm a pretty lucky girl! And my Batmans are super strong. In Fact, Batman Isaac is 41 lbs, Batman Parker is almost 33 lbs, and Baby Batman Blake is already 17 lbs! Now follow this: Batman Parker is the same weight Batman Isaac was at his age and Baby Batman Blake is the same weight Batman Parker was at his age (proof)! Crazy!  

The yummiest Batman you'll ever see!

This middle picture is my absolute favorite!!!

A Little Extra
Good thing I love stripes 'cause it's all they have for boys!

Oh how I dream of these gorgeous little faces day and night!

I felt so sorry for Blake. He was beyond tired and since these two were wired, it made it worse for him. It made me too sad posting the picture of him crying so I cropped him out...

Friday, November 18, 2011

2 Years Old

Happy Birthday, Parker!
Oh Parker... How you make us laugh! You never want to be left out of anything. Big brother was having his birthday pictures taken so you jumped in too. Who needs pants with a smile like that!? You're definitely one of a kind... Unique in every way! We love you buddy!


One of your favorite things to do... Destroy the loft and then hide! Can you find Parker? I'm really hoping you get a lot of toys for your birthday 'cause I don't think we have enough! ;)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Three Months

Blake isn't really three months 'til tomorrow BUT, tomorrow also happens to be Parker's 2nd birthday. I decided that yearly birthdays win over monthly birthdays so tomorrows blog is reserved for Parker!!!

I can't believe Blake has already been with us for three months! I feel like that last week being pregnant and waiting for him to arrive was longer than these past 90 days! Blake's a perfect match for our family, the final puzzle piece we were missing! We love him so much and are convinced that 100 kisses a day is not enough!

I'm not sure he's getting enough milk?! What do you think!?

This is the best I've been able to get on video so far. I have to hold the camera to the side though 'cause it distracts him.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Star Wars Celebration

So I wasn't expecting to be able to blog this soon. Sundays are usually busy with church, naps, and Awanas but, sickness attacked our household (mostly me) last night and so I'm home with the little boys. Only Daddy and Isaac were healthy enough to go to church. Parker isn't too bad. However, I didn't think other moms would be happy if they saw their child in class with a snotty nose boy. Blake is congested which makes nights hard because he's a tummy sleeper... It just stuffs him up more so he ends up in bed with me or put in the swing in the early morning. I had to go in the other room last night to sleep and Shaun ended up with Parker and Blake in bed with him! I felt bad but I couldn't do much to help. Anyway, this isn't a sick post, it's a celebration post. I'll move on...

This year we weren't going to have a party for the boys. We got Disneyland passes (yippy!!!) instead. Well, how do you tell a 2 and 4 year old, that are dying to have a Star Wars party, they can't! We decided to make them think we were having a grand celebration and just have family (and a FEW friends) over. It was cold and rainy but, the boys enjoyed being in the spotlight and seemed to be satisfied with the "party."

I love that we sing happy birthday two times... Once to Isaac and then to Parker. It helps them to forget it's a double celebration! ;)

Birthday boy, Isaac

Birthday boy, Parker

Family and a few friends
(Aunties, I think the pictures of you and the boys are on your camera. I thought I picked mine up but, I guess it was yours)

The youngest jedi!

So, here's Parker chowing down. I was sitting on the couch and turned around to witness this. The responsible thing to do would have been to stop him. BUT, instead I grabbed the video camera. I've NEVER let him do this before... Not even on his first birthday. So, don't judge me! Thankfully no tummy ache today. Just blue poop! :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Jedi Isaac is 4!

Happy Birthday!
The day was absolutely perfect and Isaac wore a smile from ear to ear! We had a wonderful time celebrating his birthday! In fact, it's 9:30 and I still here Parker in the monitor singing happy birthday. I think he had too much frosting (I'll post a video to prove it)! But for now, I need sleep! So stay tuned...

Friday, November 11, 2011

Almost 4...

Four years ago tonight I was headed to the hospital to have this precious little boy. Oh Isaac! You have brought so much joy to our lives and we love you more than you'll ever know!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fire station visit

One of our favorite things to do is visit daddy at the fire station. However, daddy has had a busy year so this was only our second time going (4th of July being the other). We're always excited when he calls and says come on over... BUT, when he doesn't, we have no problem inviting ourselves! :) 
(Of course the boys had to wear their Halloween costumes)

Because Parker refused to be in this picture...

...I picked him up and made him be in this one!!!

The boys talking to each other on the head sets.

Shaun hooked Isaac up to the EKG monitor. He thought it was pretty cool!

Me with my baby! I hardly have any pictures with him! :(

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween x 2

We celebrated Halloween a few days early by going to our local church's Trunk n Treat. Ammah and Papa always join us because this is when costumes are delivered. Ammah always makes the costumes so the boys can hardly contain themselves when they see her truck pull into the driveway. Weeks ago they went to Joanns and picked out the pattern they wanted, then Ammah worked her magic, and out popped these one of a kind, perfect costumes! What the boys want, they get! Thanks Ammah! 

Aunties also joined us this year! More kids mean we need more helpers!

Isaac's not mad, he's just in character!

I think he likes M&Ms!

Last year Isaac was terrified of this shark slide. This year he couldn't wait to fly down it! It's HUGE!

Enjoying a ride!

On the real Halloween we went trick or treating and passed out candy. It was hilarious to see big kids (jr. high and even high schoolers) come to the door and Isaac only drop one little piece of candy in each bag! Our big bag of candy lasted a looong time! I'm still not sure how I feel about Halloween or how we'll celebrate this gross holiday in the future but, for now, all the boys know is costumes from Ammah and a little bit of chocolate!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Carving Pumpkins

The big boys went to the pumpkin patch with Ammah and Papa and brought back these beauties. Notice the size difference? I think it's funny that Parker picked out a little one for himself and a big one for Blake. When we told them that we get to cut them open and take out their guts, they were all excited... Then we got started. Long story, short- Daddy did all the work from start to finish. My little girls boys would not get close to the inside of the pumpkins. I've created clean freak monsters! Oh well, maybe next year Blake can show his sissy brothers how it's done! ;)

Team work!

Taking turns with daddy!


Sunday, November 6, 2011

All Better...

My laptop is fixed!!! My laptop is fixed!!! My laptop is fixed!!! Boy have I missed having my electronic baby! Thankfully nothing was wrong with the hard drive and it was just an over heating issue... Whatever that means. I'm glad I was able to randomly use Shaun's work laptop but, I'm thrilled to be done with it- Too high tech for me and I needed MY photo programs. I was going crazy not having access to the internet whenever I wanted so I even broke down and got an iphone the other day. I was determined to use my old beat up phone until Verizon forced me to get a smart phone... Anyways, I can now answer, respond, question, and congratulate the world again. I've missed so much in the past two to three weeks (Yes Gradias family, we would love to get together and Burdetts, yeah for baby number three)! I have a line of blogs to come (carving pumpkins, more Halloween, Blake's first trip to the fire station) but, they're going to take some time 'cause I have 232 pictures to sort through. That's how many I've taken in the past two weeks! :)

What's a blog without a few pictures!?

Isaac has a huge imagination. This kid can prendend like no other. At 1pm when the rest of us are napping, he's in his corner entertaining himself!

Parker will tell us he needs to wash his hands just so he can play in the water. It works in our advantage though because he cleans all the dishes while he's at it!

Shaun has nick-named Blake, Little Ginger. Yes, his hair does seem to be red... I love it!!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Birthday Season

November is beginning to be one of the most exciting months in our home! It's birthday month for two very special boys. My handsome little Isaac will be 4 and my goofy little Parker will be 2! So, what can you expect for the next couple of weeks? Lots and lots of pictures and lots and lots of stories!!! And mommy saying, "I can't belive my babies are so big!" over and over again! Seriously, I think I'm going to cry right now!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Oh how my boys know Toys R Us. When you ask Isaac if he wants to go to the store he'll reply, "Can we go to Target and Toys R Us?" Typically the answer to Target is yes!!! ;) My Uncle Jim and Aunt Cathy sent the boys some "big brother" money. They were thrilled with the Halloween pumpkin cards but you should have seen the way their eyes lit up when they saw the money. Isaac was willing to hand the cash to me so I could put it in my wallet 'til we were able to go but, Parker looked at me, pulled away, and said, "no way! Mine!" They had so much fun walking the entire store, in search of the perfect toy! Thanks Uncle Jim and Aunt Cathy!!!

Parker found every ball bin the store had to offer. We were in the sports section for a loooong time!

Another bin!

As soon as we got to the Star Wars section they were both sold! It didn't take long to decide on the perfect little figures. An Anakin Skywalker and some other weird fighter, creature, soilder looking things (I can't keep up with this stuff)! They were ready to check out and rip open the boxes!

The whole way to the car, "Mommy, can you open mine? Can you open mine? Please open my guy!!! Mommy, I need him out now!"