Thursday, May 26, 2011

You see, I see

What you see: A really cute picture of Parker holding his cousin Maddox. Aww, so sweet!!!

What I see: A picture of my new (permanent) reality in a few short months! Ahhhh, FREAK OUT!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Another Big Boy...

This is Parker James... He's his Mommy's little boy! She gets lots of hugs and kisses from him on an hourly basis! She loves rocking him and treating him like the baby. After all, he looks like a baby and is the youngest in the family (for another 12 weeks at least). Well, this little guy has a daddy that thinks it's time for him to grow up. Because he's lost the pacifier war on several occasions, He's decided that the second 1st step is for him to start looking like a big boy! Yesterday Parker's daddy went up to Parker's mommy and announced that he was going to cut his hair. Parker's mommy's heart sunk and sadly agreed to let his daddy cut off his soft blond curls! Here is the before picture...

Parker's big brother has NEVER been happy during this process (and usually has to be held down) so complete caution was taken this time around. Here he is getting familiar with the crazy machine that would make his mommy sad... So far so good! Parker's totally entertained!

Amazing! Parker has no problem with sitting on his daddy's lap and doing everything he asks! (Not pictured: Mommy is in the background with a frown on her face and a tear in her eye)!

Big brother had to help towards the end. He jumped in the shower and started  making faces through the glass! The clippers were having a hard time cutting off Parker's curls because his hair is so fine. It took a little longer...

Success... Big brother's silly faces worked and Parker was content again! The crackers and gummies helped too!

And mommy's little boy magically transformed into a big boy... all within 30 minutes!

Of course he knew how cute he was and had no problem giving us smiles!

Side by side before and afters...

Daddy is very proud of his two big boys and mommy is glad that she has one last chance to keep the baby in her belly a baby as long as possible!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

1 1/2 years old

Brand new!

Six months old

One year old!

Yesterday morning!
We have to do something about this hair!

I love that...

... You always HAVE to be sitting in my lap, with both of my arms around you, when we're reading books!

... You know the difference between a soccer ball, basketball, tennis ball, and baseball!

... You always want to wash your hands and brush your teeth!

... You make your own lightsaber sound when playing with big brother!

... You still have all your chunky monkey rolls!

... You have a safe place where you keep all your pacifiers because you know that we want to wean you from them!

... Your lion roar is like non other!

... You just want to dance!

... You can't wait to all hold hands at the dinner table and pray! You giggle the whole time and then proudly clap at the end!

... All you want to do is play ball! I want you to know that you are a little obsessed! BUT you sure can throw!

... When big brother is getting in trouble and daddy tells him to look at his face, you run up to daddy and put your face as close to his as possible!

... You can tell a whole story with grunts and hand motions!

... You think a kiss makes a boo boo all better!

... You love, love, love to cuddle in bed with me in the morning!

... You tackle with the big boys and they usually end up getting hurt... Not you!

... You are so expressive! You don't have many words so you act EVERYTHING out!

... You know EXACTLY what you want!

... I'm still the only one you want when you're hurt, just fine, sad, happy, tired, wide awake, being silly, etc!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

No title Needed

Yesterday was supposed to be spent house cleaning, tile shopping (kitchen back splash), and project finishing. BUT can I get a big "YEAH RIGHT" when you have little kids!? Isaac decided that we needed a new plan... Sea World! We quickly made sandwiches and were off. Now, what would a month of blogging be without a Sea World post? I'll admit that I wasn't even going to bother posting, but it was such a perfect day, we had several firsts, and the flowers were gorgeous! AND when you can get a lightsaber as a souvenir from a place that has nothing to do with fighting... It can't get much sweeter than that!

First time meeting Shamu!

First time getting a picture of the duo smiling AND posing for the camera (it was a little too bright though)! Can you see Parker? He's the white thing standing in front of Isaac is a salmon colored shirt! ;)

No way!?! After 59 visits is Isaac actually holding a star fish for the first time?


Now for the pretty pictures...

Baby Jedi was very upset after getting his lightsaber. He stayed far away and wouldn't come near. You'd think he would be thrilled and ready for action, but oh no, he was missing one other very important piece of armor... The mouth guard! All was well once daddy finally gave up and pulled it out of his pocket!

Let the battle begin...

Baby Jedi sitting and wondering if he put up a good fight...

Master Jedi quickly came to the rescue and assured Baby Jedi that he is becoming a great warrior!

Little extra:
At Sea World (and craft stores) they have little clear tubes with different creatures in them. Dinosaurs, farm animals, boats, planes, trains, knights, bugs, native Americans, etc. You name it... They've got a tube for it! Well, obviously at Sea World they have tubes of sea animals. At one little shop they have empty tubes and you can put whatever animals you want, as many as you can fit! They typically only come with 12 in them but Shaun was certain we could cram in at least 25 to 30. The boys started handing Shaun their dolphins, whales, sharks, penguins, polar bears, and seals ans Shaun started strategically stuffing. When we got to the car we counted 32! AMAZING!!! Couldn't even get them all in this picture!

Friday, May 13, 2011

3 1/2 years old (and one day)

I love that...

...You have more personality than you know what to do with!

... You really think you're a Jedi and that Obi Wan Kenobi gave you your lightsaber!

... You're such a good listener... Like when we ask you to bring us the lotion you bring us the laundry instead.

... You are quick to remind us that Jesus died on the cross for our sins when we say the "s" word (stupid).

... You make up any excuse just to delay bedtime. Like your fan, that isn't even on, is making a loud noise!

... Even though it's not your turn to talk, you will try and copy a whole conversation between your daddy and me just so you can keep your mouth going!

... You try and get Parker to copy you, but then get mad when he actually does!

... You talk about your "girlfriends" all the time, but put your head down when they try and say hi to you!

... You love broccoli! Gross!!!!! BUT you would rather have asparagus! YUM!!!!!

... You flex your muscles after you eat dinner and in a deep voice say, "I'm getting so strong!"

...You are so polite. "No thank you mommy. I do not want an apple. But thank you for asking me!"

... You ask to be excused from the dinner table and then quickly reply with, "Yes, you may be excused Isaac!"

... You love to help in the kitchen!

... You think we're going #4 if we're in the bathroom for a long time (and by long time I mean long to a kid... Like a whole minute)!

... You remind us that we need to pray!

... You think every shirt that Parker wears used to be yours!

... You haven't figured out how to be sneaky so we know every time you're out of bed!

... You think you get dessert after breakfast!

... You are MY little man and you are still at the age where it's cool to give me hugs and kisses no matter who might be watching!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

3 holidays in 1

This Mother's Day celebration was combined with Easter and Shaun's dad's birthday. Because we spent Easter with my family in Arizona, this was the earliest that we could all get together to celebrate with Shaun's family. AND Papa's birthday was the day after Mother's Day so we just added him to the list.

But back to Mother's Day... ;)

Shaun gave me a wonderful morning of getting ready for church all by myself. Did I mention it was wonderful!?! He was out of bed before me (shocking) and had the boys dressed and fed by the time I was done! Half the day was spent at church and the other half was spend in Orange at Papa Sr. and Nana's house. The food was yummy and the boys were great! When we got home Shaun also gave me the night off. Parker was cranky and Isaac was bouncing off the walls so I was glad to be off the hook (he was running like a mad man quoting his Star Wars books. "You can never trust a Hutt!") He bathed the boys and put them down. Because Shaun is so amazing, this is something he typically does. BUT it was nice to be told that I need to go and relax and not clean the kitchen or fold the clothes.

Thanks for my wonderful day boys! Shaun, Isaac, and Parker, I loved my gifts and I love you soooooo much! And yes, you too Blake... Seeing as how you are the only one I didn't get a break from all day!   

Most of my friends were taking their Mother's Day pictures at church, where they were all dressed up. Not us... We waited 'til the end of the day when we had change into scrubs, make up had worn off, had snotty noses from all the wind, and no one matched because it was cold and we all needed jackets. I'm blogging real life folks!
Not sure what's bigger... My belly or my chubby face! Pregnancy is not my friend! Totally worth it though 'cause holy moly I have some cute boys!

Happy birthday Papa!

Ammah knew we would be celebrating Easter with them late so she waited 'til after Easter and got everything at 75% off. Ummm.... Jackpot!? I think the boys have enough chocolate, jelly beans, and stuffed rabbits to last until next Easter!

Ammah loved her gifts!

Hugs from Nana!

The boys made this years Mother's day cards for Ammah and Nana as well as Papa's birthday card. Isaac didn't want anyone to feel left out so he insisted on making a "just because" card for Papa Sr. Parker was super interested because it was a sports card... He ended up begging Papa Sr. for some of the stickers.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day from the cutest set of buns!

Clothed pictures to come... I couldn't resist this one though! ;)

Friday, May 6, 2011


Last week we took our first beach trip of the summer. We live so close but don't go nearly as much as we should. Maybe it's because of our crazy California weather... I never know if I should grab a jacket or a tank top when leaving the house! It was the perfect day to be out in the sun playing! Isaac would have stayed forever if we had let him but Parker wasn't so sure about the place. He may look like a Cali boy with his super blond hair and bright blue eyes, but we have some conditioning to do. At first he didn't want to take his shoes off or to go anywhere near the water. But by the end (seriously like the last 5 minutes) he was ready to dig in! We went to the beach a bunch last summer but he was little so I consider this to be his first year experiencing the coast.

Isaac would have been happy just doing this...
But he's become quite a fan of digging and rolling in the sand... Which FYI, sand is NOT dirt!

And Parker would have been happy just doing this...

But we finally got him to do some exploring. And let me address the swim shorts... Looks like 2T is a little long... Even though they are perfect in the waist! Isaac wore this Nemo get up at Parker's age but I think it was towards the end of the summer and not the beginning. As soon as we got home I pulled out his 18 month swim shorts! He's not so ghetto anymore! :)

Daddy and his boys.
I love the bottom, right picture. The water came rushing up so Shaun bent down to pick up Parker. Little did he know that Isaac was going to jump on his back so he wouldn't be caught in the wave!

We are looking forward to next summer when this little guy can join us in person and not "in belly!"

Our little quarterback. He's typically a lot more accurate and focused but he was super distracted by everything around him!

And if little brother gets a video, then so should big brother. Here's Isaac digging in the sand... Because we remembered all the sports equipment but forgot all the sand toys! Oops!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Darth Vader

I was putting Parker to sleep, Shaun was going to the bathroom, and Isaac was supposed to be putting on his pajamas. Instead, we come back to find this and hear, in his best James Earl Jones voice, "Your powers are weak!" 

Motherhood is not going as I always dreamed it would. I thought I would be playing Ken and Barbie and putting their kids, Ken Jr and Skipper, to bed in the Barbie Dream House. However, my reality is Han Solo and Luke Skywalker (and Princess Leia if I'm lucky) blasting off in their spaceship and on their way to save a galaxy far, far away!

But I wouldn't have it any other way!!!