Friday, September 16, 2016

Our one of a kind, Blake Tyler

This guy has had his new title as "big brother" for a while now. However, he is such a mama's boy that I still see him as my baby. Maybe that's because he was the youngest for 4 1/2 years. Blake is sensitive and forgiving. He's also quick to apologize for doing wrong. He's always been able to
go with the flow and happily plays on his own. There are times that I tell him to get in bed and I'll be right in to kiss him good night. And then because his big brothers are so demanding, I forget about him (sounds awful, I know). By the time I remember and rush to his bedside, he is fast asleep. I still hug and kiss him and whisper goodnight... And of course thank God for giving me such an easy going kid.

We call him our sloth. He just takes longer (a lot longer) to do things... Like walking, eating, getting dressed, and life in general. Blake simply enjoys every single part of being alive. Which is why he is my little romantic. His motto must be "stop and smell the roses" because he will find a flower on every walk we take. He holds it behind his back until I'm looking at him and then with the biggest and most proud grin he says, "for you mom!"

While he's the oldest and smarts in his classes (teacher's words), his emotions have gotten the best of him. He's struggled to part from us lately and we're not sure why. Hoping it's just a season he's in and that it will soon pass. In the meantime, we continue to encourage him!

We love this little guy and how he makes us slow down. We know God's got big plans for him because he's one that will be patient enough to wait on Him!

Weed or flower, it doesn't matter. I get them all from my sweet little man!

Two adorable sloths!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Malaya is Seven Months

Oh this little beauty we like to call Malaya-Taya. She is our sweet, sweet princess and her brothers are beyond over the galaxy for her! Blake will look at a picture of her and start baby talking to it. Parker consistently comes in each morning just to see her smile at him. Isaac can't wait to touch and hold her each day and praises her for learning new things. I still get teary eyed when I realize I have a girl and don't even get me started on Shaun. He is tightly wrapped around each of her precious little fingers!

Malaya is a busy little thing and has great hand-eye coordination for when she quickly wants to put tiny objects in her mouth without getting caught. She is getting better at sleeping but with her tummy figuring out new foods and teeth on the way (I think), there's still no consistency when it comes to her naps and night time. Curious monkey doesn't want to miss anything. She babbles and coos and has had a "mama" and "dada" stage already. However, her favorite is to growl at stuffed animals while attacking them and to squeal in delight when she has a big handful of her brothers' hair.

We thank God for this priceless treasure!  

Perfect sweetness!

She is very versatile- One moment she's dainty and the next she's playing ball. But no matter the case, she's always picture perfect! 

Miss M takes on different personalities depending on which brother she is with... It's very interesting to observe. With Isaac, who she is most like (pray for me), she is calm and observant. She also has the same affect on him and he seems to bring his energy level down a notch. They are really good for each other.
Quick comparison of my two crazies. Malaya is a cross between Isaac and Parker. More Parker at birth but turning into an Isaac for sure. Here's the comparison of Isaac at 7mos and Malaya at 5mos.
Malaya is mesmerized by Parker. She watches him closely as he sings to her and seems so secure with the way he protects her from falling.  

But then there are times he joins in with her psycho-ness and that's when Isaac steps in and calms her!
I don't have many pictures of this duo because together they are just silly and that usually means I have the video camera out. They make each other laugh over the smallest things. She's like a little school girl with a big crush when she's with Blake!
Not thinking she'll need any weapons for her first birthday. Well, unless they come in pink or purple.

Sadly, she has zero cleaning skills so far. We have a lot to work on!
But that face! It gets me every time... even at 5am!
This is her 6 month check up. She was 21 pounds
(2 mo = 14 lbs and 4 mo = 18 lbs)
Doctor said she was very advanced for her age. She is predicting her to walk by ten months. Oh wow!
And today, for the big seven months (and because our family doesn't stop), she got her very own helmet and seat for daddy's bike. Now she can join us on rides AND I can still get Juju Bar whenever I want!
We love you Wild Thing!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Malaya Eileen

Malaya Eileen arrived on February 9th.
She weighed 8lbs. 9oz and was either 20 or 21 inches
(I have received two measurements from two different sources... Lame)
She was absolutely perfect
Daddy immediately cried tears of joy
(and disbelief)
I was left speechless as the tears rolled down my cheeks 
Did God really give us a baby GIRL?
The desire of my heart was now fulfilled...

... with a daughter
She was the most amazing surprise I have ever received
Worth every wondering minute of my long 40 weeks and 4 days of being pregnant
Yes, I'd wait for her all over again...

Brothers are still in love with her

They tell her so...


All day long
 But this is my favorite...

Daddy and his little girl

It's amazing how quickly she found her way into his heart

And she's not going anywhere

Before I got pregnant, God had been working on my heart. It was always my dream to have a baby girl, but I finally trusted God to give us what we needed... And if that meant another boy, then that is what I would love. However, being pregnant makes you lose your mind at times and definitely plays with your emotions. There were days I pictured having another little boy, but other days I longed for a girl.
One day I was reading in Isaiah and chapter 45, verse 3 brought tears to my eyes. It says,
"I will give you hidden treasures, riches stored in secret places, so that you may know that I am the Lord, the God of Israel, who summons you by name."
I knew in my heart that this was God telling me that the hidden treasure (this baby) that was stored in a secret place (my womb) was my daughter. But, my faith was weak and my head didn't let me believe.

Well, I saved the verse and today I realize it was actually a promise given to me. Malaya is my rich  treasure that God carefully saved for now. Only He knows the deepest desires of our hearts and will fulfill them at His perfect time. When the doctor held Malaya in front of me, revealing that the life that had been growing inside of me was a girl, it was God's perfect moment fulfilled!

Malaya has brought a tenderness to our home. A sense of peace that is hard to find in a home of so many boys. She is the little bundle of joy that makes my boys talk in high pitch squeaky voices as they so sweetly tell her not to cry.

We love you more than words could ever express, baby girl!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Pink and Blue Baby Shower

On January 9th, my sister and four, super-special friends had a baby shower for me! It was absolutely perfect and I felt so loved. Like to the point of being overwhelmed! You know those lovely "out of whack" preggo hormones make you cry and laugh at the same time! It took a few days, but all the gifts are now organized and ready for this baby to make its grand entrance. And I'm left with wonderful memories from the day!

My girls!
Tori, Jodi, Michelle, and Jamie

Unwrapped and ready to be organized! So much good stuff!

Some of the d├ęcor that was sprinkled around Jamie's already pretty house!

Family that was able to come! So glad my mom and sister could come from Arizona!

Fellow boy moms! Between us seven moms we have 17 boys!

Old friends. New friends. Gym friends. Church friends. Neighbor friends.

Taking a break in the new glider (from Ammah and Papa) and showing off the 36 week baby bump!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Pregnancy #4

So we're about three weeks away from meeting our little girl/boy. The anticipation is finally building. I have been so at ease just waiting and not having to collect anything. Seriously, eight months of no prep is relaxing (well, other than the normal chaos of having three boys already)! Choosing names has been a different story but, watching others go insane because they don't know the gender has been worth it! However, the anxiety has heightened and over analyzing the moment Shaun announces boy or girl is getting me all emotional! But, pink and blue is packed and ready for whatever gift God has chosen to give us!

This pregnancy has been so different, yet I have to really dig to figure out how. My tummy grew the same and smells still really got to me but, my nose didn't plug up and I don't have dark spots on my face. This baby is just as crazy as her/his three older brothers were in the womb but, he/she also sleeps at night. Which is a first! The biggest blessing is that all my appointments have been boring... Meaning, the baby and I are healthy! Other than me needing a little extra iron boost!

The boys are thrilled and can't wait to hold their new little sibling. I haven't sensed any jealousy from any of them... Pure joy! Maybe it's because no one's having to give up their room though... Well, except Shaun. With only a three bedroom house, this little one will be with us till who knows when. Parker and Blake share and Isaac got his own room last year, which has been SO good for him. Half the loft was transformed into a nursery, so we'll reevaluate as the baby grows!

Thankful for the modern neutral: grey and white chevron stripes

End of first trimester

20 weeks.
The tech who did the ultrasound didn't even look to see if it was a boy or girl. So, the only one that knows "Quanto's" true identity is the One that created her/him.

24 weeks in Hawaii
Beginning of third trimester

Happy Thanksgiving! 30 weeks!
36 weeks! Baby's head is down and turned the right way!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

November and December

The pictures to chose from for these two months were endless. But there is no time to sit and upload photos. Three of my four men had birthdays during these months. While there was lots going, this is what will forever be printed.  
November '15

The first week of November is always Homecoming at CBU. So glad Nichole and her kids could come! It's not the same without her there!

The boys and I went on a school fieldtrip to Riley's Farm. They learned how life was lived long ago.
Finished the first season with all three boys in sports. It was CRAZY! Especially with Shaun gone on two strike teams and me being preggo.

Isaac had a great 8th birthday and had several celebrations. On the 12th we went to the fire station so he could have his annual hot chocolate with dad.
Parker got to celebrate his 6th birthday at school with all his buddies. He was the Kinder Star of the week and passed out lots of sweets.

 Our annual trip to Glamis was awesome. I may have been 30 weeks pregnant, but I wasn't going to miss out on all the fun. However, by day three, I was ok sitting in the trailer and reading and napping! The boys continued to party on though.

We went straight from Glamis to Arizona for Thanksgiving! The weather was finally cool and the cousins played till they dropped each night!
December '15

We had our second annual progressive dinner with the Copes, Elliotts, and Firetags x 2. Such a fun celebration with all our 16 1/2 kids!

No this is not a baby reveal party with pink and blue cupcakes. It's Shaun's birthday. Seems that those are the colors of choice though as we sit and wonder what baby #4 is. We celebrated Shaun's birthday early because the boys had a day off school and he was oblivious to the schedule. He was shocked when he got home from work and the boys were sitting on the couch with a birthday sign. Good job boys!
 Free LEGOLAND tickets? Yes please!

Thankful to have a picture with something bigger than my belly, the Death Star.
 We enjoyed a much needed family get away in Lake Arrowhead at Shaun's captains "cabin." I use that word loosely seeing as how it's over 3,000 square feet. We had a wonderful time playing in the snow and breathing in fresh air! 
 More than likely this will be our last Christmas in this house. I want to remember this set up forever. This was the first year I put the tree in the family room and it make the season that much more wonderful!
 Daddy got held over for a little on Christmas morning so the boys were trying to be so patient. It was very hard to do... Ten o'clock couldn't come soon enough!

A few days after Christmas we went camping with Shaun's family. We rang in the New York new year sitting around the camp fire relaxing!
Good bye 2015 and hello 2016
This will be the year of our sweet baby boy/girl!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

September and October

 Each month with this crew of mine is always so full and busy. I wish I could blog every single event in detail, but then I would be in my room, on the laptop all night, every night! I need sleep!

September '15
How does God keep good friends from college together?
He gives them all boys so they continue to have life in common. Emily, Marcella, and I were all married within a month of each other. Glad they are still a part of my life!
California was on fire! Shaun got sent to this blaze. It was the worst timing possible. We were supposed to go on a babymoon... Fly to Vancouver, stay the night, tour, and then jump on a ship and sail back home.
We missed the whole thing.
It was devastating.
I miss my husband.
Instead, I was left with these three men and one big belly!
In the meantime, sweet baby #4 continued to grow bigger and stronger. And of course still keeping his/her identity a surprise!
Soccer and baseball started the same day and it was crazy. No way could I have had time to get away! Guess it was meant to be!

October '15
Parker lost his first tooth! He was THRILLED!

We also saw Pan at the drive in at the 9:15 showing! I think he's the only one that stayed awake! This kid was on cloud nine! Pan is his hero!
And because California was still on fire, Shaun get sent out again... This time longer. Oh how we miss him when he's gone!
Thankfully he was back for Hawaii and we didn't have to miss this trip! Aloha!
We met a family that lives there and we because great friends. Met up with Robb, Heather, and their two boys (River and Kai) a few times. Baby #3 is on the way too!

Maui how I love you and will be back someday!
Halloween wrapped up the month and these boys loved their costumes made by Ammah.

Happy Halloween!