Friday, January 31, 2014


 This pretty much sums up January!
Here, in SoCal, it was beach weather!
So, instead of just taking a day trip, we went for several days. Shaun had just passed a big test at work and needed some time to relax. And, the boys needed to spend some time with daddy since he had been studying or at work training so much.
Silverstrand on Coronado Island has become one of our favorite places!

Enjoying the sunset!
My California sand boys!
We dropped the back hatch of the trailer and it was nothing but sand! Awwww...
Dig a hole and jump over or in it! Too much fun!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

My Middle Man

This little guy is 42 pounds of love! He is sweet from the inside out. He draws attention wherever he goes and everyone wants to be his buddy! He is so easy going, laughs at everything, and can make some of the silliest faces. Some things that I don't understand about him would be 1. He loves to photo bomb other peoples pictures but, he is the first to put on a sour face when I ask him to smile for a picture. Really!? You'll jump in a picture not meant for you but you get mad when I actually want you in it? 2. He loooooves getting new clothes! Like a lot! However, I can't ever get him to wear anything! Explain that one little man?!
He has always gone into classes without any problem... He's been the least clingy and enjoys being around other people. However, in November he started having a really hard time going to his Bible study class and staying the whole time. The preschool director has had to come and get me because he gets sad and just wants to go home. His class is mainly girls (which typically isn't a problem because he luuuvs girls) but, for times that he needs a bro, there just isn't one. The solution: At the young age of four, he is now going to big church with us. He has agreed to go to his class during the Bible study time but, he then comes with us instead of staying for second hour. He does so well too!
Nothing holds him back. He's a go getter and doesn't have to try. However, if he is unable to do something, he shrugs and moves on... No big deal.
If you take this kid shopping and you tell him he can pick out anything he wants... I can guarantee he'll chose some type of weapon. Mr. Parker is ALWAYS armed and dangerous!
He blows me away with how he keeps up with the big kids. Seriously, he fits in with the six, seven, and eight year olds!
He loves that his eyes have turned green..B because green is his favorite color! However, I don't think his skin has a chance at turning anything but white! At least he can blame daddy for that one and not me!
I told him that he will make a good daddy someday because he is patient. He then let me know that he'll probably have two girls! Good buddy, you'll definitely need patients with girls!
He's always wanting to make a deal with me when I ask him to do something... You know the "What's in it for me?" kind of deals. I thought maybe his negotiating skills would mean he'll be a lawyer someday but, he told me he wants to be an inventor.
This little guy is easy to love and I'm so glad I get to call him mine!

He wanted to match for church!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Adventure #1

So, I think I'm ready to give back my first new adventure of 2014!
Parker started the excitement on Monday and Isaac and Blake joined in today.
It was so time consuming and sudden that I didn't even have time to wash my face or change from my pj pants to my yoga pants!
This adventure has a name... 
What's it called you ask?!
How does it start?!
By hearing one of your kids say those eight horrible words...
"Mommy, I think I'm going to throw up!"
Yes, gastroenteritis is a fancy way of saying, the stomach flu!
I spent some time trying to read about this enemy that has entered our home but, it left me feeling even more sick to my stomach! Yuck!
Not exactly sure how Parker got it but he threw up 12 times on Monday. He was such a champ. The only time he really complained was in the evening when we told him he couldn't have a hotdog.
Yesterday we took it slow while he continued to gain his strength back!
And then today came...
At 4:30am I heard Blake crying, "Mommy, yook it. Yook in me bed!"
I immediately knew he had thrown up. We got him cleaned up and then Shaun had him till he left for work at 6:30.
I was wondering how I was going to do school with Isaac when trying to take care of a sickie and a recovering sickie but, Isaac woke up at seven vomiting.
While helping Isaac over the toilet I knew it was going to be a movie, bucket holding, laundry washing kind of day!
I cleaned up messes that I'll never wish on anyone... However, I'll spare this from being a TMI post.
Blake unleashed his insides about eight times before noon and then one last time before bed.
However, Isaac made it a complete pukefest! From seven in the morning to eight at night... He couldn't keep anything down! He was skin and bones and asked me if he was going to loose too much weight. Poor guy usually freaks out when he throws up but, by the end of the day he was so used to it that he wouldn't even tell me when he was doing it.
I looked back at a blog post from September 2008. I titled it "Trials of Parenthood" and stated that it was my "most draining, exhausting, and emotionally challenging day of motherhood to date." Isaac was ten months and sick. I compare that day to today and realize how trivial it was. Then, I had one kid and Shaun was home helping. Today, I had three kids and Shaun was at work! It's amazing how each "trial" makes you stronger. I'll admit, I did have two cups of coffee today. However, I accredit the success and completion of the day to my friends that were lifting the boys and me up in prayer! Knowing I had support gave me the strength to press on and quit gagging!  
I love my little men and it was a joy serving them today!
Isaac spent the entire day on the couch!

Parker on Monday. Blake wanted to take care of him, which is probably why he got sick!

And even though he's smiling and eating, he was really sick. He just wouldn't stop asking for water and crackers so I let him eat, drink, and throw up!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Saying good-bye to 2013

We were truly blessed in 2013 and I'm looking forward to the new adventures in 2014! 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Station Five! Sadly, Shaun had to work Christmas so we spent half the day at the station with him!
This is probably my last post of 2013 so I figured I'd finish strong with a really, really, really long picture post from this month's activity! Let's start at the beginning...
Miss Elfie came to visit this month and Parker was by far the most excited! She would greet us each morning from different places all over the house. A few of our favorite where...
Drawing on our pictures that are hung in the hall.
Hunting for deer above the cupboards.
Showing us selfies she took with the boys at night while they were sleeping.
Head first in the cereal box.
The Star Wars guys even held her hostage one night!
And of course holding baby Jesus so that we would remember the true meaning of Christmas!
Parker asked a lot of questions this Christmas about what is real and what he should believe in. On one occasions, this was our conversation:
Parker: Mommy, is Santa real because I've never seen him?
Me: Well, there are a lot of things that are real that you haven't seen before.
Parker: *pondering my words*
Me: What is something you believe in but, you haven't ever seen it.
*me waiting for him to say Jesus or God*
Parker: Hmmmmm.... Have I ever seen a moose? 

Blake got his first REAL big boys hair cut! My mom has cut it up until now and she's never cut it so short that it gets rid of all the curls! Well, daddy is to blame for this one. I said no clippers but, apparently Shaun had other plans when he took him in! My baby, where have you gone!?
Isaac was cradled in this Santa's arms when he was only one month old!

Shaun helps out with Make a Child Smile every year so we joined in too.

Parker and Blake with Sparky the fire dog!
Uncle Manny graduated from college so all the Higgins and Donleys got together to celebrate!
Daddy turned 33 and the boys showered him with gifts the color camo!

Mummu and Iso were also in town so they watched the boys while we went on a date!
And then we had Christmas with them! However, I didn't actually get any pictures of/with them! Oops!
We went to the Festival of Lights in downtown Riverside at the Mission Inn!

I was freezing but all my boys were just right!
Bass Pro Shop is always a must...

And we really wanted a picture with Santa but, his line was waaaaaaay too long so we settled for a photo with his reindeer!

We ever found Mrs. Claus!

Kylie and Jeremiah join us for some shooting practice too!
Trees that light by night and hold swords by day! I'm also a fan of the idea that angels aren't pretty little things that float in the sky. Instead, they fight for us! Good job boys!
Uncle Aaron sent Shark jerseys (the hockey team) and shark jaws! 
Then there was our Christmas morning on the 24th! They tried so hard to keep their eyes closed until we were ready!

These boys were beyond spoiled but they loved their big gifts. Isaac got a Star Wars clone space ship thing and the little boys got a side-by-side!
The green team!
We headed to church that evening for our candle light service!
Showing off their true personalities.
Parker refused a picture so all was right in universe!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Overdue Trip to AZ

The day we left Glamis (Monday the 25th), Shaun drove the boys and me straight to Blythe to meet my dad. Iso then took us the rest of the way to Phoenix. Thanks dad... I know that's quite a boring drive! And extra long when the boys fight the whole way! Shaun headed back to Glamis, enjoyed the rest of the day riding, and then went home to work Thanksgiving Eve and Thanksgiving (he joined us the day after Thanksgiving).
The last time we were in Arizona was in April, Maddox's 2nd birthday! The boys were ready to be back to play with cousins and Aalie (the dog). We visited with friends, did a lot of park days and playing in the backyard, and celebrated the boys birthdays for the last time! We're hoping to make another trip out in February!
We got to see Julie and her boys a couple of times! Waaaaaaay too many boys!

Celebrating the three November birthdays!

For all our Michigan family... They are watching freighters!

Iso built a playground in the backyard, just like when I was little! the boys loved it!

Kyle and Ryan came over and humored my boys by playing TMNT! Thanks guys!

Enjoying their new razors!
Shaun got to Arizona two hours before Aaron left to fly home. It gave us just enough time to take a family picture. Last one was two years ago!

The End!

Friday, December 13, 2013


I wasn't going to blog about Glamis but, I changed my mind... For two reasons!
1. Glamis is Shaun's dream spot so it's only fair to him that he remembers these special trips with his boys.
2. If Shaun gets to go on his dream vacations then it's only fair that he takes me on my dream vacations! Right?
Soooo, here's to Glamis and my crazy husband that could spend weeks out in the sand (that's not connected to an ocean)!

Here is part of our group. The Lopezes and Villarreals! All together there were 12 kids. Nine boys and three girls!

I enjoyed taking the boys out in the new rhino before...

... it broke down and Uncle Brent had to tow Shaun back to camp!
I tried encouraging Shaun and reminded him that he still had his dirt bike that he could ride.
He looked at me and said, "How would you feel if you went to Hawaii and the ocean was gone?"
I shot him a look that said, "That's an unfair comparison."
So he continued with, "And the palm trees and the good weather were gone too?"
I laughed and replied, "Well then you pretty much have Glamis so I guess I would be extremely depressed!"

If we were to steal Nevaeh, then we'd have twins!

Isaac riding with cousin Collin, Julie, and Payton!

Isaac borrowed Nevaeh's helmet! Isn't he pretty!?


 Parker and Gabriel are always silly!
This was Isaac every single day!