Saturday, March 19, 2016

Malaya Eileen

Malaya Eileen arrived on February 9th.
She weighed 8lbs. 9oz and was either 20 or 21 inches
(I have received two measurements from two different sources... Lame)
She was absolutely perfect
Daddy immediately cried tears of joy
(and disbelief)
I was left speechless as the tears rolled down my cheeks 
Did God really give us a baby GIRL?
The desire of my heart was now fulfilled...

... with a daughter
She was the most amazing surprise I have ever received
Worth every wondering minute of my long 40 weeks and 4 days of being pregnant
Yes, I'd wait for her all over again...

Brothers are still in love with her

They tell her so...


All day long
 But this is my favorite...

Daddy and his little girl

It's amazing how quickly she found her way into his heart

And she's not going anywhere

Before I got pregnant, God had been working on my heart. It was always my dream to have a baby girl, but I finally trusted God to give us what we needed... And if that meant another boy, then that is what I would love. However, being pregnant makes you lose your mind at times and definitely plays with your emotions. There were days I pictured having another little boy, but other days I longed for a girl.
One day I was reading in Isaiah and chapter 45, verse 3 brought tears to my eyes. It says,
"I will give you hidden treasures, riches stored in secret places, so that you may know that I am the Lord, the God of Israel, who summons you by name."
I knew in my heart that this was God telling me that the hidden treasure (this baby) that was stored in a secret place (my womb) was my daughter. But, my faith was weak and my head didn't let me believe.

Well, I saved the verse and today I realize it was actually a promise given to me. Malaya is my rich  treasure that God carefully saved for now. Only He knows the deepest desires of our hearts and will fulfill them at His perfect time. When the doctor held Malaya in front of me, revealing that the life that had been growing inside of me was a girl, it was God's perfect moment fulfilled!

Malaya has brought a tenderness to our home. A sense of peace that is hard to find in a home of so many boys. She is the little bundle of joy that makes my boys talk in high pitch squeaky voices as they so sweetly tell her not to cry.

We love you more than words could ever express, baby girl!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Pink and Blue Baby Shower

On January 9th, my sister and four, super-special friends had a baby shower for me! It was absolutely perfect and I felt so loved. Like to the point of being overwhelmed! You know those lovely "out of whack" preggo hormones make you cry and laugh at the same time! It took a few days, but all the gifts are now organized and ready for this baby to make its grand entrance. And I'm left with wonderful memories from the day!

My girls!
Tori, Jodi, Michelle, and Jamie

Unwrapped and ready to be organized! So much good stuff!

Some of the d├ęcor that was sprinkled around Jamie's already pretty house!

Family that was able to come! So glad my mom and sister could come from Arizona!

Fellow boy moms! Between us seven moms we have 17 boys!

Old friends. New friends. Gym friends. Church friends. Neighbor friends.

Taking a break in the new glider (from Ammah and Papa) and showing off the 36 week baby bump!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Pregnancy #4

So we're about three weeks away from meeting our little girl/boy. The anticipation is finally building. I have been so at ease just waiting and not having to collect anything. Seriously, eight months of no prep is relaxing (well, other than the normal chaos of having three boys already)! Choosing names has been a different story but, watching others go insane because they don't know the gender has been worth it! However, the anxiety has heightened and over analyzing the moment Shaun announces boy or girl is getting me all emotional! But, pink and blue is packed and ready for whatever gift God has chosen to give us!

This pregnancy has been so different, yet I have to really dig to figure out how. My tummy grew the same and smells still really got to me but, my nose didn't plug up and I don't have dark spots on my face. This baby is just as crazy as her/his three older brothers were in the womb but, he/she also sleeps at night. Which is a first! The biggest blessing is that all my appointments have been boring... Meaning, the baby and I are healthy! Other than me needing a little extra iron boost!

The boys are thrilled and can't wait to hold their new little sibling. I haven't sensed any jealousy from any of them... Pure joy! Maybe it's because no one's having to give up their room though... Well, except Shaun. With only a three bedroom house, this little one will be with us till who knows when. Parker and Blake share and Isaac got his own room last year, which has been SO good for him. Half the loft was transformed into a nursery, so we'll reevaluate as the baby grows!

Thankful for the modern neutral: grey and white chevron stripes

End of first trimester

20 weeks.
The tech who did the ultrasound didn't even look to see if it was a boy or girl. So, the only one that knows "Quanto's" true identity is the One that created her/him.

24 weeks in Hawaii
Beginning of third trimester

Happy Thanksgiving! 30 weeks!
36 weeks! Baby's head is down and turned the right way!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

September and October

 Each month with this crew of mine is always so full and busy. I wish I could blog every single event in detail, but then I would be in my room, on the laptop all night, every night! I need sleep!

September '15
How does God keep good friends from college together?
He gives them all boys so they continue to have life in common. Emily, Marcella, and I were all married within a month of each other. Glad they are still a part of my life!
California was on fire! Shaun got sent to this blaze. It was the worst timing possible. We were supposed to go on a babymoon... Fly to Vancouver, stay the night, tour, and then jump on a ship and sail back home.
We missed the whole thing.
It was devastating.
I miss my husband.
Instead, I was left with these three men and one big belly!
In the meantime, sweet baby #4 continued to grow bigger and stronger. And of course still keeping his/her identity a surprise!
Soccer and baseball started the same day and it was crazy. No way could I have had time to get away! Guess it was meant to be!

October '15
Parker lost his first tooth! He was THRILLED!

We also saw Pan at the drive in at the 9:15 showing! I think he's the only one that stayed awake! This kid was on cloud nine! Pan is his hero!
And because California was still on fire, Shaun get sent out again... This time longer. Oh how we miss him when he's gone!
Thankfully he was back for Hawaii and we didn't have to miss this trip! Aloha!
We met a family that lives there and we because great friends. Met up with Robb, Heather, and their two boys (River and Kai) a few times. Baby #3 is on the way too!

Maui how I love you and will be back someday!
Halloween wrapped up the month and these boys loved their costumes made by Ammah.

My pumpkin!

Monday, August 31, 2015

July and August

July and August were jam packed... But I guess that's normal for us! When are we not on the go? One week in July was dedicated to Vacation Bible School. However, I think the other three weeks were spent on the road! And feeling sick and nauseous and looking for scentless soaps!

We headed to Arizona to meet baby Grace and let the family know that we were going to be a family of six! Everyone was shocked, but thrilled! 4th of July was hot, hot, hot too! Nothing like our usual overcast California Independence Days! I think the entire visit was spent in the pool or the sprinklers!
The boys loved holding Grace and Playing with Ryker and William!
The evening we got back from Arizona, I had a girl's night. This was also when I shared the big news with them! Thanks for your excitement Jodi, Michelle, Jamie, and Tori!

Our first annual camping trip with the gang (minus N/J Firetag). Eight adults and 14 1/2 kids! Can't wait for next years adventure!
The end of the month was spent camping at Silver Strand with the fire department. The boys had a blast with the other kids but, sadly, I didn't get very many pictures!

 Blake spent some sweet moments sleeping in my arms while I watched the big boys body surf!
Uncle Manny got married in August and Blake was the ring bearer. He took his job very seriously, as you can tell.
Congrats you two!
Blakesters turned four and we had a grand Super Hero celebration for him! We had 26 little friends and their parents join us (with ten not able to come)!  
Blake's favorite hero this year was Captain America...
... But he also plays all the other characters!
School started at the end of August and while Isaac was excited to see friends, he could live in summer mood. However, Parker had been counting the says since he got out in June. They have both done so well so far and enjoy their home two days a week and in class three days a week! And Blake is full time pre-pre-k at home!
 School may have started but that doesn't mean we are home bound. One Saturday Shaun and I packed up five boys and headed to the zoo. It was super hot, but they had so much fun with friends! Made it easier on us too! Funny how that works!

Friday, July 17, 2015

June '15

Obviously there was a major announcement that took place in June that will have to be given another post all by itself... I'm still working on that one! So many thoughts and questions to answer. But, many other things in June happened that need to be "announced", too!
My parents left the day before my birthday so they watched the boys and let Shaun and me go on a date. On that date Shaun gave me my birthday present, a trip to Hawaii (in October). I cried. When we got home the boys had an Hawaiian cake for me! Now to get everyone snorkeling!
Happy 33rd Birthday to me! 33 has always been my number so I guess that's why I had to start it off with a bang!

California is a very thoughtful state and they give you a special gift every five years for your birthday... An expired license. So, I spent time at the DMV and the boys enjoyed Ross and visiting with Nana.

End of the school year celebrations kept us VERY busy for a solid week!
We now have a 2nd grader, a kinder, and a pre-kinder (or pre-pre... not sure)!

Parker graduated from pre-k! The Owl's class trio was Parker, Nate, and Dash! He also took his "entrance exam" for kinder and did great! The two kinder teachers were fighting over him. He's so excited to be at Isaac's school next year!
Little funny:
I went in his room the other morning to see if he was going to wake up. He looked so out of it, like there couldn't have been a thought in his head. Turns out it was the opposite. He was deep in thought. He asked me, "what comes after 299?" The kid, just for fun, counts to high numbers and writes his letters on the white board in the loft. Learning is easy for him because he doesn't realize that's what he's doing!  
Summer vacation was made official with a family trip to the San Diego Zoo! And it was so cold. I wish I had worn jeans! Shaun even wore a sweatshirt part of the time. That never happens! The guy just doesn't get cold!

First Monday with no school... Yup, moms and kids trip to the beach! Copes, Elliotts, and Higgins!
Isaac didn't get to go though. He stayed back to start.....

Basketball Camp!
Isaac's first week of summer vacation was spent on the basketball court. Besides school recess, this was his first really experience with this sport! His team even got Division three Team Champions!
June 13th
My niece, Grace Christine, was born.
(this pictures was taken from when we visited at the beginning of July)
Shaun and I got to go out on a date night with our Bible Study group so the boys helped me shop ahead of time for snacks to eat with Ammah and Papa.

We spent four days at Silver Strand on Coronado Island with the Copes. Fun in the sun all. day. long. We went to pizza one night in town and walked around Hotel Del Coronado.

The kids were like seals. They'd play in the water and then cover their bodies in sand and bask in the sun. then repeat over and over and over again.

The soccer game was quiet entertaining. Our six kids are a little (lot) competitive, especially our oldest!
Proof that Jodi and I were there AND that we need to watch the budding romance going on between our second borns. Parker and Cassidy were playing "boyfriend/girlfriend." Hehe!
You never know just how much fun you'll have while beach camping!
And we ended the month with...
Happy 11th Anniversary!
Never thought we'd be celebrating in the doctor's office by getting to see the first glimpse of our FOURTH child! I'm due the first week of February!