Friday, September 5, 2014

I Took A Deep Breath... Then I Let It Go

You know how you hold your breath when something is going really well, just waiting for something to go wrong? And then when it’s still good you dig a little deeper in hopes that if you find something not-so-perfect then at least you were hurt sooner rather than later?

That was me not that long ago… At the “Holding my breath” stage… However, now, I feel that I am perfectly in the center of God’s will for my life! So, maybe I'm now in the “truly blessed” stage. However, I’m sure hoping it’s not a “calm before the storm” stage! I’m finding strength daily and it’s hard to keep from smiling! It’s the deep down joy and peace that can only come from Him! And I have it right now! However, I’m confused as to why I want to cry at the same time? Must be that deep!? Totally makes sense, joy that makes you emotional all the way to the core! HA! ;)

The boys’ school option for this year has been a huge relief and a major factor in my contentment. I was fretting a little in the spring with where they were going to go in the fall and how it would work with our busy schedule. I’ll admit, last year was a hard growing year.  Homeschooling was the right decision but, it doesn’t mean it was easy. However, there were dozens of reasons that proved it was right for Isaac! The plan all along was to homeschool Isaac for kinder and then send him to the mosaic program for 1st grade. Well, when I got the call in the spring that Isaac had been accepted, I felt defeated… Like I gave up on teaching him myself. It made me sad and I questioned if this would be the right choice. I felt like every year was a brand new school experience/decision and I was ready to stay in one spot and for that to be the RIGHT spot! Homeschooling was a challenge but, it was a familiar challenge.

Fast forward to today and I couldn’t be more at ease. Isaac is in the mosaic program at RiverSprings. He goes to school M-W-F (8:30-2:40) and T-Th are home study days. The work is given by the teacher which means I don’t have to lesson plan anymore! Woohoo! It is the perfect balance of class and home. There is only one class per grade so it is a very controlled and personal learning environment. We know so many families that attend and parent involvement is through the roof! I was actually a little overwhelmed with setting up all the different ways to correspond with Isaac's teacher! After the first week (last week) I was still “holding my breath.” Is this really as good as I’m anticipating!? But then I read Isaac’s teacher’s introduction letter and realized she is our perfect fit. Isaac has excelled in every single thing he has EVER done. However, there is one area that he is still struggling, reading. Well, his teacher has her masters in Reading Education and is a Reading Specialist. I told Isaac that she is now part of our team in helping him achieve his goals!

Then there’s Parker… The preschool that I really wanted him to go to already had a waiting list by the time I was able to get there and sign him up. Yup, only a few hours into registration day and we were on “The List.” A month or two later, I still hadn’t heard from them and couldn’t get a hold of them (to this day I haven’t had any contact). Soooo I executed Plan B and enrolled him in another preschool. Turns out Plan B should have been Plan A. We met his teachers today and he starts Monday. And to top it off, one of his best buddies is in his class that we thought was going to be in another class! God knows the plans He has for us and it’s so cool to see the details HE places along the way!

And Blake!? Well, he’ll just keep partyin’ and being cute!
First day of first grade!

Home study day working on his "Math about Me" project. He told me blue hair is so cool! And two jackets weren't necessary but, it was a rare, cool morning!

I'll admit, another reason we chose to homeschool is because we wanted to shelter our kids... Keep them in a bubble... Make them weird by sitting with us all day at the kitchen table doing school work! Because this seemed like a much better option than sending them to public school and turning them into convicts!
(Two can play this game!) 
Actually, Isaac goes to a PUBLIC school! Today he had to take three items that described himself. He chose a baseball because he loves sports and is athletic. Donatello because he is the oldest brother and likes to create things and a Bible because he is a Christian and has Jesus in his heart. I was so proud of him. He's on a battlefield everyday but, he is armed with the Truth! He has a huge advantage over us adults... He is still experiencing child like faith.

When he hopped in the car today I asked him how his day was. He quickly put his head down and said, "Not so good!" I panicked and figured I'd be getting a call from his teacher. Then he lifted his hand and showed me this! I felt bad for him but, I was relieved too! Poor guy is serious about his monkey bars!
Parker with his buddy, Nate! They are only a few weeks apart and have been friends since before birth (if that's possible)! Parker also had his school physical and was a complete champ! He was told two shots were coming so he jumped up on the table and took 'em like a man! He told me they hurt and that he almost cried but, he was fine! He's also 47lbs. which is in the 90/95 percentile.  

Can't forget Blake! He wants everyone to know that he is three and weighs a tiny 33lbs! And while he'll tell you that he's "Just Blake," we all know him as the cutest thing in the world! Slower than molasses which makes him a ninja turtle minus the ninja part but, completely irresistible!   
See, three reasons as to why I am so blessed, blessed, and blessed! My main man deserves his own post too! I'd fill up a whole blog book just writing about how good he is to me and how thankful I am for him!

Thursday, June 26, 2014


Happy 10th Anniversary to Shaun and me!
You'll never expect what kind of day we had...
I don't want to keep you in suspense for too long so I'll just unleash the juicy details...
Shaun worked! And I cleaned our toilets!
Well, I also dropped Isaac off at baseball, went to SAMS Club, wiped down the counters, vacuumed, and mopped.
Exciting, huh!?
Such a romantic anniversary!
Never thought I'd spend my ten year with three men... And none of them being my hubby! ;)
Thankfully, Shaun and I were able to get away a few weeks ago to celebrate AND will be going out tomorrow evening. Here's some pictures of our Laguna Beach trip, just the two of us! Yes, that's right... NO KIDS!
All the ways to say 10...

We did a little exploring but, most of the time we were doing.....

.... THIS!!!
Not having to watch little kids run in the water every two seconds was amazing!!!

The sand was so smooth it would squeak between our toes!

Shaun looked up the prices of the houses we were laying by. We thought about trying to buy one but, $15 million was just a tad bit high!

Ummmm... Pizzookie is a must when near the coast!
How sweet! Drawing me a heart in the sand!

We got each other rings... Mine is a tiara and his is actually made of some rubber material. His hands are so messed up from lifting that his wedding ring doesn't always fit around his calluses. This one stretches!
And yes, this is MY man. So don't look too hard or long!
Knowing that Shaun would be gone today and that we have a busy weekend, I told him that I really wanted to take pictures at the Citrus Park where we had our reception. So, two nights ago (before he left for work) we got all dressed up and took our photographer... The tripod! The boys were absolutely amazing! It's like they understood what these pictures really meant to me! I was in shock!
My favorite picture!

The boys were NOT acting for the kissing picture. They were completely disgusted!

Had to throw in some real life!
Blake is in a cheesy smile/I'm just going to act silly stage! Sometimes you just need to stick your finger up your nose and go with it!

I didn't even pose them like this. It was THEIR idea to wrap their arms around each other!

Again... These are their poses! Look out ladies... The Higgins boys are little heartbreakers!

And Isaac is quite the photographer... He took these! But, we weren't allowed to kiss!
The boys (and I'm very much including Shaun) made the night so wonderful with no complaining! I know I said it once already but, I'm still in shock!

Friday, June 6, 2014

My 32nd Birthday!

My boys made me feel so special this year!
Shaun was supposed to work but, took the day off! I'm so glad he did... We rarely get to celebrates holidays on their correct days. However, Shaun goes above and beyond in making sure that I am loved on June 1st every year!
Shaun got up with the boys so I could sleep in a little longer. When they heard me up and about I was quickly sent right back to bed. That's when the giggles and the kazoos started... Next thing I know, I've been served breakfast in bed and I'm wearing a tiara!
After church I was told to relax some more and then was sent off for a massage. Upon my arrival of coming home, my favorite dinner had be prepared for me!
My presents had already been given to me... Well, actually I went shopping for them a few weeks ago... So, all my boys could do was shower me with love! Oh, and pictures.......


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It's not swagger... I'm just sore!

My boys are constantly moaning and groaning and telling me their back and legs hurt... I have no idea where they get it from!
No idea...
Weeeelllll..... Maybe I have a little idea.....
Ok, it's me!
Sore is the new me!
Having kids kinda puts yourself on hold. No time to work on improving YOU! For almost seven years my "workout" has been my boys. Non stop cleaning up, up and down the stairs, making food, never sitting down, etc. However, in late March I decided that I wanted a workout for me! So, Shaun and I took the plunge and joined crossfit...
It's intense!
But we are hooked!
Thankfully everyone is so wonderful and they welcomed us right in! Yesterday, for Memorial Day, we did a WOD (workout of the day) called "The Murph." It was in honor of Lt. Michael Murphy who was killed serving our country. It was a mile run, 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 air squats, and finish with another mile run. But, seeing as how that would have killed me, I did half of the pull ups, push ups, and squats. Some hard core crossfitters did the whole WOD with 30-45lbs vests on (the typical weight of the gear that Michael would have worn)!
I also love the fact that our boys enjoy being there! They can chill and watch tv/play video games or ride their scooters outside and play hide and go seek. They love swinging on the rings or trying to see how fast they can row. Dodge ball was a big hit with my boys too!

some of the kids that come and entertain my kids!

Blake trying to row!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day

Shaun worked the three days leading up to Mother's Day. He left early Thursday morning to make it to the "box" for a 5am workout and then we didn't see him again till Sunday morning around 9am! My one request for Mother's Day was a clean house. Sooooo... That meant I got to do it! Took three days and there was lots of re-cleaning but, it got done (well, other than unloading the dishwasher but, I had to leave something for Shaun to do with the boys). I put on a movie for the boys so I could get ready for church. During that time Shaun got home and when I came downstairs I was greeted with...

...and presents!
They made the morning very special for me! In the pretty wrapping were crossfit shoes and our boxes tank top. I also ordered myself an Origami Owl locket last week! Yes, I'm spoiled! After church we went to lunch and then headed home to relax. Blake napped and the rest of us watched a movie. The boys wanted to throw all the cushions and pillows on the floor and this, of course, lead to more cleaning that I missed. So, I put the boys to work...

Isaac vacuumed one couch and found lots of treasures...

...and Parker did the other!

Then all was peaceful!
Thanks for my special day boys!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

February, March, April...

Just so that you will forgive me for not blogging in... well... ummmm... FOREVER... I'm starting off with a real winner... The boys doing their cross eyed look! Are you still mad at me or are you laughing too hard!?
I sat down to blog last month and as I placed my fingers on the keyboard to type, I couldn't remember the name of my blog. Every homeschool user name and password flashed in my head as well as my email address. Not to mention my most recently used site, MY web page! :) However, "Higginstrio" was not on the brain. By the time I remembered it, I was over it. I knew there would be way too much to catch up on and was already overwhelmed just thinking about it!
But, I hear there have been some requests (Uncle Manny) that I get back into it! Some of our school year adventures are coming to an end (how is that possible?) so I'm hoping it will free up some time!
Sooooo, here's to preserving some of our memories from the first half of 2014!
Valentine's/Present's Day weekend we headed to JawBone with the family! The cousins love each other and played in the dirt the entire time!
More from JawBone!
The following weekend I was in San Diego on a Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) retreat. BSF has been in my life since Isaac was 10 months. No words can describe how much it means to me. This year I became a leader and I now have the support of 40+ women each week encouraging me and walking through life with me. I then in return get to encourage my small group of 15 women! The children's program is absolutely amazing! Isaac graduates from the day program this week and I get choked up just thinking about it! BSF is an international Bible study that focuses on one book of the Bible each year. Look 'em up on line and find a group near you!!!!!!

My third weekend in a row out of town took us to Glamis! The only way this was possible is because it was pouring back home, which cancelled baseball and we were free to go. It only sprinkled in the desert. The boys love being dropped off at the top of a dune! They wander forever!

This was our last trip with the rhino. We have traded it in for a sand rail... Next season's trips will be a lot faster and way more comfortable for the three boys in the back seat! Stay tuned... ;)
Aaaaaaaand Glamis carries over into writing assignments!

Parker and Isaac w/ their game balls!
Baseball season... Oh baseball season! Six days a week from the middle of February all the way until play offs weekend, which is still yet to come... This is Parker's first year playing and he LOVES it just as much as Isaac! However, I think Blake is the most serious about the sport! I typically lose him during the games and find him in the dugout with the team. You know, trying on helmets and choosing which bat he's going to hit with. Thankful he can't play for two more years though... Life will be really crazy then!
I mentioned "my" web page... Check out
This is MY new girlie adventure! I've been working non stop since I quit teaching but, I'm finally getting paid again!!! I now don't have to use "Shaun's money" to buy him presents nor do I have to feel bad for little, random impulse buys. I'm loving helping men pick out personal jewelry for their ladies and having Girl's Night Out jewelry bars! This custom jewelry is my new version of scrapbooking and I love it!
See, even as I sit here and blog I'm enjoying my owl coffee. AND the only reason I have down time to blog is because I have two pink eyes. Otherwise I would be at baseball snack bar duty! Ok, moving on...

Isaac's school had a field trip to LEGOLAND and, of course, we went. The big boys had a blast but, poor Blake was sick and had a bad fever. It wasn't until we left the park that evening that we were able to get him some medicine. Oh how we felt so bad for him!
We spent spring break in Arizona! Sadly, Blake and Isaac, my nephews and sister, and Julie's two boys got pink eye! It spreads fast and it is wicked! Crazy that my mom and I have it now (a whole month later)!

Ummmm..... Can we get some sweet little girls in this mix, please!?

While we were there Isaac lost his first tooth. It was loose for three months and it finally fell out, literally just fell out by his tongue touching it. He lost his second tooth last week (which was only loose a third of the time) but, that's a whole separate blog!
Introducing our newest family, Crossfit Evermore!
Sore is the new me! However, it has been way too long since I've been physically active (besides chasing the boys around) and I love feeling the affects daily! We are slowly starting to eat better and seeing the results of our hard work is worth it! The boys love going to the box (aka: the gym) and playing with friends and cheering us on!

Easter Saturday at Ammah and Papa's house! I'm thankful that Ammah gave the boys an Easter... I have been so far off my game lately! Egg hunts, Easter baskets, lots of food and candy, and a water gun fight! Oh, and you can't forget about Bessy the Cow? ;)

On Easter Sunday we headed to the station after church. But first, can I just quickly add that I had all three boys in the service with me that morning and we didn't get kicked out!?!

It was so hot that day so I didn't put candy in the eggs for the hunt. I just told the boys to find as many as they can and we would get the goodies after. Isaac and Parker are so competitive so empty eggs are still worth it! However, Blake picked up one, shook it, and then looked at me in disgust! He threw it on the ground and ran to another one. After shaking it and finding the same horrible, empty results, he threw it down and asked, "Where's the chocolate?" From then on and could care less.
Last week my parents were in town to see my brother's tennis team play in a tournament in San Diego. They came back to our house for the weekend and watched the boys so I could have a girl's night (Shaun had to work)!
Am I done yet?!? This is taking me forever! Here's some randomness to leave you with...
Blake at ANOTHER baseball practice...
Big boy hair cut that caused the biggest meltdown that I have ever seen!!!! 
(I think I really like this shirt on him!)

And if I was in instagram I would label this #latergram
This was back in January but I just need it recorded. Isaac loved his first ever, upside down rollercoaster!
Because you can never be too prepared!

We love the sand!
And the newest adventure... Still a work in progress. We haven't had the time to officially start but, we're hoping for next week!