Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas Tradition

Oh Bass Pro Shop... How we love you at Christmas! We run all over your store, play all your games, get a picture with Santa, and then leave without buying anything!
Malaya was focused on the bells they were ringing here and was holding it together because she had the security of her family around her... But take us and the bells away...
It was one of those silent cries... I just wanted her to breathe... Make a noise. And then when she did... Oh she was beside herself. So completely unhappy. I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. Santa was SO good with her... I imagine he's used to it. He kissed her on the head and just smiled away.  
Love the progression of these next pictures...

I'm the model for the perfect kid!

I can make the best of everything! Life is an adventure!

I think I like this moving thing!
Really? This is supposed to be fun!?
After Bass Pro we head to Christmas lights with the Gomezes. Yes, we take EIGHT kids out at bedtime and make them walk up and down the street looking at lights!
The whole gang!
We have been taking a picture with this Santa since Isaac was a baby!

Malaya was silently fighting sleep. Then I gave her a nice, soft blanket... She was out in seconds!
The big kids!

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