Monday, May 20, 2013

Half Birthdays, Stats, Quotes, and Words of the Week

I have separated my life into two categories... Life before kids and life after kids. It's funny how the 5 1/2 years with kids feels the same length of time as my 25 years without kids. I can't remember what life was like before I became a mommy and took on so much worry and responsibility. One thing both stages have in common though is they seem to be a blur. My high school memories seem just as long ago as when I held Isaac in my arms for the first time.

Mother's Day marked 5 1/2 years of chaos motherhood for me. The hardest best years of my life! On Saturday I was reminded of my continued role in life when Parker turned 3 1/2 years old and Blake turned 21 months! It was a big week of recognizing half birthdays and getting that much closer to celebrating Blake's 2nd birthday! I don't miss having all the bulky baby contraptions that take up way too much space. However, I do miss onesies, baby breath, diapers that don't stink, tiny fingers, and itty bitty coos. The fact that everyone sleeps through the night is probably my favorite part!

I'm thankful that God gave me three (relatively) easy pregnancies, three six-hour labors (that seemed way shorter than that thanks to the epidural), and three healthy, energetic, and happy boys! I pray that they live up to the meaning of their names. Isaac- laughter. Parker- protector. Blake- powerful. Today Isaac's teacher told me that he was such a joy to have in class. Parker's Bible study teacher told me that when Blake's in class with him, Parker follows him around and protects him from other kids. And I have observed that Blake's growl is quite fierce when he shows is strong muscles! There are still days that I wonder what it would be like to have a little girl but, then I'm reminded of one of Isaac's class sayings... you get what you get and you don't throw a fit! These boys have filled my love tank to the point of overflow!

26 pounds of pure love!
Not sure why he chose a pink helmet but, this kid doesn't need Toys R Us... Just take him to Sports Authority and it's like a day at Disneyland for him!

Blake is now saying shoot the ball.
Well... Kinda...
I guess it sounds more like sh** ball! :/ 

How in the world does he do that!?!
I made the mistake of leaving my scrapbook stuff out and then going and taking a shower. When I got out Blake had 12 buttons in his mouth. He seemed to choke on each one as I tried to fish hook them out of his mouth!
48 pounds of solid muscle!
Not much tree to climb but, he'll still try!
Isaac's word of the week is process. Not sure why but, when my boys pick up a new word, they try to use it as much as they can. At dinner, Parker was having a hard time eating and Isaac asked if it was a process to get Parker to eat food. Another time they were all in the trampoline and Isaac told Blake not to come near him and Parker because they were having a process (aka: wrestling/tackling).

37 pounds of... I don't know... he leaves me speechless...
Parker's word of the week was disrespectful. Parker and Isaac were playing in their room and I guess there was a problem because Parker came out and told me that Isaac was being disrespectful and trying to get him to sin. "And I don't want to sin, Mommy" he assured me!
Parker also gets confused as to when he needs to say, I forgive you.
Parker: Isaac, can I please have that Ninja Turtle.
(Isaac passes over the turtle)
Parker: Thank you
Isaac: You're welcome
Parker: I forgive you!
Five minutes of watching my boys play Wii Sports and you'll be able to nail down their personalities:
Parker was calm, quiet, and focused while trying to learn new skills. Isaac was loud, got super mad when he couldn't do something great the first time, and there wasn't a cushion on either couch that he didn't jump on. Oh, and Blake, he stood in the front (wearing my head band) and cheered anytime something good happened!
These boys mean business when they ask if they can play in shaving cream!

And no, we didn't count them. Isaac said there were too many to count!

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Ugly Truth

This is my family.
I'm proud of them.
They all try so hard to do their part in this family. 
When we go out I tell them to act normal and smile.
I tell them to say hello and be polite.
I tell them not to act goofy or to make a scene.
And usually they listen.
However, I feel as though I'm making them be something they're not.
Like they're having to act in a play...
Take on different characters... 
Don't we tell our kids that we'll love them no matter what they do?!
Don't we tell them that they just need to be themselves.
So, because I have felt convicted, I would like to introduce you to my real family...

This is "Safety First" Isaac.

This is "you can Never be too Prepared for Battle" Parker.

And this is "Everything is Better with a Mask" Blake.
This is my family.
And even with their crazy, psycho, full of non-sense, what in the world were you thinking actions...
I love them to the moon and back! 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mother's Day

The Friday before Mother's Day I joined Isaac at his school for a special day. I was treated like royalty... I was waited on, sung to, and showered with handmade presents. This time with Isaac was greatly needed seeing as how the night before was rough. It was full of bad choices, which brought consequences. It's not easy being the oldest and having to help mommy out when daddy is gone for several days. He's a stubborn little guy, full of emotions, and great expecations. If things aren't how he wants, than his engine ignites and I know to throw on my fire proof suit 'cause there's going to be major flames. I'm hoping this temper of his can be used for the good someday... If that's even possible!? In the meantime, I'll keep praying and taking deep breaths!
On Sunday I was able to get ready in peace before I headed down stairs where I was greeted with kind words, cards, flowers, and presents. We spent the morning at church and then family came over for a yummy dinner made by Chef Shaun.
Happy Mother's Day to me!

Parker's belly and Blake's "smile!" Cracks me up!

The boys with Ammah

With Nana and Papa Sr.
They may not be looking at my camera but, I love that they are all smiling!

We also celebrated Papa's birthday. The boys love climbing in his new truck.

It took a while for Auntie Courtney to leave... These boys wanted her to move in with us!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Best friends, worst enemies

Two words that I am constantly telling Isaac and Parker...

By driving each other nuts, they are driving me nuts! They looooove to pick on each other... They are expert pickers. Pick, pick, pick, pick, pick, pick! Every play time ends in tears. According to Isaac, Parker is always doing it wrong. And, they must be able to read each other's mind because they wake up wanting to play with the exact same toy... Millions to chose from but, they both want the same one. It's endless...

Every once in a blue moon...
When all the stars in the sky align just right...
When I think I can see a pig flying in the far distance...
These two brothers can be best friends!
And little do they know... melts my heart!
I caught Peter Pan and Captain Hook on the trampoline holding hands. They are a team and someday I hope that they'll understand that because they have a brother, they'll always have a best friend! 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

May the 4th be with you!

The boys don't fully understand the importance of this day... They're still young padawans!

They would rather wait until their master walks out of the room and then destroy! Parker didn't partake in the chaos but, he was kind enough to help his brothers clean it up!
I also pulled out pre-kid photo albums and the boys were at my side within seconds. Curious little critters they are...
My favorite was showing them some of our wedding pictures. Their first question, "Where are we!?" HA!
Other comments:
Hey that's Julie singing. What's she singing? The Pledge of Allegiance? -Isaac
Look, Uncle Manny is closing his eyes. That is so disrespectful! -Parker
(Sorry Uncle Manny)
Mommy, you look like an angel... Cause you're wearing white! -Isaac
There's way too much kissing in this book! -Parker
And every single kissing picture was quickly covered up with their hands
I did show them some pictures from high school and when they saw a photo of me with my homecoming date (holding hands), Parker gave me a disapproving look and wanted to know if I was married before I married their daddy!
These boys make me laugh!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Oh to be five!

Isaac loves school! Never once have we had to force him to go... And we're at the end of the year! This has really been a great beginning for him! Every time I pick him up, he's quick to tell me that he played Star Wars, Ninja Turtles, Ninjago, and anything else super hero. My guess was that these were recess activities but, Isaac told me that he plays them inside the classroom too. Isaac is a very physical little boy and has had some issues with being too rough. I could only imagine how chaotic it would be to have 15 little boys playing Ninja Turtles in the classroom. However, when I pulled out the counting cubes today, I understood that inside play wasn't as crazy as I thought...

when I pulled out these cubes today Isaac got so excited. I was shocked that he wanted to do some math. Of course I was wrong. He took them right away and began to build while telling me that he has these in class. He made four separate stacks. As you can see in the picture they are green and brown with different colored tops: purple, blue, red, and orange. It made me laugh cause I knew exactly who these stacks represented... Donatello, Leonardo, Raphael, and Mikey. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! These boys are so desperate to play that they don't even need to bring their figures. They create them in class. Their imaginations are priceless!

P.S. For all you TMNT fans... He also made a black and white one for Shredder. Can't have any heroes if you don't have a bad guy!