Friday, May 17, 2013

The Ugly Truth

This is my family.
I'm proud of them.
They all try so hard to do their part in this family. 
When we go out I tell them to act normal and smile.
I tell them to say hello and be polite.
I tell them not to act goofy or to make a scene.
And usually they listen.
However, I feel as though I'm making them be something they're not.
Like they're having to act in a play...
Take on different characters... 
Don't we tell our kids that we'll love them no matter what they do?!
Don't we tell them that they just need to be themselves.
So, because I have felt convicted, I would like to introduce you to my real family...

This is "Safety First" Isaac.

This is "you can Never be too Prepared for Battle" Parker.

And this is "Everything is Better with a Mask" Blake.
This is my family.
And even with their crazy, psycho, full of non-sense, what in the world were you thinking actions...
I love them to the moon and back! 

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