Sunday, April 29, 2012

Maddox's Birthday

Several weeks ago we headed to Arizona for my nephew's 1st birthday! Isaac always does amazing on the five hour drive, Parker needs constant distractions, and we learned that Blake does not like long trips! He is my first non-car sleeper.

We had a great week! See, pictures to prove it! 

Brothers/cousins playing!

Parker loved getting kisses from Maddox!

Happy First Birthday little guy!

Maddox didn't really care to eat his cake but, he sure did love sticking his fingers in it! He got soooo messy!

We dressed for the party! Bright colors and camo! 

Maddox thought it was quite funny that he wasn't about to put those silly star sunglasses on!

These two loved "talking" to each other! Full on conversations of solid jibber jabber! I'm sure they were plotting on how to beat up the big boys someday!

Uncle Mike may be a bigger Star Wars fan than my two boys put together! He has hundreds of tiny characters (that my sister didn't even know about until a few months ago) and he chose a few for Isaac and Parker to play with! Pretty obvious that they were head over heals excited!  

One of the last cool days outside. Summer is coming... Must be time to leave Arizona!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Good Night

It may not be guaranteed that by the time I get to my hot chocolate it will be hot or that my frozen smoothie won't be melted but, I can guarantee that...

...come 7 o'clock tomorrow morning this little guy (and his two brothers) will be up and FULL of energy! So, even though I have so much I want to blog about, I'm going to say good night!  

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

8 months

This little Rock Star is 8 months old today! I can't even believe it! I also can't kiss him enough, hug him enough, squeeze him enough, or tell him I'm head over heals in love with him enough! It's one of those loves that's so deep it makes you want to cry! He truly does rock my world!

Little tidbits about Blake:

He's 21.6 pounds (exact same weight as his 1 yr old cousin Maddox)
He gets called a girl more than a boy! He's my pretty boy!
His brothers tend to his every need. Why learn to crawl when you can have everything brought to you!
He rolls every where!
He claps with you and waves at you!
He also claps with his feet!
He has two top teeth and two bottom teeth!
I've learned the hard way that he bites really hard with those four teeth!
He grinds those four teeth together like crazy! Gives us the willies!
He can sit for 45 minutes or more and be completely content!
He wears 18 month clothes!
Unless he's really tired, he will smile and laugh at anyone. Mr. Social!
He doesn't like five hour car rides!
He has the deepest belly laugh!
Because his eyes are so blue they water every time he's out in the sun!
He already has a farmers tan (you can see it on his arms in the bath picture)! Good to know he tans!
He loves to talk, squeal, and make all kinds of sounds! Especially da da! No ma ma yet!
He'll eat anything we give him!
He still has some red to his hair! Yippy!

And last, but not least.......

Blake has the biggest booty out of all my boys!

Happy 8 months my favorite third born!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Recap

I love the conversations with my boys that Easter time brings. Parker told me that Jesus was in his tummy (meaning heart) and Isaac told me that he couldn't perform miracles like Jesus did because he doesn't have a beard! When I first asked them what Easter was Isaac told me it was Jesus' birthday. I guess Christmas was still fresh in his mind. I was at least thankful that he didn't say it was about the Easter bunny, candy filled eggs, or Easter baskets. In the midst of all the commercialized Easter excitment we read books about the true meaning of Easter. We also had many conversations about how Jesus died on the cross for our sins, rose again, and lives in heaven, and enjoyed our set of resurection eggs (a must have). For being such an important holiday it sure doesn't last long so we have to try our hardest to fit everything in!

We leave for Arizona tomorrow to continue celebration with my family! We saved dying Easter eggs to do with them! Maddox needs help from his cousins!

First, we started the week off with a lunch Easter egg hunt. I filled the eggs with gold fish, grapes, gummies, cheese, and sandwich and hid them in the back yard! It helped to get them ready for the real hunts that would be coming!

Easter Eve brought baskets full of Star Wars stuff! Characters for Isaac and a Darth Vader shirt and gun for Parker! Ummm... And Blake... Well.... He got to play with a bunch of empty eggs! Sorry bud!

We also had another egg hunt with some of the kids from our young marrieds Bible study class! I love the picture of Blake and Ivy... Perfect bib to be wearing that day! 

Mom (as Parker would say) and her boys!

Happy Easter!
Daddy worked Saturday through Monday so after church on Sunday we headed to the station. The boys helped me make bright, colorful cookies and carrot cake cupcakes. We decorated the big table then left the rest of the cooking to the firemen! Packing up three boys, decorations, and dessert was all I could handle! 

There were two highlight for me. 1. Watching these tough guys hide Easter eggs in giant firetruck tires while wearing these silly hats! 2. Blake had to be passed around between the guys because he was "too heavy and squirmy." They even had to sit down to hold him because they got tired! It's amazing how strong they have to be to do the kind of job they do, yet, holding a 20 pound baby for 15 minutes is exhausting! I could never do their job but, it's nothing for me to hold a 20 pound baby all day, everyday! God sure knew what he was doing when he created us. So unique and perfect for our specific jobs! The boys had the best time! Thanks Dean for helping Blake find his first Easter egg ever, thanks Harry for eating all the jelly beans that Shaun told me not to bring but I brought anyways, and thanks Shane for playing hide and go seek over and over and over and over.......   

I can't believe all these guys are mine!

Finally, Ammah and Papa came over tonight with their Easter baskets for the boys! They continued the Star Wars theme... Ammah made capes and pillow cases! We only had one Star Wars pillow case and it was a daily fight!
(And yes, Parker has a new hair cut but, is still wearing the same shirt... Washed every night of course) 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Friday, April 6, 2012

It's another... BOY!!!

We adopted a little boy! Did I forget to mention we were in the process?! Yeah, it all happened really fast. Just kidding! One of my really good friends, Adriana, had a little boy two weeks ago! We finally got to go over and meet him tonight! He was a typical newborn... Ate and slept the whole time! He had no problem sleeping through all the loud chaos, which definitely makes him a second born! AND just in case you were wondering... I did have a slight case of baby fever! Didn't think that was possible with having one that's only 7 1/2 months!

Jeremiah Joseph Gomez
10lbs 8oz, 21in 
That's NOT a typo! He was really that huge! Adriana's always teasing me about having big boys but, she beat me by almost a pound! Everyone is still shocked that she could have a baby that big... She's soooo tiny! 

Parker and big sister, Kylie, loving on Jeremiah!

Shaun could totally do three boys and a girl! ;)

Adriana, Me, and our kiddos! Poor Kylie is waaaaaay out numbered!

Congrats Matt and Adriana! Your friendship is so special to us and we can't imagine life without you!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools

So I wasn't feeling much for pranks this year... Aren't you happy that you don't have to figure out if I'm really pregnant, having twins, or changing Blake's name!?! I did have a few people in the facebook world thinking I convinced Shaun to try one more time for a girl! Yeah right! Even if we did try again it would be another boy... In which I would just laugh and tell God he's sooooo funny! I'm really getting the hang of this boy world anyway. I have no problem passing up those three pink aisles at Target because I'm so excited to see if there is a new Star Wars character on the shelves! Usually there isn't because we already own all of them!

I figured now was a good time to share about the trip we booked three months ago (January 1st- Starting the year out right) and will be leaving for in two months! Eek! I don't know how I've waited this long...

April 1st happens to be exactly two months 'til I turn the big 3-0! While this is a little depressing I knew there was only one place that would make it all better! Shaun and I had a little talk in Septemberish that went like this...

Me: Shaun, I finally figured out what I want for my birthday!

Shaun: Slowly turning around and rolling his eyes at me but, with absolutely no shock on his face that I would say something like this nine months before my birthday he said, "What!?"

Me: Guess!

Shaun: A new camera lens!?

Me: Oh ya, I really do need that too but, think bigger!

Shaun: Hawaii!?

Me: That took you long enough! Of course!!!!!!

So, after waiting three years and nine months, I finally get to go back! It's a decent chunk of change taking a family of five to Hawaii so I tried to tell him that it would be cheaper if we just booked one way tickets... He didn't go for that! :(

So come the end of May we will leave the California coast and head for some real beaches! Warm, crystal clear water, white sands, breath taking views... My mouth is already watering!

Kauai, Hawaii
Not sure where this is on the island but, I'm going to find it!

And by the way... My cluster map shows that someone in Hawaii reads my blog! Who are you and when can I come visit!?! I'm already planning our next trip! After Kauai, any island will do!