Friday, April 29, 2011

AZ trip always = lots of collages

 Every trip home is always wonderful, especially when Shaun gets to go with us. The last time he was able to go with us was March 2010... Over a year! We were quite busy with spending time with family, making time to see old friends, squeezing in some alone time without the boys, and all the excitement that Easter AND a new baby bring! We managed to make it all happen and here's proof of it...

 Taking turns holding/petting baby Maddox

This is the look Parker would give me when I held Maddox. Let's just say he didn't want anyone else in my arms execpt for him!

The look Isaac and Ailee give just to be cute!

Shaun and I were able to get away and go to the Melting Pot for dinner. We've never done anything like this before and even though it was super expensive (for us), it was totally worth it! Great food and so worth the experience.
The bottom right picture is for all those that know I HATE broccoli (especially my Aunt Cathy who always tried to get me to eat it every summer we went to Michigan)... Yes, that's me taking a bite of the nasty green stuff!

So, I got this shirt for Shaun to wear on Easter and it didn't go over so well. There was no way he was going to even touch it. Lucky for him it ended up being too small though. It soon became a big joke and my dad thought he'd try it on with his swim shorts, flip flops, and socks... Oh wait, that's just his sock tan! Haha!

This was the first year we dyed Easter eggs. It started out as being a wonderful experience. Isaac was even using the primary colors to make new colors (even though they were sitting right in front of him). But little brother stepped in and all went down hill...

Off came the clothes and away went the dipping sticks. It was on now! Hands, fingers, tummies, legs, feet... All got a bath in the brightly colored vinegar. And of course what do eggs look like to little boys? BALLS!!! So Parker dumped the dye and just started throwing! Chaos I tell you, chaos!

Thankfully their "Shrek" bodies washed off in the bath that night. I was not looking forward to taking them to church the next morning!

Good thing my boys did not hunt eggs with anyone else... They would have lost big time. As my competitive side is yelling at them to hurry and fill their baskets as fast as they can, they're taking their sweet little time eating the candy out of each egg as they go, one at a time. This was a super boring (and fattening) egg hunt!!!

Happy Easter from G.G. Mom and her 15th, 17th, and 18th grandsons!

Happy Easter from the twins... Parker and daddy AND Isaac and mommy!

Happy Easter from my parents who just can't get a good picture with these boys!

Happy Easter from the boys that managed to turn their frowns upside down (thanks Mummu for jumping up and down and making silly noises!)

And Happy Easter from the new family of three!

Something I want to remember about Easter morning:
As we were getting ready for church Shaun told Isaac that Jesus was alive! He explained that even though he had died on the cross he was no longer in the tomb! Shaun then asked Isaac were he thought Jesus had gone. Isaac thought about it and replied, "To an Easter party!?" Oh how heaven will be quite the party, but I think we'll be doing things a lot more exciting than coloring eggs!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Maddox Craig

The boys have a new baby cousin!
Maddox Craig was born April 9th and Isaac and Parker absolutely adore him (but Parker prefers me not to hold him... Little jealous)! We just got back from Arizona where we got to spend a whole week with him. I will show many more cute pictures and give many more details... BUT, not right now! It was a long drive and I'm tired!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ring Bearer Isaac

Oh where do I even begin? My little ring bearer sure went above and beyond the call of duty. When you think of weddings you picture mushy love and tears of joy. When you think of flower girls and ring bearers you picture puppy love and tears of laughter! My, oh my, Isaac sure came through in the "tears of laughter" department. Take a look for yourself (I can't believe I'm showing this to the world). I sent it to Shaun last night and he said, "What? Why do I have to have the weird kid?"

I was just hoping he would make it down the aisle... I didn't think he would hop the whole way and then say, "boing, boing, boing" when he got to the front! Yes, I was one embarrassed mama! The pastor even told me that that was the best he'd ever seen! I'm just thankful it was such a short aisle... He was really getting going at the end. Shaun was working so I was flying solo, which meant I was the only parent there to claim this crazy kid. This video could have been better but Parker was sitting on my lap (or should I say sitting on Blake) and I had a camera in one hand and the video camera in the other. I think if I had to do this again without Shaun I would call for back up. Getting Isaac to do his job, smile for pictures, and stay clean AND Parker fed, happy, and quiet ALL while being big and prego in a nice dress and wanting video and pictures was not an easy task... Let's just say I slept really well!

As if the video didn't show enough, here are some photos I was able to get!

When Isaac started giving the "I'm done" look, I just pulled out a little bribe reward and we got... like this...
One of our favorite people, Tammy!

...and this!
The boys with the groom, Michael! 

And then it happened again so out came more Werthers Originals and we got... like this...

...and this!

Thankfully the bubble gun (from the bride and groom) came at the perfect time! Isaac was thrilled! 

Parker even enjoyed his time. Here he is in the toddler room before the wedding taking care of his "baby"!

And playing football with Tammy!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Sneak Peek

Isaac is the ring bearer in a wedding this weekend so there will be plenty more of these...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New toy

Friends of ours (that also have all boys) have a trampoline and it's all Isaac talks about! We had wanted to get one for the boy's birthday but Parker was still so little and we realized it would have been hard. We decided we would wait til tax return and it would be our one fun purchase! Well, tax return came and we now own a trampoline! AND it is proving to be the perfect toy! It's the first place Isaac wants to be in the morning and the last place you'll find him at night! It helps that Parker is older and stronger but he still doesn't use it as much as Isaac. Shaun usually has to be on it with them so that he can hold Parker up when Isaac is jumping or to force Isaac them to take turns. Sadly there is a weight limit so Shaun doesn't really get to jump! Maybe someday we'll get an adult size one so that the "big kids" can jump too!

Reading the directions!

Monkey see, monkey do!

Parker stealing trampoline parts!
Isaac helping daddy put the springs on.

We didn't even have time to get the protective mat on the springs... He just couldn't wait any longer!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

21 weeks & 2 days

I figured since I was over half way in my pregnancy it was time to post a real belly picture. This is actually the first one I've posed for. When I was pregnant with Isaac I took my first picture at 13 weeks. When I was pregnant with Parker I took my first picture at 17 weeks. I guess I have the "been there, done that, stretched out that shirt" attitude. Or maybe this is the first time I've had a chance to make myself look presentable for a picture. More kids = less time for hair and make up!  I'm sure my neighbors think I only own sweatpants and that Shaun and I not only share a closet but the clothes in it too! His shirts are just so comfy right now! I also get very critical of myself in pictures. Like this one... I should have bent my knee 'cause it looks like I'm going to topple over. :) Oh well, enjoy 'cause it it may be the last one for a while!
And here is a collage of a "real" photo shoot. Not one picture is good (well, maybe the single of Isaac). The background is not ideal, Parker is either looking away or crying, Isaac is being his typical silly self and can't hold still, and me... Well, let's just say I was yelling at Shaun most of the time 'cause I had no idea why he was taking the pictures he did. I finally just "went with the flow" like Shaun ordered me to in the last two bottom pictures.

A note from Parker:
  tyugdkjiyertijurewaqetuysxcvbnbgvfcdxszxcvb ?lytrewqwerthjc32r4dffrfqkl./l,kjhygtrfghj.,kjhgfmmgbnm,.mr efgvbhvfcdfgbnmdvb  bgfdsdfvbn saqsdfvgbny..,jhgtfrhyjkl.kjhgtfrdeswedfhjkliuytrewertyhjkl;lkuytASCV BVFDWQASXC CCCXXXVrewerthyjl;/
Translated: "Have a great week!"

Friday, April 1, 2011

Name Change

Soooo, Shaun and I have been thinking long and hard about baby #3's name. I know we already announced "Blake Tyler" to the WORLD and have been calling him that for a few weeks now, which makes this a gazillion times harder and a little embarrassing... BUT, we've changed it! We love the name Cooper and feel it's more rock star-ish. Reminds us of Alice Cooper. So, Cooper it is... Still working on a middle name to go with it! Hope you don't think we're too crazy in the head...

April fools!
Don't worry... It's not ironed on!

Working on Blake's wardrobe!

Rock stars come in all shades for blue!
Canvas wall art (that I don't yet have) for his room! I need to baby register at Bed, Bath, & Beyond! :)

I think this decorating thing is more fun the third time around!