Sunday, January 12, 2014

My Middle Man

This little guy is 42 pounds of love! He is sweet from the inside out. He draws attention wherever he goes and everyone wants to be his buddy! He is so easy going, laughs at everything, and can make some of the silliest faces. Some things that I don't understand about him would be 1. He loves to photo bomb other peoples pictures but, he is the first to put on a sour face when I ask him to smile for a picture. Really!? You'll jump in a picture not meant for you but you get mad when I actually want you in it? 2. He loooooves getting new clothes! Like a lot! However, I can't ever get him to wear anything! Explain that one little man?!
He has always gone into classes without any problem... He's been the least clingy and enjoys being around other people. However, in November he started having a really hard time going to his Bible study class and staying the whole time. The preschool director has had to come and get me because he gets sad and just wants to go home. His class is mainly girls (which typically isn't a problem because he luuuvs girls) but, for times that he needs a bro, there just isn't one. The solution: At the young age of four, he is now going to big church with us. He has agreed to go to his class during the Bible study time but, he then comes with us instead of staying for second hour. He does so well too!
Nothing holds him back. He's a go getter and doesn't have to try. However, if he is unable to do something, he shrugs and moves on... No big deal.
If you take this kid shopping and you tell him he can pick out anything he wants... I can guarantee he'll chose some type of weapon. Mr. Parker is ALWAYS armed and dangerous!
He blows me away with how he keeps up with the big kids. Seriously, he fits in with the six, seven, and eight year olds!
He loves that his eyes have turned green..B because green is his favorite color! However, I don't think his skin has a chance at turning anything but white! At least he can blame daddy for that one and not me!
I told him that he will make a good daddy someday because he is patient. He then let me know that he'll probably have two girls! Good buddy, you'll definitely need patients with girls!
He's always wanting to make a deal with me when I ask him to do something... You know the "What's in it for me?" kind of deals. I thought maybe his negotiating skills would mean he'll be a lawyer someday but, he told me he wants to be an inventor.
This little guy is easy to love and I'm so glad I get to call him mine!

He wanted to match for church!

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