Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Morning

We waited for Shaun to get home in the morning and then made a mad dash down stairs to see what Santa brought! The boys were thrilled to see he had delivered their Ninja Turtle tower and Blake slowly took a liking to his trampoline! filling their stockings with Ninja Turtle undies was a very smart move too, Santa!

Good thing Santa had this tower ready in November... It was the hot item of the year!

Blake tries to jump in the big trampoline with his big brothers outside but, he's just not quite ready. This will help him with the practice he needs!
We took a break to have breakfast and by the time the boys had asked to open presents for the hundredth time... We said yes!
BUT, of course, I made them take a picture first! Smiles were easy. Holding still not so much!

Love these Christmas mornings at home!
One of my favorites!
Iron man, Captain America, and Thor!

But Thor can quickly change into Captain America!

Merry Christmas!
Sadly, because daddy missed Christmas Eve photos, this is the only family one we have! :)

Christmas Eve

Missing daddy who had to work til Christmas morning!

With Mummu and Iso

With Uncle Aaron

Gitchy, gitchy, gooooooo!

With marshmallows... Smiles!

Without marshmallows... Blah!

Friday, December 28, 2012

The Big Boys' Party

Since it's Christmas season it only seems fitting that I'm finally blogging about the boys' birthday party. Not much is done on time around here anymore! Playing catch up has become the norm these days...

Months ago these two had decided on a Mario Cart theme party. Great! There is NOTHING for that in party stores, which means I have to create this from scratch. I began pinning away on pintrest and collecting what I could from this store and that store. As the weeks before the party approached they, of course, changed their mind about what kind of a party they wanted. It went from Power Rangers to Ninja Turtles to Star Wars again. Ummmm, no way boys! You're getting a Mario and Luigi party and you're going to like it. End of story! ;)

Since it's still so nice outside in November, we thought it was finally time to try a park party. Besides the fact that we forgot the fruit salad at home and I was left to watch all three boys, decorate, and get all set up by myself, while calling a friend because I remembered a few other key props that were forgotten... All went as well as possible. I was super sad that my parents couldn't make it this year 'cause they are my trusty party helpers! I would say, "Oh well, I'll make sure they're in town next year..." However, I think we're going to take a break with these big productions for a little while... I love to plan but, I'm learning that no matter the location, it's a lot of work! And I have a hard time simplifying when I have a million ideas in my head.

Our big 3 and 5 year old!

I think I need to wear a crown more often! ;)

Most of our friends that came to the party!
I tried to have fun games for the kids, like...

...shoot King Boo with a nerf gun! And...

... pin the mustache on the character (20x24 pictures of Isaac dressed as Mario and Parker as Luigi)! However...

... this is all they wanted to do... Run in the open grass!
Oh well, I tried!

They enjoyed the cake though (once we rounded them up for the 20th time)!

Thank you to family and friends for helping us celebrate!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

16 Months

And this little rockstar turned 16 months today!
I must say that his 15th month was full of milestones...
He full-time started walking!
He got three molars (last molar is breaking through and four i teeth to go)!
He improved his night time sleeping (teething has been rough)!
He started eating food other than chicken nuggets and quesedillas!
He began talking (mama, dada, Isaac, juice, ball [doll], hot, shoes)!
He learned that he is funny and will do whatever it takes to get attention! Big brothers think he's hilarious too!  
This little guy is as happy as can be... IF he's super-glued to my hip! He is in a strong mama stage right now!

A special trick only done by daddy just to stop mommy's heart from beating! ;)

Glamis... a month late

So Shaun got on to fix my downloading picture problem and of course there wasn't a problem! It just magically started working again... Lame!
We were in Glamis exactly one month ago today. It was Parker's birthday and he was thrilled to be turning 3! The first thing he asked when he woke up was, "Now am I three?" Of course he then asked when he would be four and then five... Crazy kid! Happy three years and one month little guy!
Shaun's favorite family picture... EVER!!!
The set up... Right in the middle of 118,000 acres of dirt sand!
Isaac was amazing on his quad! He was non stop... He loved it! He did fall once and scraped up his leg pretty good but, he got back on and rode back to the trailer... That's where he lost it! Poor guy!
Parker enjoyed some rides but spent more time in the trailer playing with his birthday presents.
I was thankful Blake napped because all he wanted was to ride! This kid is already crazy about engines! He probably sat on everyones bike!
Sharing a Glamis kiss!
I think Shaun had a tear in his eye when I took this picture! So proud!

S'mores by the fire...
Play time with Papa
I wish we had more fun together... Always so serious! ;)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

With great power, comes great responsibility

I had the best devotion ever with my little guys tonight. Typically I'm just trying so hard to get them to sit down, be quiet, and learn something that I don't even begin to give myself a chance to apply anything to my own life. Besides, they are kid devotions from a kid's book. They are simple, easy, and very childish.

However, tonight I learned that when I'm not open to learning, they don't really care to learn either. It becomes routine and boring... Something I'm just trying to get through it so I can finally put them to bed and have me time. I don't like when I have to MAKE them listen instead of them WANTING to learn.

After putting Blake to sleep I went in Isaac and Parker's room. Parker had dressed himself in Batman pajamas and Isaac was sitting on the floor playing with Iron man, Thor, and Spiderman (or was it Hulk?) We had had people over so it was late. Usually I'll read a few books of their choice and then do a night time devotional. Well, everything inside of me just wanted to put them in bed without reading. However, I knew that wouldn't work. I thought I would be sneaky and just try and get away with the devotional so I grabbed the cool boy one. The blue one with swords on it! They huffed and puffed but when I read the title of this particular story, "superheroes," I thought I might have a chance.

I asked them what makes a super hero a super hero. Parker began to show me all their cool moves and how they climb walls and do karate kicks. Isaac picked up Iron man and made all these crazy fighting boy sounds that I can never do. They told me how each super heroes' power works. So, their answer for what makes a super hero a super hero?... Their great/super powers. As we continued to talk (and I continued to guide), they came up with another reason... Saving people. If people don't cry out to them for help, then they don't need to be super. People need to be saved in order for there to be a need for super heroes. Now for the two applications...

First: Jesus is our super hero. He has super powers, far greater than Iron man and Spiderman, that he is waiting to show us. However, people need to cry out to Him so they can be saved. The sad part is that most of our world won't know they need to be saved til it's too late. There aren't "many" ways to get to heaven... Just one. And that involves recognizing our need for THE Superhero and crying out to Him... NOW! I guess I've never thought of Jesus as a super hero until I defined the word with my boys. Someone with super powers that will save!

Second: I thought I was reading a simple children's devotion with simple applications. Like, share your toys or thank God for the pretty birds. Well, when it said that we need to take care of the widows and the orphans I was shocked. That is a Biblical command that I didn't think kids could even come close to understanding. Having to explain to my boys that some kids don't have parents or that some daddies die and only mommies are left to take care of their kids is hard and heartbreaking! However, God has given us powers (gifts and talents) and blessed us with so much that when others (widows and orphans) cry out, we need to help. Punch in the gut! Now, I don't think I'll run out and adopt a little orphan tomorrow but, I am pondering why God hit me so hard with this!? The solution may be as simple as doing what my boys suggested... To give some of their toys to the kids that don't have any. Or finding a way to raise money for those that have lost mommies or daddies.

Right now I'm just thankful for my boy's sweet hearts and that they can understand that you don't have to have big muscles or wear crazy costumes to be a superhero... Although, It is way more fun that way!

An oldie but a goodie!

Monday, December 10, 2012

MY College Roomie!

So I'd really love to blog the latest happenings (because it's been like three weeks). However, I'm one of those weirdos that can NOT blog without adding pictures and blogger is telling me that I've uploaded my max and if I want to put more on, then I have to buy more space. Me? Blogged too many pictures? Noooo..... ;) I'm totally confused and can't fix the problem so I have to wait til Shaun gets home on Wednesday. I think it has something to do with Picasa but, again, I'm not a computer person. SOOOOO, in the meantime, I won't express how annoyed, frustrated, mad, etc. I am... I'll just share this!
 I went back through my blogs and found this little gem in the draft's folder. How dare me to forget to post it! It was from last JANUARY when one of my favorite people, my college roommate, came for a visit! Nicole and I hit it off from the very beginning and have been close friends since then. We were roomies for three years (until she left me to get married. Cha!). We don't get to see each other much but, when we do, it feels like old times! Well, I guess our six kids kinda bring us back to reality! So many great memories with this sweet friend!
These pictures are from when we met up at CBU and walked around the campus with the kiddos! Again, so many wonderful memories! I loved college... We thought we were grown ups but we had no idea... Having kids is crazy!
Five month old Blake hiding under the blanket!

A picture by our dormroom window!

Typical guys! Already trying to peak in the girl's windows!

On the walk from the dorms to the apartments we found a dead lizard. And of course my boys are standing at a distance while Nichole's girls are poking it with a stick!

Picture in front of our apartment!

Our offspring!
(L to R: Charlie, Isaac and Blake, Parker, Hailey, and Aubrey)