Saturday, April 24, 2010


Here is a perfectly good reason why I don't like when Shaun is gone at work for 48 hours. Having to fly two boys, that together equal 55 lbs, up the stairs every night for bath and bed is VERY hard! Shaun's arms are so much better at this than mine!

The boys had doctor's appointments yesterday and we have new measurements to report.

Isaac Timothy: 34 lbs and 37 1/2 in. tall (I guess he shrunk 'cause last time he was 38 in. tall)

Parker James: 21 lbs and 27 1/2 in. tall (he's gained about 3 lbs and 2 in. in two months) Parker's head was also a small (very small) concern to the doctor. It's 47 cm which is the 99 percentile. We just have to make sure it stays proportioned to the rest of his body. If it grows significantly in the next two months then they have to check and see if there is any extra fluid. The doctor told me not to worry (which is exactly what I'm doing)!

More firsts! Parker is now sitting up on his own and tasting things other than mommy's milk. You can see that he enjoys one of these accomplishments more than the other! Extra info: Isaac and Parker were, to the day, the exact same age when they started sitting up. Pretty cool!

Playing monkey games with big brother! Oh how Parker wanted to put them all in his little mouth!

Isaac's coordination blows us away. He is so athletic and his fine motor skills are so developed. Tonight Shaun had a fire department baseball game so we brought along Isaac's gear. He must have hit five hundred times and only one time did he miss. His form and concentration are priceless!

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Angels and Rubidoux

First set of pictures:
A few weeks ago we went to a baseball game with our young marrieds Bible study class. Of course ALL the little kiddos came too because it's not a true adventure without them. We met in the parking lot for a tail gate dinner and then headed in for a 6:05 game. I'm not exactly sure how much of the game we actually saw but boy was it fun. I think we still sing "take me out to the ballgame" at least five times a day!

Second set of pictures:
We decided that it was time to be active and that we (I) needed to feel a good burn in my legs. Mt. Rubidoux was the spot we chose. We packed up the boys, lunch, and blankets and hiked to the top. I think it's only about two miles or so to the top. Since it was during morning nap time, Parker slept in the pouch. Isaac on the other hand was as awake as they come. He pretty much wanted us to RUN up that mountain. He was loving every minute of his stroller ride. It was a very windy day we didn't last as long as I would have liked. But, because it was so windy, it was completely clear... Smog free! Gorgeous!

The boys were not about to look at the camera... So many other things to look at!

Parker ate, chilled, and then fell asleep. Perfect place to take a baby that is content observing.

checkin' out the map and excited to get to the top!

Exploring... See the snow on the mountains in the FAR distance?

Daddy and Isaac's turn to explore... I love the cross that towers at the top!

Proof that Parker was with us at the top. See the cross in the background?

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Becoming Best Buds

I'm not sure if Isaac loves Parker more or if Parker loves Isaac more! Big brother is constantly hugging and kissing little brother but little brother is constantly laughing at big brother and is completely fascinated with him. My favorite sound is when I'm driving and they start giggling from the back seat. No words need to be spoken... They just take turns laughing back and forth. Their laughs are so contagious too! Parker can be fussy but as soon as Isaac walks in the room (or he hears him from afar), he gets so excited! Chunky Monkey is a happy little guy and will smile for anyone... But, NO ONE can get him to belly laugh like Skinny Mini can! It's amazing to watch their relationship grow and I'm enjoying the "pre-fighting" stage. It's all about love right now!

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Friday, April 9, 2010

4 easy steps to rolling over

1. Relax. Clear your mind. Take a few deep breaths. Focus.

2. Throw those chunky legs as high in the air as possible and thrust your body to the side.

3. Even though you wish you were back at step one relaxing, smile for the camera so this stuff looks easier than it really is! Don't show the pain...

4. Ta-dah!

Now big brother can roll me back over and we'll do this all again... Great!
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Monday, April 5, 2010

Wild Weekend Rundown

Most people hate Mondays, but after the long, exhausting, fun filled weekends we've been having, I'm loving Mondays! Partly 'cause I don't have to work... Or at least the kind of work that you get paid to do!
Parker is napping, Isaac is entertaining himself, and the rain is falling hard outside... Perfect time to blog!
Our weekend was crazy and the boys had to nap in the car as we drove from place to place. This is not something I like to do either. I'm soooo picky about regular naps at home. Under the circumstances though, they did great. Here is our weekend in pictures. I'll just let you know there are a lot of collages. We're only five days into April and I've already taken well over 100 pictures!
Shaun decided that Isaac's hair was too long and it was time to buzz it off. Isaac didn't agree. It took a while to get him to sit down and was mad the whole time. I had to sit him on my lap and wrap the sheet around both of us. He ate a candy cane and I fed him a chocolate (sugar free) pudding.

A friend gave me these "The World Revolves Around Me" shirts and I couldn't wait to get pictures of the boys in them. They weren't really in the picture taking mood so this was the best I could do. I'll take what I can get! Thanks for the outfits Rachel!

Daddy went to work so I gave our first born his first tattoos!

Saturday morning we gave the boys their Easter baskets. We decided that the day before Easter would be all the fun, extra stuff so that Sunday could be spent celebrating the true meaning of the season... Jesus' Resurrection. I'm ok letting my boys enjoy egg hunts, candy, baskets, and bunnies, but I never want those things to be the focus.

Parker got his very own Buzz and Woody (can you believe they make them for babies?) Isaac has to ask Parker for permission if he wants to play with them.

After Easter baskets, we headed to the park for an egg hunt with all the kiddos in our young marrieds Bible study class. It was the perfect weather too.

THEN, after the park, we were off to the next event. Friends of ours, Matt and Adriana, had a party to reveal the sex of their baby (she's 19 weeks). It was so exciting when they cut into the cake and we saw the pink layer of frosting in the middle! IT'S A GIRL!!!! We love you both and are so excited for you! You're going to be great parents!

P.S. I love seeing Matt and his mini me (aka: Parker James) :)

After church on Sunday we had about an hour at home before we headed out again. What do I do when I have any spare time? PICTURES!!! You all know I take tons of pictures of the boys, but that's the problem...
I'M always the one taking them... NOT this time though. Pictures with MOMMY!

I threw this one in just for fun. Isaac is obsessed with gloves right now. Nap time and bed time... Oh yeah, he's got 'em on!

Papa was working Easter so all the Higginses met at the fire station. Ammah and Papa loved helping the boys open their 2nd Easter baskets. Nana got to hold Parker for a long nap too! Click on the collage to see the 4 generation picture! Oh, and the earthquake took on a whole new level when all the fire trucks started shaking!

I got these ears at Wal-Mart for a $1 and couldn't pass them up. You can see how thrilled Shaun was for his boys and him having to wear them! I think they're super cute!
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Thursday, April 1, 2010

2 shall become 3...

To our COMPLETE surprise, our COMPLETE dumbfoundedness, our COMPLETE there is no possible way this could have happened I'm on birth control and Parker is only 4 months... Baby number 3 is on the way!!!

April Fools...