Sunday, September 27, 2009

3 + 5 = 8

Three years of dating + five years of marriage = eight years that Shaun and I have been together!
I can't believe the years have gone by so quickly. I guess that's a good thing though because we still have a long ways to go! Here are pictures from our three years of dating... My sophomore, junior, and senior years of college. We're on the carousel horses at Magic Mt.
September 2001

September 2002

September 2003

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The one and only Isaac...

The things this kid does and says right now is beyond priceless! His personality, his excitement, his laughter, his energy, his stubbornness, his curiosity, his piercing looks, his "I'm sorry hugs and kisses," his EVERYTHING amazes me! I honestly can't remember what life was like before him. I can't believe he's mine (well, Shaun's too) and that soon there is going to be another little boy that will be completely different than him, but that I will love and want to brag about just as much!
Tonight Parker had the hiccups so I had Isaac put his hand on my belly. Now, you have to understand that when Parker gets the hiccups, my entire belly shakes! These are not girlie, cute hiccups... They are rapid, severe ticks! Anyway, Isaac would laugh every time he felt one. Parker seems to move the most when Isaac is around.
Life is all fun and games when you're one! Why do we have to grow up?

A little blurry but worthy to be blogged!

Pretending to be asleep, with a fake snore and all!

Trying to hide between the pillows!

Ohhh, little boy! You melt my heart!

Giddy up!

The look says it all!

Thumbs up, mommy!

"When I grow up I want to be just like my daddy!"

Did I mention how much I love this kid!?!
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Saturday, September 19, 2009

LA County Fair

Yesterday was Hero Day at the LA County Fair so because Shaun's a firefighter we were able to get in for a dollar. Thinking it opened at ten, we set out early. When we got to the parking lot they let us know that it didn't open 'til noon! WHAT? NOON? How do you kill that much time with a toddler and then expect them to not be cranky once you finally get in? A McDonald's playland was all we could find. After we wasted time, Isaac didn't throw us any surprises. He entered the fair tired, sweaty, and ready for a nap. I was frustrated and ready to leave after an hour. Shaun stayed calm and went and bought tickets so Isaac would be distracted by the carnival rides. It worked! He got his fill then crashed in the stroller while we walked throught the very air conditioned shopping buildings. I needed to rest my prego feet so Shaun went and got his fair craving... Deep fried avocado! I said no to the deep fried butter and went with Dip N Dots instead. When Isaac woke up he was much happier. It was a crazy day...
I also have pictures of me in the mermaid and Shaun in the shark but I think Isaac's liitle head popping through is so much cuter!

Isaac loved all the little rides. He was beyond tired so he took each boat, train, and helicopter very seriously and didn't smile much! You had to be 36 in. to ride by yourself, which Isaac isn't, but they were way too small for Shaun and me so we pretended like he was tall enough! Big boy!

The "train" (aka: tram) Isaac and I road around the parking lot while we waited for daddy to get the tickets.

The Big Red Barn with many stinky animals.

This was Isaac's favorite fair exhibit. Running, jumping, and playing follow the leader from hay stack to hay stack.

Some giant crab they had in the shark exhibit. Maybe someday we'll actually read and learn about everything. As for now we just walk and say, "WOW!"

Can you tell I went shopping!?! Some guy yelled, "She got the stroller before she even had the baby!" Today I am NOT happy with my purchases though. I THOUGHT I found 600 thread count, 100% Egyptian cotton sheets for way cheap so I called my mom and she gave me her order. Well, well, well... When I opened my sheets so I could wash them, they seemed a little cheap on quality. The tag said 100% microfibre polyester! I am mad! The darn people are running a scam! Did they think I wouldn't be able to tell!? This will be fixed!

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Stubborn or Shy?

I am constantly telling people how much Parker moves. My belly is a never ending earthquake! It seems like every minute I am fighting to push body parts back in. He doesn't seem to understand that my belly button is not an escape route. If I don't feel Parker after ten minutes or so, I get worried! He's just like his big brother... Always moving! Or so I thought...

Friday we went in for a 3D ultrasound. My concern: "How are we going to get him to hold still so we can get a good picture?" HA!!! Mr. Parker James decided NOT to cooperate. He crammed his face against my uterine wall and wouldn't move! He was not about to let us look at him. I couldn't believe it! I moved from side to side and even drank a cold juice box... No luck! So, it makes me wonder, stubborn or shy?

We did however find out that our little guy isn't so little. He's already 4lbs. 6oz. This means he is measuring 2-3 weeks AHEAD of schedule! Ahhh! Soooo, either my due date is wrong and he'll come early OR he's going to be huge at birth! Can you guess which one I'm hoping for!?! Maybe it was better decades ago when we didn't have all this amazing technology that only tells us things that make us worry and wonder about our pregnancies! It seems the more I know, the more questions I have... I can't win!

changing the subject...

We had a bridal shower for my sister yesterday. Her and Mike are getting married October 9th. I always love coming home for events like this... I get to see people I haven't seen in years!

My mom, me (Parker), and Lisa

Check out the huge rings we had for decoration. They were all over!

One of my Grandmother's gifts to Lisa. The rolling pin she got at her bridal shower 69 years ago!

My gift to Lisa... The lid said, "Mike's Spice Jar."
Ewwwww! She's my little sister!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

And the 7 day count down begins... AGAIN!

Shaun left for work this morning and Isaac and I leave for Arizona tomorrow. We'll be back next Wednesday but Shaun will be working so we won't see him 'til Thursday. These 7 days will go by much faster 'cause I won't be wondering, "when will I get to see him!?"

We'll miss you daddy!

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

7 days and no longer counting... HE'S HOME!!!

Isaac was so happy when he woke up from his nap and saw daddy smiling down on him! He's missed his wrestling buddy!

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