Saturday, May 30, 2009

Picture Perfect

A few weeks ago my Mops (Mothers of Preschoolers) group had a fundraiser. I was, of course, sucked right in because it meant having pictures of Isaac taken. It was a little more expensive than I thought so we ended up using them for Mother's Day gifts! Here are the adorable pictures I purchased!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Little Bit of Everything!

I haven't forgotten about you my blogging friends/readers! Here are some pictures for you to enjoy and a question for you to answer:
Is there such a thing as "The Terrible 18 Months?" I love my boy but I do not like this tantrum thing!!! It comes out of no where. One second he's happy playing ball and then BAM! Something sets him off, the feet start stomping, the fists clinch up, the vains in his neck pop out, and the shrill scream sends echoes through the air. This obviously also happens if he doesn't get his way or is frustrated! Time outs in his crib seem to be working so far.
On a happier note... If you ask Isaac where the baby is, he'll point to my belly. It's so cute! He's definitely the human version of the energizer bunny (I wish it was contagious) and I don't think an hour goes by without us laughing at him! He's at that stage where he knows all the attention is on him and he will do anything he can to keep it on him.
Isaac loves going to the park and "climbing" trees!

A true man - he loves the remote control. Push any button and the TV flashes to something else!

Shaun got a new truck and last week someone hit his back bumper and took off. HOW RUDE!!! Our neighbor saw it and let us know. We're looking for a white 4Runner!

I'm feeling so much better but it looks like my sensitivity to smells is sticking around for a while. Scentless anything is my best friend right now! Belly pictures to come soon!

At Sea World. he wanted EVERYTHING! He ended up choosing a helicopter from the Wild Arctic. Thanks Mummu!

No one was performing so Isaac hopped up on stage and gave us a show!

Poor daddy's shoulders and arms have gotten quite the work out lately! All Isaac wants to do right now is fly...

My little lover boy. He has to be as close as he can be when we read books! He is obsessed with my hair too!

Aubrey (2 1/2), Hailey (13mo), and Isaac (18mo) ~ Look at these three gorgeous pairs of blue eyes! These are Nichole's (my college roommates) girls. They came to visit from Fresno!

Yesterday we went to the pool in our housing development and look at the show we got. Ten minutes before we got there the mountain went up in flames. We watched the planes drop orange stuff (I know, I'm married to a firefighter but I don't know what that powder is called) and helicopters pick up water from the lake. The two fires merged into one.

It was a lot closer than it looks. We watched the news last night but they weren't sure how the fires started!

When I look at the picture I don't know whether to cry or laugh! Isaac and I went to Target tonight ('cause that's what we do when Shaun's at work) and I found this tricycle on sale and had to have it... I mean Isaac had to have it! I knew it was going to be a process for me to put it together so I also bought him a 99 cent Hot Wheels motorcycle that could entertain him while I worked on the bike. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! On top of me being mechanically challenged and frustrated 'cause I couldn't figure out how to put this dumb thing together, Isaac's little distraction toy was broken when we took it out of the package. I can't even put into words the trauma that my boy experienced because of this Hot Wheel. Somehow the handle bars and front wheel would not stay connected to the rest of the bike. I can't even tell you how many times I tried to tape it and then promise him that in the morning we would go back and get another one. He was trying to be so gentle with it but he's a boy, it kept coming apart. You would have thought the world was ending... He was beside himself! It only got worse when he took it in the bath tub and the tape no longer worked. I would have taken a picture of it but this is his first love and he wasn't going to part with it. He's sound to sleep right now but still has it in his hand!

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Our May Sea World Trip

"Oh come on Uncle Aaron," says Isaac. "Even I can open my mouth and pretend that Shamu is taking us for a wild ride!"
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

So this blog is like four days late... Grandpa's birthday was Saturday! BUT after a full day of celebration and getting home late, I just went straight to bed. Then, the next days was Mother's Day and I didn't want to do anything. Sooo, I'm just now getting to this post... Late but still very important! :)

Saturday was spent in the hot sun with family! We played ball, flew kites, blew bubbles, BBQed, rode horses and quads, ate strawberry short cake and raspberry cheesecake, opened presents, and took LOTS of pictures! Oh, and Isaac went without a nap so when it came to holding still for pictures at the end of the day, he wasn't having it! Especially when a quad and a helmet were sitting in front of him! Shaun's older brother came down from Fresno with his two kids, his fiance', and her two kids. It has been wonderful reuniting with him after all these years. God is definitely healing broken relationships and showing us that family is one of the most precious gifts we have been given! Papa and Nana even graced us with their presence! It was a wonderful day... One worth repeating!

Grandpa, Isaac, and cousin Collin

The cousins - Payton, Collin, Isaac, Julieanna, and Justine

Top row - screaming Isaac, me, Rich (grandpa), Tricia (gramzie), Matthew. Middle row - Shaun, Papa, Nana, Brent, Christina. Bottom row - Courtney and Collin, Justine, Payton (looking at screaming Isaac), Kimberly and Julieanna.

It isn't everyday that we get a picture that doesn't include the little man!

More pictures at

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Precious Moment

Bed time routine in our house is amazingly easy and like always, entertaining! At about 7 - 7:15 Isaac rides his horse (daddy, unless he's at work and then it's mommy) up the stairs and into the bathroom for a bath. He loves the water and isn't afraid to put his face in it and blow bubbles. We're currently working on the sounds of the alphabet and he has master the "a." Occasionally he'll tell you what other consonants say. When he's done he runs up and down the hall naked, laughing and screaming at the top of his lungs! After he's done streaking, it's book time. Depending on the time, we usually read two to three books that HE gets to choose! Let me tell you, I am tired of reading about Pocahontas and bugs in the jungle! When the books are finally closed for the night it's a sip of water, hugs and kisses, and then down he goes. By 8 o'clock he's out cold and good for the night!

Tonight was different though. Ten minutes after I put him down he was up crying (he never does this)! At first I was annoyed and thinking, "why can't the kid just go to sleep?" I waited a while to see if he would stop, but he only got louder. Wondering if something was wrong I went to check and he was standing at the edge of his crib with his blanket. He reached for me so I threw my heart on my sleeve and picked him up. Again, I was thinking, "Ok Isaac, you need to self sooth, I have stuff to do!" But then, as I sat in the glider rocking him, his head on my shoulder and his body beginning to relax, I realized that this was a precious moment that was more important that anything else I could be doing. My attitude completely changed and my heart melted every few seconds when he would lift his head to kiss me. I love how he snuggles in close, points to his back because he wanted me to rub it, and always reaches his hand around my neck to play with my hair! I got so caught up in loving on him that I didn't even realize he had fallen asleep... The snoring gave it away! Nothing was wrong, he just needed a little extra TLC!

One of my favorite pictures!!!
Valentine's Day 2008
3 months old

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Sparkly-Purple Unicorn, Fable

Because I (Isaac) am so secure in my manhood, I can share with you what Gramzie Higgins bought me today!

This morning daddy was doing work stuff and mommy was at Bible study, so Gramzie came over to play with me. I'll admit that I cry when she comes and that I don't want mommy to leave, but I'm just playing hard to get. I soon forget that my parents are gone and have a great time! Gramzie and I went for a two hour walk. She knows I love being outside. I got her to stop at the shopping center and shower me with gifts. It helps to be cute! Anyway, she told me that I could choose one beanie baby. Even though the whale and snake were pretty cool, I just had to have Fable, the sparkly, purple unicorn! I couldn't leave her there to get attacked by all the other animals... She needed me! Daddy wasn't a fan of Fable but maybe he's not as secure in his manhood! ;)

Thanks Gramzie for my unicorn and balloons. I can't wait to get that big Elmo pinata for my birthday that you promised me!

Why he had to hold an attachment from the vacuum beats me!

Look at my shirt grandpa! I'm sad I didn't get to see you when you came over to pick up gramzie, but I needed that nap!

B A L L O O N S !
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