Monday, July 22, 2013

Cousins in California

Seeing as how we won't go to Arizona in the summer, it means that family has to come see us. But, considering that we have the beach and cooler weather... It's not too hard to convince them to make the drive!
In mid-June, Lisa and her family and all her in laws rented a house in Mission Bay for a week. We were able to join them for one of the days and it was absolutely perfect for the little ones because there were no waves and the water was a little warmer (actually, that was better for the adults... Kids don't care how cold it is)!
In early July, my sister came back with her two boys and Mummu. Iso was in Connecticut for five weeks doing tennis stuff so this trip was a great distraction for my mom. The only thing on the schedule that week was the 4th of July and taking all five boys in to get their pictures. Fireworks went off on both occasions! ;) The boys ran wild and played from sun-up to sun-down! It's fun to sit back and watch these cousins entertain each other!
The gang in June

One of each of the boys

Kayaking around the bay 

Let's play ball!
Uncle Mike pitches the ball to Parker while his two brothers and Isaac stand ready in the outfield.
The gang in July

Getting five little boys to look and smile at the same time means that this is one of those pictures where the real action and craziness is going on behind the camera!

Gosh I love them!

Blake's curls are to die for but, they need to be tamed from time to time! Chop, chop Mummu!

Even boys can play house... Of course the big boys were some type of secret agents. Even restaurants need protection! 

Landon's birthday is easy for me to remember because he's born on a 12th just like Isaac!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Camping Trip #2: Dos Picos

Our Coronado Island trip was spent with LOTS of friends. This Dos Picos trip was just Shaun, me, and our trio! We went from palm trees to oak trees. From the massive pacific ocean to a little murky pond. From sunny days to canopies of trees sprinkling rain from the overcast sky. Both were perfect in their own way.

The boys loved exploring the land, playing at the playground, talking to other families that were camping, going to the Safari Park (it was only 17 miles away), roasting marshmallows, and riding their bikes.

Getting the big boys to ride their bikes was the greatest accomplishment of the whole trip. At home all they want are their quads, plasma car, big wheels, and any other vehicle that has more than two wheels. We have catered to them long enough... Suck it up soldiers and get on your bikes! Isaac knew how to ride his bike but always protested it. Weeeeellllllll, he is now a pro AND loves it! Parker always fought his balance bike because he was following in his brother's tantrums. However, Parker actually asks to ride his bike now. The secret to getting your kid to learn something new? Take them on a family vacation and tell them they can sit in a chair or face their fears! Too many distractions at home!

Oh what a wonderful time it was!
The set up!

Parker found a duck's egg. Daddy really wanted to crack it open but I made him go behind the tree just incase he cracked open a little chick (Thankfully it was just the yoke).

SOOOOOO much fun... Just like bike riding should be!

At the elephant training show

Hands on attention... Blake loves talking to the goats!
Up close and personal. They looked right at me!

My boys do pretty well for as many pictures that are demanded from them!

On our way back to camp from the zoo... I think they're tired!?
Sometimes I wonder how many boys I really have!?

And when you take well over one hundred pictures it's really hard to narrow it down... So, here's a few more!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Camping Trip #1: Coronado Island

This summer, we had three very different camping trips planned. The beach, the woods, and the lake. And we are still trying to squeeze one more in. This is probably our busiest summer ever! We spent four days on Coronado Island at Silver Strand. It was soooo much fun! Our trailer was right on the sand so Blake's naps were very convenient. We saw lots of friends and got way too much sun!

The fam bam!

Uncle Aaron was in San Diego for a wedding so he came for the day.

My Nichole was staying in Del Mar so we all got to play in the sand one day!

My three boys love Aubrey, Hailey, and Charlie. I don't think we ever had to break up a fight... It was perfect. Nichole and I even got to sit on the beach and relax while Blake napped, Parker and Charlie took a break and watched a movie in the trailer, and the three big kids dug in the sand! With six kids between us, talking has become a luxury that doesn't happen often! Not to mention the fact that she lives in Las Vegas!

The Gradias family was staying at the alumni housing at Point Loma so of course we had to get together. Isaac has announced that he is going to marry Madison and Blake and Malia seem very comfortable around each other. Hmmmm.... ;)
One of Shaun's partners from work was camping with his family at the same beach. Great timing cause when we realized we forgot the seasoning for the zucchini we went straight to them. Here is Blake helping Blake ride the razor! :)

I could have sat in my chair and watched them for hours!

Our beach trio
Isaac is such a good big brother!
I think Isaac played the hardest and longest each day. By the last night he had to close his eyes for an hour and hold a cold cloth on them because they hurt so bad. If it's possible to burn your eye balls, then he did it!

We all know Parker has a cute smile but it wasn't showin' through pictures. However, here's proof that I tried on several occasions!

My goofy Blake. This little guy will smile at a camera even if it's not pointed at him! Check out the picture in the middle of the collage. We were sand dollar hunting one morning and I handed one to Blake. Next thing I know, he had taken a bite out of it. Duh, of course he would have no idea that it was a sea creature and instead think it looked like a yummy cookie! Oops, my bad! Yuck!

This trip started on our anniversary and this is the only picture we have of the two of us... How sad!

Saturday, July 6, 2013


We wear a lot of stripes... A lot! I guess it's kind of my way of being able to match my boys. For some reason Shaun doesn't like the idea of them in floral!

My almost two year old!

Blake is happiest with his hands in my hair!

Even Mummu wears stripes!
Why are all the pictures of Blake?

Does this explain it!?