Monday, July 22, 2013

Cousins in California

Seeing as how we won't go to Arizona in the summer, it means that family has to come see us. But, considering that we have the beach and cooler weather... It's not too hard to convince them to make the drive!
In mid-June, Lisa and her family and all her in laws rented a house in Mission Bay for a week. We were able to join them for one of the days and it was absolutely perfect for the little ones because there were no waves and the water was a little warmer (actually, that was better for the adults... Kids don't care how cold it is)!
In early July, my sister came back with her two boys and Mummu. Iso was in Connecticut for five weeks doing tennis stuff so this trip was a great distraction for my mom. The only thing on the schedule that week was the 4th of July and taking all five boys in to get their pictures. Fireworks went off on both occasions! ;) The boys ran wild and played from sun-up to sun-down! It's fun to sit back and watch these cousins entertain each other!
The gang in June

One of each of the boys

Kayaking around the bay 

Let's play ball!
Uncle Mike pitches the ball to Parker while his two brothers and Isaac stand ready in the outfield.
The gang in July

Getting five little boys to look and smile at the same time means that this is one of those pictures where the real action and craziness is going on behind the camera!

Gosh I love them!

Blake's curls are to die for but, they need to be tamed from time to time! Chop, chop Mummu!

Even boys can play house... Of course the big boys were some type of secret agents. Even restaurants need protection! 

Landon's birthday is easy for me to remember because he's born on a 12th just like Isaac!

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