Saturday, September 29, 2012

Michigan... Finally

It was a rough journey getting to Michigan. We left our house at 7am (on August 26th). Our flight to Phoenix was delayed a bit but, it was nothing compared to the four hour delay in Phoenix! Thankfully my family was there to help entertain. Next was the four hour flight to Michigan where we were greeted with a three hour time change! Once we got all our luggage and waited for the guys to get the three rental cars, we drove an hour and a half to Port Huron where we were staying. We finally got in at midnight, nine our time. 14 hours later... I needed a vacation from this so called vacation we were on!

We started our summer in Hawaii and were now ending it in Michigan. In Hawaii, we were non-stop... I wanted to see and do everything. Yet, it was still a wonderfully vacation. In Michigan, we stayed in the same little town the entire week and a half... And it was so relaxing. I've been to MI more times than I can count so I didn't feel like I needed to do anything. I think the boys appreciated this too. The only place they wanted to be was down on the beach or in my aunt and uncle's pool. So, they got it! This may seem like a boring vacation but, it was the perfect way to end the summer.

With friends and family there, we felt right at home! The weather was perfect and the water was great! The little waves were an added plus too! I never once worried about a big wave carrying one of my little guys away! Next year's trip is in the works but, this time we hope to add the journey to the UP. The boys weren't quite ready to make the long drive this year!  
Detroit airport

Our spots
Our little cottage!

The boys are sitting on the deck and two freighters are passing in the distance!
The water was calm, clear, and so inviting! AND, because it's a lake it's fresh water...! No sticky sand!

This collage includes some of my favorite memories for my boys! I don't think I had ever seen them release so much craziness! They were yelling at the top of their lungs at the waves, running up and down the beach, and just being boys!  
They were acting like best friends! I can't wait til Blake can join them in these special moments!

Mr. Isaac
He was a little fish! Swimming everywhere!

Mr. Parker
He overcame his fear of the water. He couldn't get enough of it!

Mr. Maddox
He enjoyed having his cousins around... It was great practice for when his little brother comes...
Yup, #2 is on the way! Check out the 17 week belly! My sister is due February 6th!

Mr. Blake
He ate lots of sand and I even had to stop him from putting a ladybug in his mouth!

Mummu and Iso loved having all their grand babies together!

Thank you Uncle Jim and Aunt Cathy for the Michigan shirts! They also LOVED swimming in your pool and playing with all the toys!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Curly Heads

Every time I put this little guy in the bath tub it kills me to have to wet down his curls! Thankfully, with about ten seconds of air, they pop right back up!  

Many have asked if Isaac and Parker had any curl to their hair. Until I found these pictures, I couldn't really remember.
Now, as you can see, I answer YES to that question!
Here are Isaac and Parker just before they turned one!



Thursday, September 20, 2012

September so far...

"Summer" has technically been over for two weeks. Kids are back in school and school year programs have started. However, that doesn't seem to stop us from doing what we do best... Staying busy with adventures! Besides the everyday chaos of getting Isaac to school, keeping up with the house, Shaun going to work, seeing friends, etc. We've already made it to Sea World, Disneyland, and spent a weekend camping! We had to use our SW passes one last time before they expired, even if it meant a rushed trip. We knew Dland would be "empty" because of the new school year. And camping... Well, this is just the beginning of many camping posts!
Sea World!
This under the sea park has given us a great three years. We can always count on the crowds being small, the weather being mild, and the boys being thrilled!
If I were a shark, I would be afraid of Isaac!

All my cubs in our den!

 Had the park to ourselves!
Resting with daddy... Blake is out cold!

Blake getting his picture drawn just like his big brothers did at his age!

Load 'em up!
This was one of the least crowded days we've seen. Too bad we weren't able to get there til noon cause I'm sure the morning was beautiful! We walked on most rides and went wherever the boys wanted! Parker rode the roller coast in ToonTown for the first time and loved it! Of course he then had to go again and again!
We love Mickey's house... It has AC!

Awwww..... He looks so big!

 I think he likes peanut butter!
Mr. Happy!
I'm ready for Blake to walk... He wants down but there is no where to put him down at Dland!

I'm glad this car is cemented to the ground!
We headed for Lake Skinner in Temecula last Friday afternoon. We met three other families there which gave us a grand total of 10 kids ranging from three weeks to five years. Our trailers backed up to a huge grassy area where the kids ran like crazy for two days straight! Typically when we go somewhere the first night is a little rough. However, the boys slept hard and didn't even wake up til eight. Each morning, before it got too hot, they played on the playground. Then, when the sun started beating down on us we headed to the water park area. The full mornings made for long afternoon naps. It was fun but, we're looking forward to camping when it's not so hot!
The highlight story:
Parker was playing on the play ground and didn't have a shirt on. He walked up to another boy, that was at least 1st grade, to see what he was doing. The short conversation went like this...
Parker: What are you doing?
1st grader: (looks up at him) You look pregnant!
Parker: (without any hesitation) Well you're a baby. And you're a baby so I'm going to hold you like a baby!
1st grader: (silence)
It was hilarious!
The days were HOT but, we were still able to light a fire in the cool evenings!

Playing with glow sticks

The girls loved Blake... Feeding him, giving him toys, making him laugh...

The water park area was huge and absolutely perfect!

Our little set up!

Monday, September 10, 2012

First Day of School

It's really quiet at our house right now.
Like really, really, really quiet.
Something is missing...
Is it quiet because Blake is taking a nap?
Is it quiet because Parker is watching a movie in my room?
Is it quiet because Shaun is at the dentist?
It must be the fact that Isaac started school today!
That is definitely it!!!
I dropped this little guy off at school for the first time this morning!
And oh how I already miss him! He is by far my loudest child, from early morning to late at night, so it is obvious when he is gone. However, we will miss his chaos and high energy when he's away!
As I kissed him good bye this morning I thought about the first time I held him. Even though he was only two seconds old he was able to look up at me. It was as if he was saying, "Hi mom! Are you ready for me!?" Now four years and 10 months later he seems so big! So independent! So handsome! So ready to get out and see the world! Ok, maybe not quite!
Now that I've had my little mommy moment I feel silly admitting that he's only going to be gone three days a week for three hours at a time. While most of Isaac's friends are off to kindergarten, he still has one more year in pre-k due to his November birthday. I'm ok with that though... It gives us more time to figure out what we're going to do for school. Will we pay for private school or go ahead and homeschool so we can come and go as we please? I HATE being tied down!!!
On Friday Isaac met his teacher, Mrs. Levine, and toured his classroom. He was particularly happy about the playground and that Austin and Blake were going to be in his class! He asked to go to school all weekend so that made this morning's transition easy.
The birth to preschool years have seemed soooooo long but, I think I'm finally realizing while people with grown children are ALWAYS telling me, "Enjoy the time that they are little... It goes by way too fast!"

Big smiles!

fireman? Shocking, I know! Apple doesn't fall far from the tree! And Uncle Brent is a police man!

Parker was very sad that he couldn't stay with Isaac and kept asking for him on the way home! "But I just want Isaac!" Some chocolate chip cookies helped heal his little heart!

More big smiles!

Me: Parker, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Parker: I want to be Puss in Boots!
Me: No Parker, not for Halloween... When you're big and grown up.
Parker: Ohhhhhhhh! When I grow up I want to be The Hulk and have big muscles!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

2nd Summer Vacation on the Water

Wednesday we got home from our final summer vacation. Michigan was beautiful and we are definitely looking forward to our next trip! The big boys didn't want to leave so we had to promise that we would bring them back again.
I have over 400 hundred great pictures so it's going to take me a little to organize them and be able to choose my most favorite ones to share! Eek... This will be hard! We've been home for three days and have already fit in a trip to Sea World and met Isaac's preschool teacher (he starts Monday)!
Blogging must wait though. Duty calls... It's lunch time and I have some hungry monsters to feed!   
The path down to our cottage...
The view from our back deck!