Sunday, November 1, 2015

September and October

 Each month with this crew of mine is always so full and busy. I wish I could blog every single event in detail, but then I would be in my room, on the laptop all night, every night! I need sleep!

September '15
How does God keep good friends from college together?
He gives them all boys so they continue to have life in common. Emily, Marcella, and I were all married within a month of each other. Glad they are still a part of my life!
California was on fire! Shaun got sent to this blaze. It was the worst timing possible. We were supposed to go on a babymoon... Fly to Vancouver, stay the night, tour, and then jump on a ship and sail back home.
We missed the whole thing.
It was devastating.
I miss my husband.
Instead, I was left with these three men and one big belly!
In the meantime, sweet baby #4 continued to grow bigger and stronger. And of course still keeping his/her identity a surprise!
Soccer and baseball started the same day and it was crazy. No way could I have had time to get away! Guess it was meant to be!

October '15
Parker lost his first tooth! He was THRILLED!

We also saw Pan at the drive in at the 9:15 showing! I think he's the only one that stayed awake! This kid was on cloud nine! Pan is his hero!
And because California was still on fire, Shaun get sent out again... This time longer. Oh how we miss him when he's gone!
Thankfully he was back for Hawaii and we didn't have to miss this trip! Aloha!
We met a family that lives there and we because great friends. Met up with Robb, Heather, and their two boys (River and Kai) a few times. Baby #3 is on the way too!

Maui how I love you and will be back someday!
Halloween wrapped up the month and these boys loved their costumes made by Ammah.

Happy Halloween!