Saturday, August 6, 2016

New born stage, gone! Hello Five months

Five months brought many new adventures and firsts for Malaya. She changed so much and became this new little person! The baby, baby stage began to disappear and Miss Personality showed up.

The cutest five month old I've ever seen!
(since her brothers)

She sat up on her own and even gave us some super sassy poses.

But she is a thinker too and will investigate new situations... Or patterns on her pants!

And can she melt us all with her smile!

She had her first nail appointment... She's got some claws!

She learned to accessorize... You have to find the perfect bow for that adorable outfit!

At five months and one day old she began planking... Yoga instructor is her newest title.
She had her first plane ride and did amazing... Especially considering the flights to and from Michigan were pretty much red eyes. YUCK!

She met Great Aunt Cathy at the same age I was when she first held me.
The layover in Phoenix meant Aunt Julie was close and came to see us.
And Uncle Aaron and Uncle Mike finally got to meet her.

She experienced grass for the first time and loved it...
She got to tour her first big city and see where she may preform someday. Iso gave her an opera nick name because she's so loud and vocal.

She left the country for the first time, too... Canada, eh!