Saturday, April 20, 2013


Nine years ago Shaun and I sat on these rocks for our engagement pictures

We knew at the beginning of the school year that Thursday was going to be our only free day of the week. So, that meant it was going to be our day of rest or our "get up and go" day. And mostly, Thursday ended up being our get up and go day.

Last week we headed to Corona Del Mar with the Starlings. They have triplets (Taylor, Abbey, and Gavin). Isaac and Gavin play baseball together and are lucky enough to have their dads as their coaches! ;)

Life guard tower or jungle gym!?

Lions on the prowl!

Little Stud!

Daddy so badly wants these boys to play volleyball!



Two days ago we got up and headed to the Safari Park in Escondido. We usually go to the San Diego Zoo but, Isaac had practice that night so we figured it was time to try the Safari Park since it was closer and we were on a time crunch.

It was so pretty and had tons of things for the little ones to do. We didn't see as many animals but, the boys climbed and ran til their little legs could move no more!

 I call this picture, "If you smile we can get smoothies on the way home!"

Hatch, roar, pet, and pose!

If the glass between us and the lions had been clean, I think my boys would have been a little more cautious! So close!

The Higgins boys

Mommy and her trio

Shaun works the next two Thursdays so I'll have to think of some mommy and sons adventures...

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring Break

Spring break started early for us. Instead of waiting for Isaac to get out of school on Friday (two days before Easter), we decided we needed as much time as possible for our road trip to Arizona. He had a game Wednesday night and then we packed up the car and left as soon as Shaun got off Thursday morning (the 28th). We arrived Thursday evening and then spent the next day relaxing and preparing for Maddox's Saturday night birthday party. The little guy turned two so of course we had to be there to help celebrate!
Sunday was Easter but, it was far from normal. Instead of church we all jumped in the car for another road trip down south. The last time we were in Bisbee was for my Grandmother's 90th birthday (Isaac was 14 months)... She turned 94 in January. The last time we saw her was in Phoenix when Blake was three months old... We were way overdue for a visit. The boys loved everything the little town had to offer. Bisbee sits on the Mexico/US border, has three street lights, one fast food restaurant, and lots of dirt! The boys could have stayed longer but, on Tuesday we headed back to Phoenix. We spent a few more days there and came back home on Friday (the 5th). The boys were done driving and, frankly, so were we!
 It was a good trip and holy moly there are a lot of pictures to prove it!
After Isaac's game but before we left for AZ, Ammah, Papa, aunties, Uncle, and significant others came over for dinner and an Easter egg hunt (since we wouldn't be with them on Easter). I would have gotten more pictures but our backyard is not picture worthy. Thanks for the Easter basket and all the goodies! 

Happy birthday, Maddox!
I can't show all the decor because it's going to be reused for Blake's 2nd birthday!

Our Happy Easter picture. Usually the church or rose bushes is our back drop and we're dressed in our Sunday best. However, this year it was scrubby clothes and Mexico's mountains.
The day after Easter... April 1st! ;)
Doesn't she look great for being 94!?!

Five of her nineteen great-grandchildren
(last year she became a great-great-grandmother)

Shaun bought Isaac a BB gun and on his first shot he hit the target.

We walked around down town Bisbee and the boys got to climb on the old train that I grew up playing on!

And then there's Parker... Just keepin' it real...

The boys did a lot of running in this big field. Notice the mine dumps in the distance.

Bisbee is an old mining town so we took Isaac to see the "pit."

My Uncle Donald is a world wide hunter so the boys got to enjoy his museum!

I've gotten word from the cousins that my boys may be the first lucky ones to get to take a picture ON the crocodile. ;) They each got to take home a pair of antlers (which are being kept out of their reach so that they don't turn into weapons).

Blake wanted his picture with every single animal. He even wanted a picture by the decorative, animal printed balls that sit on the coffee table. He snuggled with the polar bear and growled at the lion!

I'm shocked I got four good pictures of Parker facing the camera. He thought he was pretty funny when he told me to take a picture of him by the lion and then pretended he was trying to run away from it!

On the way back to Phoenix we stopped to get gas and food. We found a big grassy area for the boys to run. The best part was that a truck passed about every two minutes and everytime they would run to the road and get them to honk. This could have been the highlight of the whole trip!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Out of Control

Out of control is the best way I know to describe Blake's hair. It is crazy curly and could be so cute. Just a little squirt of water and maybe some kind of spray and he'd be stylin' everyday. However, he screams when you touch it so it's just one big mess. From morning to night it's pointing north, south, east, and west... The poor kid looks so homely.
With all that being said, I absolutely love it! He rocks the sloppy fro and gets so much attention for it.
However, no matter how great his hair was, it was time for it to go! It needed to be cut! The chop came the same week he got his last i tooth so he went from toddler to big boy in a matter of seconds! Oh Blake, you are dreamy whether your hair is long or short. And teeth or no teeth... You're still a stud!  
The "brush your fingers through it" look!

The "I just woke up from nap" look!

The "I'm cute so say you like my hair or I'll shoot you" look!
The "hey ladies, can I call you sometime?" look!

The "I don't care what you think" look!

And, finally, what my little man looks like today!
And for those of you that wonder where Blake gets his hair (and good looks) from...