Monday, March 26, 2012


March usually feels like such a long month for me. Maybe it's because February is short in days and has so many holidays... However, the days flew by and I can't believe April is almost here. I've been trying to remember what we did... Besides the potty training, which took up a third of the month, here's what I've come up with so far! I'm not really looking forward to the rest of March seeing as how Shaun works six of the next eight days (gone for two, home for one, gone for two, home for one, gone for two)! Ugh! I hope these days fly by just as fast!

 Isaac and Parker love climbing into bed with Blake when he wakes up from his nap!

My parents came to visit and Iso made Isaac this really cool swing. They also went and watched some tennis together. Yes, Isaac chose his own outfit... As long as I wasn't going to be seen with him, I didn't care!

Oh how I love watching these two! Blake is in awe of Isaac and Isaac is very protective of Blake. If Isaac is in the room, Blake can't take his eyes off of him! Isaac always has to sit next to him at the dinner table and he even makes sure their bath towels are hung up next to each other! 

Friends of ours from Arizona spent the week at Disneyland so we joined them one day. My boys love Kyle and Ryan... Even if they are shy and don't say much... They talk about them a lot at home! Isaac is always reminding Parker what they got from them for their birthdays! His love language must be gifts because it's hard for him to give anything up and he knows who gave him each toy! 

Shaun joined the dark side and got a red truck! It's a Diesel GMC something. ;) We hope to get a trailer in the near future and needed something bigger to tow with. He sold his Titan to a good friend so she won't be far. We can go visit her if we want! We both loved that truck! I guess this kinda makes up for the minivan!

Isaac is still loving baseball! It's amazing how much he's improved. He actually runs to the next base now and doesn't wait to high five the runner behind him. Now, he just high fives the other team as they run the bases! The kids don't fight for the ball anymore and they have figured out how to throw the ball to first base to get an out!

You can sum up Parker in one picture... This is pretty much all he does anyways! Isaac got mad at him the other day because he kept freezing him with the force! Isaac keeps telling him that he's going to have to learn songs with words in them! All he wants to do is hum Star Wars!

Potty training update: Parker is a pro at the big boy potty! Seriously! Amazing! Everything clicked for him on day ten! It's as if he's been potty trained for months. He hasn't had one accident (and I'm not the least bit concerned about him having one) and half the time we don't even know he's going potty... Well, his second, third, and fourth flush kinda gives him away and that's when we walk in to find a toilet full of toilet paper. This kid loves to flush and isn't so good and ripping a small piece of paper off the role! All the pain, tears, and sweat was so worth it! 

Blake is the easiest, happiest baby! His latest discoveries include waving and growling at you! If you wave at him, he'll wave at you. If you growl at him, he'll growl at you! He loves pancakes for breakfast and cooked veggies for dinner. He's an eatting machine! He has his two bottom teeth and I wouldn't be surprised if two more popped up tonight!   

We went to Sea World with Aaron and Melissa! We've really missed Sea World! It's so relaxing compared to Disneyland!

We were in the loft playing so I put Blake in the ball bin to play...

This, of course, meant Isaac and Parker also had to have a turn!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I feel that I have been pretty honest with the blogging world. I don't try and make my life look easy or perfect, ‘cause it's far from it, and I probably give more information than anyone cares to know. I blog about all the little, everyday things, holidays, big things, and even the bad days. Well, I have a confession... I have been hiding something for a year now. I think about it every time I get on to post but, I just haven't been able to bring myself to be that vulnerable… to expose this little secret…

Until now…

If I want others to be real, then I need to start being real myself…

So, here it is…

Last March Shaun and I made the biggest decision of our lives! It made other big decisions in our lives seem easy. Like, where should we go to college? When should we get married? When should we have kids? When should we buy a house? Those decisions seem so small now. Let me tell you… We struggled last March! We knew that if we decided to go through with this, then there would be a lot of talk and we were afraid others would see us differently. Our pride would vanish into thin air. We would even hang our heads when people saw us in public. However, with a third baby on the way, we knew we had to do what we had to do!


We fought against every desire to say no and just walk away…

Instead, we said yes…

To a…


There! I did it! Now the world knows that we are not cool anymore! We have fallen victim to the soccer mom world! Yes, go a head SUV friends! Leave me comments about how you are so much better than us and that you would never buy a van! But, first fill up your gas guzzler and see how many miles you get per gallon! And then go park really close to another car and try to have your child open the door without banging into the vehicle next to you. Then, and only then, may you leave me a comment! J

This is the only picture I have of our minivan! Love the inside... Not a fan of the outside! Parker and Blake switched seats.
The boys really do live it! One click of a button and the doors open and close (unless you lock the keys in the minivan with the five month old)! We have dvd players in the head rests and the boys can walk from the back to the front.

Ahhhhh, I think I'll sleep better tonight now that my deepest, darkest secret has been revealed! ;)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day

You definitely can't pinch this trio! Or should I say quartet... Yoda!

Blake got tooth number two today!
And a happy 90th birthday to Papa Sr. and a happy 88th birthday to Nana! We enjoyed celebrating with you today!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 5 through 9 and Triumphant Day 10

Again... This is for my records. Shaun just told me this is TMI! :)

Potty training... Wow! I have a whole new respect for the trails of potty training. Because Isaac trained in one day and was soooo easy, I never got why moms dreaded this time and thought it was so hard. Well, I'm finally getting it now. This has been a rough week. Besides the fact that I have spent more time in the bathroom then any other room of my house, I have also been sick, had little sleep at night due to Blake getting his first tooth, and Isaac has been acting out! Shaun has been my support and does a lot when he's home but, he does still have to work. My absolute favorite texts from him are "on my way home!"

Poor Parker has been amazing through this growing up time. There were times that I was so beyond done and just wanted to throw a diaper back on him. Many times I doubted if he was really ready and thought it was my fault for pushing him to early. However, Shaun assured me that it was time and it was just something we had to work through. Honestly, I think it was just all the other added issues (being sick, no sleep, two other kids) that magnified it.

Parker wanted so badly to figure it out that it ended up making him scared and he began to hold everything inside... literally! He is a very "regular" kid and has a bowel movement at least once a day but, somehow he was able to hold it in for two and a half days. He also didn't urinate from Saturday night til Sunday afternoon around two. Talk about bladder control! He would release a little every once in a while but, Shaun finally had to squeeze his tummy and force it out of him. His belly was so big that we couldn't even button his pants. He would tell us he had to go but, fear wouldn't let him relax and push it out. He would sit on the potty and just cry because it hurt. I did have some messes to clean up but, not many. The two main accidents happened when I was putting Blake down for a nap. We finally figured out that the underlining problem was that he struggled to keep his pee pee down, which caused the pee to shoot out. If he even saw a little drop of pee he would freak out and want to be all done! He wanted to watch what he was doing but, he needed to lean forward and just listen for success. His belly is way too big to be able to see anything bellow it! He never wanted to look in the potty and was quick to flush it every time (he loves flushing)! He knew exactly when he needed to go, even though it was a battle getting him to go, and never once went when we prompted him! Two times he woke up at night crying because he felt himself go and thought he wet the bed. He wanted me to wipe his sheets... He was in a pull up so there was no mess to wipe! He even treats pull ups like undies and won't go in those.

Parker continued his Star Wars obsession right through potty training. The only reward that seemed to work was telling him that he could go get a Darth Maul if he went poop without crying! My understanding is that it's easier for most kids to pee in the potty, not poop. Well, not for Parker. He was working with the force. He quickly figured out how to happily poop so he could go shopping. On a few occasions I had to get his CD player and let him listen to Star Wars music and many times big Anakin Skywalker had to watch him! He was also very good at changing the subject or trying to distract me from talking to him about what he needed to do. I would get so frustrated with him but would end up laughing! One time as I was trying to tell him to push his pee pee down and lean forward, he pointed out how "pitty" my nails were and asked if I was going to work. He would chatter about anything and everything!!!

Today was the first day that he didn't fear the potty and finally mastered how to sit on the potty! It's pointless to ask him to go 'cause he lets us know. I'm not worried about him having an accident because his control is so good. He seems to have the timing down. When he has to go he doesn't rush... He makes his announcement, has time to grab a light saber, and then heads to the bathroom!

Even as I type, after 9 o'clock at night, this kid has figured out how to stay up longer. Just tell mommy and daddy you have to pee and they'll let you get out of bed. It's quickly looking like the potty will be his new best friend.

Two boys potty trained, one to go!

Choosing their rewards
We decided Isaac deserved something because he had to suffer through this stage too. Not sure he had many shining moments but, he survived!

I love this picture for so many reasons. 1. Target and Toys R Us were out of Darth Mauls so Parker talked his daddy into getting him Darth Maul's double light saber! 2. I am always the one buying the boys stuff so I promised Shaun that I wouldn't buy them anything the whole month of March. Man has that been hard! However, it's made Shaun give in a little! 3. Parker's proud smile... He was so giddy! 4. Shaun's frown... A true look of defeat!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Potty Training

Warning: This blog uses the words "pee" and "poop" a LOT! It's potty training... There is no way to make it proper... It is what it is! And it's not all that exciting. It's more for my records!

Parker has been ready to potty train for weeks now. He's shown all the signs that he's ready. It's his parents that haven't been ready. It's not easy setting aside life for a week to stay home and sit in the bathroom. I knew Shaun had to be here to help so Monday morning, when he got off, we started! Parker was thrilled to wear big boy underwear and be just like Isaac. He sat on the potty for a while but didn't go. We figured we would try again in a little. Parker is really good at playing on his own so when he disappears for a while, we don't think anything of it. Well, we quickly figured out that that isn't a good thing when you're child is used to going in their diaper. We heard the cries coming from his room and he was beyond upset about peeing in his Incredible underwear! He was upset enough that he told us the next time he had to go. Within about two hours he went pee twice and poop once in the potty! Isaac potty trained in a day so Shaun and I were thrilled thinking that Parker was going to be just as easy. Well, by the end of the day the novelty wore off and he peed in his undies again (Shaun was out with Isaac and I was nursing Blake). Other than the two accidents, he did really well. That night we put him in night time undies (aka: pull ups) and he woke up dry.
Day two and three kinda run together. There were definitely more hits than misses but, he did poop in the pull up on day two. After a successful poop in the potty on day three, he got to go with daddy to Home Depot! His first outing in big boy undies.
Day four, today, not so good! Potty training was not his idea anymore so he put up a fight! Shaun was gone this morning doing work stuff in LA and I had four friends and their kids come over. If I had to be stuck in the house, then we might as well make a party out of it! Well, I think it was too much for Parker to handle. He was so busy guarding his toys that there was no way he was going to go sit on the potty. This meant that I heard, "oh no" and had a wet mess to clean up. He was quite the little punk to his friends and a bully to the girls! I guess trying to hold it in makes you a little grumpy! I was trying to entertain while keep a close eye on him so I was exhausted! But, I realize I am partly to blame. I didn't have time to focus on him 'cause I decided to have people over. He peed in the potty the rest of the day however, we could not get him to poop. Judging by the smell of his toots... he needed to go! Shaun and I tag teamed and sat with him in the bathroom forever... several times! I'm sad to say that he went to bed without going poop! Parker doesn't miss a day without going so I'm a little upset. I don't want him to have a mad tummy!
Isaac has been more than happy to help too! However, Parker hasn't wanted him around. He loves to talk about being big like Isaac and doing big boy things like him but, I think Isaac just overwhelms him and is too much of a distraction. Parker seems to have the most success when he's left all by himself. Funny, why won't he leave me alone when I go!?
I'm hoping today was just a bump in the road and that tomorrow will be better!

The "lets get excited about the big boy potty" talk!

Taking off the diaper for the last time!

Admiring the undies but, not about to take off the Star Wars shirt!

Day one (the smile wasn't this big today on day four)

28 weeks pregnant
A new pair of undies and a different Star Wars shirt!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Go White Sox!

Today my little man had his first baseball game... EVER!!! I can't believe it's already begun. AND, if my nervousness only gets worse as the years go by, then I'm going to die young! My heart was pounding when it was his turn to hit. Thankfully to him it was all for fun and it didn't matter whether or not he performed well. But, I will add that he was a stud. He had two up to bats and both times he hit the ball on the first throw! He has no problem making contact. The problem came later when he was on second base and their wasn't a coach to tell him to run so he stayed put. He did show team spirit when he high fived the kid that came from first base and then passed him on his way to third! It was hilarious! He did it at third base too! When we practice at home he gets a "home run" every time so he never has to stop on a base and then look for the next hitter to help advance him to the next base! Needless to say, he loves this sport and can't wait for Monday night practice!

Getting ready to bat...

A quick picture through the fence...

Running to first base!

This picture cracks me up 'cause there are so many coaches/dads on the field. Also, when the ball is hit all the kids take off running towards it. There were several mosh pits! First year baseball is precious and oh so entertaining!

Thanks Papa Sr., Nana, and Auntie Courtney for coming to my game!