Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas: Part 2

Part Two: Higgins/Higgins Christmas

Last night we had our 2nd Christmas! Papa, Ammah, Auntie Kimberly, Auntie Courtney, and Uncle Manny came over to shower us with love. The boys were even more excited this time because they knew exactly what to expect! We've decided that we love having many celebrations! Christmas day just wouldn't be enough...

All smiles! They loved seeing the room fill with gifts again!

Parker had several costume changes but, decided he liked this one best! Who needs clothes with a body like this!? Cool slippers dude!

Auntie Courtney had to work but, she had just enough time to open a few presents!

Opening more presents! Blake was awake this time around!


Ammah and Papa got the boys a Cars bath game. The foam board floats! So cool!

I tried a new setting on my camera... I need to work on it!

Took some work but, we got smiles for most of these pictures!

Last picture... Blake was done. He found his thumb and fell asleep in Uncle Manny's arms!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We're excited to see what 2012 brings. We do have one big trip planned but, everyday is an adventure in chaos! By the end of the year we'll have THREE little guys running all over the place!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas: Part 1 of 2

Part one: Paajanen/Higgins Christmas

We spent the whole day at home! It was so nice! The boys are always overwhelmed by all the presents and Christmas excitement so not having to be anywhere is exactly what we need by the end of the day! We can typically count on one of the boys to have a meltdown! Parker decided it was his turn this year... He was so tired. Even with a nap! What a grand, relaxing day it was! Sad to see it come and go so quickly!

Merry Christmas! Isaac and Parker had these great bean bag chairs waiting for them when they came down stairs. Of course they had to wait for daddy to come home (he worked the 23rd and 24th) before they could do any celebrating!
Blake slept through all the present opening. He woke up in just enough time to open his main present... Rockstar Mickey! Also, this happens to be our only family Christmas picture. Oops!

Thankfully Isaac isn't to the "I want more" stage. He took is time opening and we had to remind him that there were more.

Parker, Parker, Parker.
He woke up a little crabby but snapped out of it pretty quickly. It was funny watching him open presents. After he opened one he would take it in the other room, where there was more space, and play with it. We always had to call him back in for the next one! 

Little Blake enjoyed his first Christmas! Too bad he got sick that night and we've had looooooong, sleepless nights since then!

This is how my dad gave my mom two of her gifts. He packed them in his shoes. We laughed but, weren't surprised! 
One of my favorites... Mother of Marvelous Sons!

The big guys got "rifles" (an interactive duck hunt)

THE LeapPad!
This was the gift of the year. AND, if we had known that we would have bought it months ago when we first saw it and knew we were going to get it. As of December 2nd every store was completely sold out of it and even the manufacturer was running out. We had people all over the country looking for one. Shaun got an email from Toys R Us about a week and a half before Christmas. It said that they would be getting some LeapPads in the next morning. They wouldn't tell us how many when we called either. We knew this was our only chance. I already had the case and games for this darn thing for goodness sakes! Shaun was leaving for work the next morning so he got up an hour earlier and was at Toys R Us at 4:45. It opened at 6am. He was the 15th person in line (some had even camped out) and they were all waiting for the same thing. Crazy! He made lots of friends and enjoyed listening to all the other stories. He had success! Ahhhh! Our search was over! The hard work paid off... Isaac loves it! 

This is the only kind of mess I don't mind! Well, for like an hour and then I had to attack it!

Coming soon... Part two: Higgins/Higgins Christmas

Monday, December 26, 2011

Blake's Room

 So, I should be blogging about Christmas but, Blake's room is finally done and I'm so excited about it! My dad hung the last few pictures for me today!!! I'm proud to say that there isn't any blue! If I couldn't decorate in pink, then I wasn't going to decorate in blue! Red has never been one of my favorite colors but, I absolutely love, love, LOVE it now! Especially the bright red crib sheets I just got! Now if I could just finish Isaac and Parker's room...

This was the beginning... Wooden stars (that my dad cut out of wood for me) and wooden letters and frames.





A close up! I love the canvas guitar pictures and hooks! And, of course the red picture frame I made now has a pictures of Blake in it!

If you ask me, this little rockstar has a super cute, one of a kind room!
(I love that when he sleeps he has to wrap his hand around the mattress)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve in pictures... 

 The Elf on the Shelf was a popular "behavior motivator" in many homes this year. I must say that he was also a hit with our family (but it was the cute, stuffed one that visited us. Not the creepy, skinny one)! The Elf would watch over Isaac and Parker all day and then leave every night to report to Santa whether they were making good choices or bad choices. Then, he would return in a new spot the next morning. I must say that this Elf had to get very creative in finding new spots. The boys loved when he dangled from the fan and was stuck in the blinds! The Elf had to sit high so that no one could touch him. However, this morning the boys awoke to the Elf sitting on the table with a note. "Dear Isaac and Parker, My job is done... You have been good boys this year. Love on me today and then Santa will be here in the morning.I'll see you next December. Love, Elf" And oh how excited they were to get to hold him!    

Cookies baked ALLLLLLL day. I remember last year when the house smelled of chocolate and sugar and it made me so sick. I had morning sickness but, no one could know 'til we announced it Christmas morning. The exact smell was much more pleasant this year! Isaac got a little carried away with the green sprinkles and started in on the red! Oh my!

Blake enjoyed his "jungle." It was his big brothers' and we just got it back from cousin Maddox. It doesn't take Blake long to master a new skill. He's already jumping and making the lights flash and the music play!

We relaxed and watched some Christmas movies!

Isaac and Parker played Star Wars one last time before they wished that Santa would bring them more characters....
And now,

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.
The children were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads.......

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Three Boys at Three Months

My boys' third month of life is stressful for me. The reason? Because some how all the comparison pictures of them in the same outfits are then! How that happen... I have no idea! You'd think I'd want to spread it out. I'm seeing some very small similarities between Isaac and Blake (mostly in personality) but, Parker is in a league of his own. However, there are times that I see similarities between Isaac and Parker (same eyes), which then makes Blake the most unique looking. Good thing it really doesn't matter though... I'm glad they're all so different!   
Can you tell who is who? I think Isaac and Blake have the same expression!

I bought this outfit when I found out I was pregnant for the first time. I just knew I would have a boy! However, I never thought I'd have three! Guess I got my monies worth!

 These next four are of Parker and Blake. They look nothing alike but, it's fun to see them in the same outfits. Some say the more kids you have, the less pictures you take. BUT, for me, that's the opposite. We didn't have our good camera when Isaac was born so I think Parker and Blake have more pictures than him!


Isaac (6 weeks) and Blake (2 months) 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gingerbread House

Yesterday at Sams Club I found this gingerbread house set for only $7. I had to get it! The boys (including Shaun) had so much fun putting it together and then eating decorating it. It is definitely one of our new traditions! Hopefully the boy's skills improve over the years and I won't have to flinch every time they just throw the candy on and don't make perfect color patterns. ;)    

Totally safe to say they only wanted to eat the candy. They thought decorating with it was crazy! When they were done they asked for dessert! Oh my!

Shaun put frosting on the gingerbread man and told Isaac to stick stars on them for buttons. I encouraged Isaac to use whatever candy he wanted so I told him to be creative. So, Isaac thought outside the box and instead of giving him buttons he gave him eyes! It was funny!

What a cute little elf!

Smiling for a picture as he continues to eat the fondant!

The final product! My only regret is that I didn't have them in their Christmas pjs!

Merry Christmas from the Higgins' home!

Monday, December 19, 2011

4 months

Our little Blake Tyler turned 4 months yesterday! Can anyone tell me where the time went?! Didn't it seem like just yesterday that I was complaining about being pregnant forever!?! I really do NOT like this growing up so fast thing! Blake may be my third boy but, he is unique in so many way! Here are his stats and special things about Blake that I never want to forget!

Weight: 19 lbs
Height: 26 7/8 inches

Blake rolled over all by himself yesterday! He has been so close all week  but finally had success. What's even more amazing is that he is already a pro at it. This kid will not stay on his back!

Blake will smile at anyone that smiles at him!

He will not take the pacifier. He prefers to sooth himself with his fist. Oh well, it works!

Blake likes to grab his right foot with his right hand and to roll to his right side. Does this mean anything? Isaac and Parker are both righties but, Shaun and I, Both lefties, were really hoping to get at least one lefty!

He is easy... He just goes with the flow!

Blake chows on his hands, which makes for a lot of drool. Not sure if he's teething or just entertaining himself. Hes found his thumb a few times and seems pretty pleased about that!

It's Blake's fault we didn't go to church last week. Shaun was working and the boys slept in, which meant we were already running late. As we were sitting enjoying a rushed breakfast Blake made some... um... well... inappropriate noises at the table. These noises led to needing a bath and a good cleaning all the way down to the toes. By the time I was done washing him, it was too late. I threw up my hands and said, "Forget it. We're staying home!"

He goes to sleep at 7:30, is up at one or three (I know, weird) for food and then back down 'til 6:30ish. That's when I pull him in bed with me and he sleeps 'til 8ish. Not bad if I do say so myself!

Blake laughs every time we take his clothes off. It's the cutest thing!

When he wakes up from his naps I roll him over (he's a tummy sleeper) and he is all smiles and giggles!

He's definitely a water baby but, loves it even more because big brothers bathe with him!

Today Parker and Blake bonked heads so I told Parker that even though it was an accident he still needed to apologize. Well, he wouldn't so I put him in time out. He played the poor me card and started crying. I took Blake over to him and Blake started laughing at crying Parker. It was hilarious! Parker knew it was funny too but, he fought back the smile and continued to pout.

When he nurses he just want to "talk" to me. I find myself having to put my head up as high as I can because he wants to smile and interact. Not so good if I'm trying to rush a feeding because we need to go somewhere!

Mama's man!

His concentrating/I'm learning something new/completely entertained look.

These two have had a special bond since day one!

Our rockstar!

I, of course, missed the best and longest laughs at the beginning but, with how happy this kid is I'm sure there will be plenty more chances!