Monday, October 26, 2009

Welcome Dory...

...We hope you can stay with us longer than two days!

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

R.I.P. - Nemo x 4

Well, we had our beloved Nemos for two days. They were good pets that always brought smiles to our faces. They lived a good life and always swam with all their might. BUT tonight we had to say farewell and send them on a ride down the porcelain express. I was actually getting quite attached to the little guys too.

It is a sad story. The tank was really gross because all the food had sunk to the bottom. Nemo x 4 didn't like to eat with Isaac yelling at them so many times they missed their chance before their food would sink. When Shaun got home he decided that he was going to take the fish out and clean the tank. He did so and when he filled it back up he made the water too warm. About 20 minutes after the cleaning I was standing in the kitchen and noticed the fish weren't moving. Poor little guys over heated! And Shaun calls himself a paramedic!?! Isn't he supposed to save lives? Actually, it's my fault too. We finally read the tank's directions and we did everything wrong. One thing being that you are never supposed to fully empty the tank. Isaac doesn't know that mommy and daddy killed his Nemos so hopefully we can make it to Wal-Mart tomorrow before he notices.

On the bright side. There has been a little kitten crying outside our window all day. I'm on my way right now to go and save his/her life. Shhhh, Shaun warned me not to........

P.S. You may need to read the previous post to understand this one!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Five pets in two days

As a stay at home mom, people are always asking me, "what do you do all day?" Are you kidding me!?! Do they not know my son? CONSTANT entertainment! Yes, some days seem to never end and I crave adult interaction, but for the most part, I am convinced I have the best job in the world.
Every week is different in the Higgins' house. Other than Bible Study on Tuesdays and Mops on Thursdays, we come and go as we please (except for Shaun. Someone has to make the money). Even if it's last minute, we seem to have a grand event each day. This week, while Shaun was at work, Isaac and I extended our family. We found a snail and named him Snail! Having this exciting creature as a pet inspired us to go and buy fish... but only because daddy would be VERY mad if we brought home another cat! I figured we would start small... Four, 28 cent gold fish. Can you guess what Isaac named them? Yup, Nemo! All four! He loves feeding them and then yelling "EAT!" For some reason when he's around they hang out at the back of the tank. I think he's a boy version of Darla from Finding Nemo!
So proud of his catch!

"Snail, where are you? Where are you snail?" Questions Isaac.

"Stay snail, stay!" Demands Isaac.

Isaac with his new fish and sharks for the fish to swim through.

Putting the rocks in the tank.

Kissing the shark good bye... Putting the shark in the tank... Realizing that he can't part with them so he takes them back out. They only lasted 5 minutes in the water!

Feeding Nemo, Nemo, Nemo, and Nemo!
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Parker's Pumpkin Baby Shower

So I really didn't think I needed a baby shower this time around. I already have a boy so what more could I need that I didn't get the first time!?!
Well, Jodi Cope and Laura Schwecke proved me wrong! They told me that they were going to throw my a shower whether I liked it or not so I better go register! I headed to Babies R Us and realized that there were many items I could use. I was beyond thankful for all the diapers, cash from the diaper raffle, wipes, toys, clothes, blankets, etc. that I received! It will be nice for Parker to have a few things he can call his own. Not everything with be an Isaac hand-me-down! Jodi and Laura did an amazing job decorating and planning food and games. It was so beautiful! I can't believe all the work they had to do! Thanks girls! You didn't have to... BUT I'm glad you did!
Beautiful fall decor!

Jodi made a diaper cake!

Emily and Adriana

The girls from our Young Marrieds Bible Study class

Ammah, Aunt Tracy, Nana, Courtney, and me (Kimberly had to leave early)

Tammy and Sherry (I used to baby sit Tammy)
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Monday, October 19, 2009

From Isaac

"Mommy said that the baby in her tummy feels this big!!!"

P.S. I (Erica) had a baby shower on Saturday. I'll blog about it as soon as I finish collecting pictures!

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

The "More to Come" wedding post

Oh boy, where do I start with a wedding post!? There is always so much to tell... But I am so tired! Everything is overwhelming these days. Here's the best I can do...
As far as I know, my sister had her dream wedding! From center pieces to the arch in the church, she was pleased with the outcome. My parents can now rest easy, there two daughters are married! I must say that it was crazy with last minute details. The garter was no where to be found so one of the bridesmaids ran to the store before meeting at the church. I was able to give my "pay back" matron of honor speech. Lisa warned Shaun at my wedding on how to live with me so I dished it right back. Hopefully I helped to prepare Mike for the long road ahead of him! Isaac was thrilled to walk down the aisle. He held my hand and giggled the whole way. Shaun ended up having to take him out of the service though because he was naming all the animals in the book he was looking at. He was using his inside voice but not his wedding voice!
My dad and my sister where able to have a priceless moment together. Five years ago when I got married my grandma bought a wedding card for my sister when she got mine. She saved it for three years and then in March of '07 she wrote in it. Soon after that she began to go down hill in health. In February of this year she passed away. While my aunt and dad were cleaning out her house, they found the card for Lisa. As I watched my dad give it to my sister, I cried right along with them. I thought back to my wedding and how special it was to have my grandma there. Even though she wasn't physically present this time, she was with us in spirit! How amazing that she thought to do something like this!?!
Ok, now I'm not only tired but emotional too! Enjoy the pictures. Good night!
Lisa and Mike at rehearsal dinner

Tux practice. He thought the hat was a perfect touch!

Lacing up the bride!

The ladies man with the bridesmaids!

He was the third important person of the night!

Mine and Shaun's flower girls and ring bearers. (L to R: Cousins Sabreena and Tori and Arizona neighbors Kyle and Ryan). Wow they sure have grown up!

Childhood friends now having babies at the same time. Me (8 months), Rachel (6 months), and Carla (5 months).

Isaac and his little friend Daniel danced the whole night. We had to force him out of his tux and into bed at midnight! I'm so glad he had a three hour nap that day!
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Monday, October 12, 2009

Paajanen/Laird Wedding

While Lisa and Mike are enjoying themselves in Europe, everyone involved in the planning of their wedding are trying to recover... My feet are a little swollen and Parker seems to have dropped a few inches! We had some "controlled chaos" moments but overall it was a grand event and all went well!
I just wanted to post a few pictures now and then when I don't have Isaac trying to blog for me, I'll post more!
Bride and groom with Isaac

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Laird

Handsome little ring bearer that did an AMAZING job of walking down the aisle! More details to come...
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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bored? Go to Sea World

I have a love hate relationship with Shaun's fire job. I hate that tomorrow morning he goes in for a three day work shift and that we won't see him 'til Monday morning. However, I do love that he's off during the week (when everyone else is working and in school) and we can take trips to Sea World. The less people the better!

I have been sick and yesterday (as we were leaving) the deep down, painful cough hit. It ended up not being the most relaxing day for me, BUT, my boys sure did enjoy the day and that made it worth it! On the way home last night Isaac must have been dreaming about his day because, while asleep, he would say "seal" and "Shamu!" It was so sweet. He woke up this morning asking for whales.

Our last stop was to the 50% off caricature drawings. Isaac sat and laughed the whole time his picture was being drawn. It was after four and he was so tired! We had already had a melt down earlier so I guess "slap happy" was the next option!

We of course go where Isaac leads!

When we left the park for lunch Isaac got a dolphin hand stamp. He was so impressed! I think it was his first stamp experience...

Ok... Maybe beyond impressed!

Elmo in Shamu land? Can it get any better than that? I wasn't even allowed on the kiddie rides because of being pregnant!

Totally could have stood in front of the skinny mirror all day long!