Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Arizona: Part 1

When we got to the airport in California they almost didn't let me on the plane without buying a ticket for Isaac. You see, they thought he was two! I assured them that he just turned one but they had to go and get a supervisor. The lady studied him and said that she would let me go this time but I need to carry proof with me from now on. Yes ma'am! We made it through check point with no problems but when we got to the gate and saw that our flight had been delayed an hour, I flipped... What was I going to do with Isaac for an hour and a half!?! He was all over the place and entertained EVERYONE that was waiting! By the end of the flight he had made MANY friends. When we landed we had to wait at the bottom of the gate for the stroller and Isaac waved to every person that walked out of the plane. I was shocked when they all waved back and said, "Bye Isaac!" THEY KNEW HIS NAME!!!
Isaac still has a runny nose so he's been on and off drama all day! It's nice to have the extra help when he's being a little mama's boy! He loves the extra attention too!!! We went to the tennis courts because Papi was giving lessons to a bunch of little kids. Isaac grabbed a racket (a full size racket because he would have nothing to do with a little one) and joined right in. It's amazing how, even at one, they think they know everything!
He is telling everyone how old he is... I should have had him do this for the airport workers!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Sick Boy

My poor Isaac is sick and we're flying to Arizona tomorrow! I pray all goes well... Daddy is staying home so it's just the little guy and mommy!

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sharks and Kittens

Last month Isaac's best friend was Jaws. When he first met Mr. Shark he wasn't so sure about his teeth. BUT, within a few days, the shark was getting Isaac's open mouth kisses. He still likes Jaws but this month his best friend is Ball the kitten (everything is named ball because that's Isaac's favorite thing). When he saw this kitten at the store he just had to have her. He completely overlooked the lion, dog, elephant, and monkey and began to meow as he reached for the kitty. Isaac is definitely all boy but I'm glad to know that he has a sensitive side too!

Mr. Jaws

Reading to the kitten

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Shoes, shoes, shoes!

It's no surprise that Isaac's favorite shoes are his orange crocs from Halloween! We let him wear them around the house and for quick trips to the store but when we go to church, he has to leave them at home. However, last Sunday he got to wear them to Sunday School. You see, we left his brown pair at Papa and Nana Elliott's house and none of his other shoes fit! It seems that his feet grew overnight! I was so embarrassed of his pumpkin feet!

I decided that this week we had to go shopping! Isaac has chubby feet so it wasn't easy finding shoes that were wide enough, not to mention reasonably priced! I don't get why kids shoes are so expensive!? I loved his Nikes and DVS but they were gifts and they exceeded my limit. He's growing way too fast to spend a lot of money! Anyway, we were successful and he now has some comfy, cool shoes!

Can you tell I'm all about the Velcro? Isaac won't hold still long enough to have shoes that tie!
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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm so funny I'll knock your socks off!

"I'm not going to laugh... I'm not going to laugh. I know I'm funny and you're dying laughing at me right now, but I'm not going to laugh! I'm strictly here to entertain and get attention. No fun for me... I'm all business!!"

"I can't hold it in anymore! I'm SOOOOO funny... Daddy's socks are so funny! What would life be like without me? Laundry would be so boring. I mean, come on, I'm the life of the... LIFE! Ahhh, I do it with such class too! No one else can rock the shades and the Mickey Mouse diapers quite like me!"
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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sea World

For Christmas Shaun, Isaac, and I got Sea World passes (thanks mom and dad)! We have so many great memories of being there when we were kids so the anticipation of taking Isaac wouldn't let me sleep last night! It's so wonderful to be able to pass on to Isaac what our parents gave to us... A loving childhood with exciting adventures! We had a splashing good time and I'm pleased to say that Sea World is VERY little kid friendly. It's not very often that parks are this clean and bother to think of the toddlers! We love you Shamu!
The Great Killer Whales

The Shamu Show

The first thing we saw were the dolphins and Isaac absolutely loved them. It's not very often that he holds this still!

The Higgins Fam (do you like my new jacket? Well, I DID! Too bad I'll never wear it again. I left it at Sea World!)

The Cope Fam (can you spot baby Cassidy? Yeah, I don't believe she's due in less than a month either!)

Carson and Isaac enjoying a snack at the Clyde and Seamore's Risky Rescue Show!

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Slap Happy

Last night Isaac was full of giggles. Non stop belly laughs that started at 6:30 and lasted 'til bed time... I was a little scared at 7:59 when he was still cracking himself but as soon as I turned the light out, he was out! 8 o'clock on the dot!

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Baby to Big Boy!

It is really hard to type when you have a band-aid on your pointer finger. BUT, it's even harder to work the mouse on a lap top with a band-aid on your pointer finger. I have to use my middle finger. A word of advice: When cutting veggies, make sure your finger is out of the way! Ouch!

Moving on to the point of this post...

Last night we realized that our baby Isaac was no longer a baby! It seems like everyday I go back and forth between him being a baby and a big boy. When I'm holding him in my arms he's my baby but then when he learns something new he's my big boy! Well, last night was the first time we finally came to terms that he is forever going to be a big boy. Mainly because last night was the first time he looked like a big boy. I have posted before about Isaac's golden locks... He has the pretties blonde curls! However, we decided that it was time to cut them off so that people would stop saying, "oh, your little girl is so cute" (even though HE is always dressed in blue with HIS ugly orange crocs). Shaun grabbed the clippers (as I rushed for the camera) and began cutting away. Isaac did surprisingly well... Until it was time to do the other side of his head. The second half of the adventure was rough. Isaac was mad and ready to be done. Most of his hair is about an inch while some spots are still three inches. His hair is baby fine so it was hard for the clippers to catch every piece. I'm looking forward to fixing it!



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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Best Buds: Then and Now

Then..... (Isaac four mo. and Austin three mo.)

.....Now (ten months later)

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

I Bought a Maternity Sweater...

Did I get your attention? Are you totally thinking I'm prego? Weeeelllllll, sorry to disappoint you... but I'm NOT! I didn't realize it was a maternity shirt until I was trying it on in the dressing room. That's when I saw that it was a "big belly" sweater. But it was too late by then, I had to have it! It lays right against my tummy... Probably because it's an extra small. After wearing it all day it seemed to stretch a lot though. Hopefully with a good wash and a spin in the dryer it will shrink back down!

One more thing... I applaude those that can wear skinny jeans. I tried on a pair and I felt so claustrophobic!.. If that's even possible!.. You know what I mean!